Deeper Network Updates – EVM, Governance, Security, Mining, Kickstarter, HNT Miners – Feb. 25, 2022

hello deeper knots this is eric ma cmo of deepernetwork just wanted to give you guys a quick modernize as to what deeper structure hasbeen working on over the last few weeks the first thing is fully integrated evmonto the deeper chain so we have dedicated dapps ecosystem developers working on buildingout the web3 ecosystem so that’s really exciting a couple of the daps that they’re working oncurrently is the decentralized publicizing that as well as the decentralized youtube cyberspace numbertwo is “weve created” the governance system for deeper structure as a decentralized projection it’simportant that community members of the security council are in control of all the things that are happening onthe chain there’s going to be voting systems all that substance has been established and eventuallygoogle we will launch that the third thing is um we’ve also established an increased security measuresas a part of the governance structure and the tipping arrangement for the public development of the deeperchain has also been established we’ve recently launched the deeper network developer communityand we’ve gotten we’ve received over a hundred different applications for people who wantsto join the developers community and construct out on github and just build out different portions ofthe project and this is really important for the growth of the project the next thing is that weare developing a more streamlined mining package met especially for newbies in memory this willallow for more of a mainstream introduction with a low-toned barrier for purchasing the device and staking andall that stuff is going to be all done with time a few sounds of a button so that’ll be really easybut don’t worry for all the early backers genesis node miners as well as the basic mining all thatstuff is still going to happen and you guys will have the opportunity to restake or unstake someof you likewise might want to increase your post so all that stuff will be coming up very soon aswell kickstarter shipping is continuing to happen we’re pretty much twine up on that and justa few more shipments to go most of you should be receiving your tracking multitudes if you haven’tdone so and then currently indiegogo is still happening just uh not much time left there sothis will be the last time that you guys “il be seeing” the pico at 40 off so satisfy go to indiegogoand pick up your picos if you haven’t done so and then too the hnt miners for those of youthat haven’t heard the cost on the hmt miners has decreased from 599 to 299 and for the userswho purchased that 599 you can get either a mini or two picos okay for the price inconsistency or ifyou just miss significant differences back that’s fine very those people you can just email information and just let them know what you choose what your order number was and we will takecare of that for you right now currently is the usa and the european simulates that are approvedand soon to come we’ll have canada australia southeast asia and future neighborhoods will be approvedbased on demand all right and that’s all that’s been going on and we’ll see you in the communityif you have any other questions feel free to ask our huge moderators admins and i’m also quitereachable and we’ll see you on the next update you

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