what’s going on my beautiful people fromyoutube let’s talk about the deeper network i know i enveloped a little bit earlier todaybut it was only 15 seconds i just want to make sure that i got the word out so three thingsfirst deeper structure let’s do a recap of the things that i’ve talked about the things thati’ve established you furthermore let’s talk about the crypto society and let’s dive a little bitdeeper into the deeper network community third giveaways giveaways nfts let’s talk about that allright here’s how we’re going to do this let me go and start actually i can’t forgotten to do this partmake sure you’re bang-up that like button and subscribing to the channel if you haven’t done soand if you want to wait to the end of this video to see if it was worth it if i’m providing qualitycontent 100 approval you but don’t forget i’ll try to remind you at the end i’m doing this in onetake so let’s see if i can keep up screen share hour all right show and tell here we are deepernetwork you guys have seen this before not only have you seen this before you’ve seen this onetwo three four five six six periods on my channel alone in a cover of really over a month and a halfand it just saves getting better and better and better there’s more things came to see you more thingsbeing exhausted and i want to make sure that you know about the details of what’s going on so let’stake a look at pricing this is what i talked about a little earlier so the pricing was shootingup and i didn’t want you guys to miss it i used disappeared ahead and shared a little video but here’sthe real cope i want to give you the details so let’s go over what i’ve talked about beforeright and i’m going to use this little graph now on coin grocery cap to talk about it my first videoabout the you know the the deeper network was back on june 15 th june 15 th we’re sitting at about youknow eight and a half cents or so it was right around here on june 15 th yeah eight and a halfcents um i said 80 cents at some point in time but it’s eight and a half pennies and i explainedhow you could get a miner from indiegogo how it was working how you could you know get things setup there that wasn’t my first know with a deeper network i had been looking at it for a fewdays and i was doing my due diligence to make sure that i could cover that information so i’ll frame alink to all these videos as i’m talking about them there will be a card that you can look at right upthere that you can go back and watch those videos if you have any questions about those detailsthen on the 17 th i departed ahead and i did my depth dive with the deeper network and that’s becauseyou know i didn’t not want any misinformation out there yes these sections quarry but they’re notsold as miners and i’ve gotten some comments about how people were misinformed and thoughtthat the minis and the nanos were miners and how does that work what is that all about italked about it on this video if you’re looking to mine you’re better off not buying thoseunits you’re better off putting your money into dpr signs and i’m going to get back tothat in time a second that was on the 17 th really a day later um my path get shut downby youtube and that was rough worker like i’m not gonna lie like it hurt like being diligentwith youtube affixing videos daily for over a few months to exactly have that path shut downthat was really really painful but i recollect the brace and the feedback that i received andi said you know what that it that’s not going to stop me i’m going to do something about it i filedall kinds of complaints with youtube reached out to beings and i also affixed the deeper networkvideo on my second path because i didn’t want anybody to miss out on this opportunity so onthe 21 st of june which is right here so we’re looking at you know between seven pennies to sixcents um i announced that video and yes the price was ceasing but it doesn’t matter because ibelieve in a project precisely because there’s a dip in a price doesn’t mean i’m gonna be sellingoff um you know to the stuff i committed to way back here i talked about it again i made thevideo up and i mentioned how i was going to do a giveaway and i am still doing that giveaway youknow when my indiegogo components are now in the nano it’s going to go to one of you guys and i’ll be sure togive the details when i get that group and i got a lot of feedback and you guys were actually reallysupportive and said give me more info i want to know more impede sharing give us know what’s goingon and well connected even further with this community and i started talking to all of youthat are in the telegram chats and the discord and started connecting and learning is not merely moreabout deeper network but about all of you which has been prodigious on the first so let’s fastforward to the first of july which is right here five pennies chaps i don’t know if you seethat but it’s just it’s a five pennies um on the first time i was ever posted another video because thenano divisions became available and i wanted to make sure that you had the opportunity to buy thesenanos and again video on the first when the rate was just five cents i said this is cheap make surethat if you’re interested in you know staking that you want to buy it now because i was looking atdata i was having dialogues about this token and we all knew that price is going to shoot upand we’re we’re like talking about one dollar dpr and things like that and beings are sayingthat we’re crazy i don’t know what you’re talking about it’s five cents how’s it goingto get there i bought more here by the way this is where i like you know what there’s a goodchance to get more dpr i’m buying in even further dollar cost averaging i’ve talked about thisand it’s so worth it and you should do it very when it comes to investing not hang on let meput this up so it’s not you know investment advice it’s just that it’s smart to do it that waywith you know it make sure that you’re buying in multiple times not just dumping everything at onceeither when you’re buying or selling you know uh silvers you don’t ever want to go all in it’s justnot always a smart intuition to do that better digress let’s go back to what i was saying before youknow um on that uh on the first i was talking i was talking about how the nanos are available makesure you get in and then on the seventh i started going a little bit deeper into details in theseventh we’re looking at five and a half pennies dpr shortage this video is where i think westarted to really income some big-hearted friction with dpr because the supply “re running out” peopledon’t want to listen but it’s happening right so renders running out articulate that video up onthe 7th if you want to know what i’m talking about the details of that go check out the videoagain linked up above and then we move forward the next video i did on the deeper network ison the 19 th so let’s go all the way to the 19 th right here on the 19 th seven and a half cents imean that’s pretty good from five to seven and a half if you bought at five and you’re at sevenand a half that’s a pretty good return once and hopefully some of you guys had a chanceto do that and i you are familiar with while talking to the community my goal is to make sure thati’m giving you guys information to be able to buy into a good project that’s worthwhile that’syou know that’s not just some some meme coin that people are gonna uh pump and dump and that’s notwhat this is a matter of i might pump but i never dump i don’t know some some famous person said thatat one point in time like a duet days ago if you know who it is drop it down in the commentsactually you know what it is why i’m talking about observes it actually cures the algorithm a tonwhen there’s actually associate and booking from the community with specific comments going backand forth that you know youtube ardours it because they’re like oh parties like this person or theydon’t like them but either way they’re sticking around they’re talking they like that substance i’llget if you guys ever wonder how youtube parts invite i’m here like open book tell you all about itanyway 19 th “weve had” that uh i plowed you know the staking the oracles helium mining i know heliummighty on the deeper network like one measurement doubled adolescent like that’s pretty impressive and from therei signify the sky’s the limit right this is what happened we had this good old-fashioned spike right thereand i’ll zoom in a little bit further so that we can see a little bit better we had this goodold spike and 13 cents we spiked up to 13 cents right now we do have some resistance um at thatmark but we’re consolidating delicately a little further down let me get out of the screen that wayi are truly substantiate you what i’m talking about so we’re about that 12 penny symbol as you can see sowe bought in went all the way up to 13 and this is probably too small for your screen regardles but andthen we’re coming back down so we’re right now at 11 um 11.8 pennies and this is pretty good becauseit’s not staying here and the reason that is you guys are going to think i’m crazy againbut i talked about the shortfall i’ve talked about how we’re running out of dpr to be ableto um stake and everything like that hopefully this is big enough for your screens therelet me appreciate yep you should be able to see it the puddle dpr right here this was a 17 million justa couple of days ago we’re now sitting precisely under 13. Supply really is running out and as i statedin the previous videos in regards to you know staking and be able to get that genesis minoryou need tokens beings are going to be paying big bucks for these tokens so they can get theirminers and start mining day 1 of mainnet start which was scheduled for september but littlebirdie tells me it’s gonna be before that um they’re saying that you know by aim of septemberyou know q3 it should be a little bit earlier than that these guys are actually on the ball thewhite listing form that you need to fill out it’s i would say 90 done i was able to get a littlepreview as far as how “whos working” it’s really clean really easy to go through it and i’ll showyou guys you know as soon as that smacks probably i’ll try to get it up on monday before it actuallylaunches um it’s it’s happening it’s set from 17 to you know under 13 million tokens in merely acouple of daylights this furnish “re not gonna” last-place because as you construed that map it’s not somethingthat’s going to be gradually going down no the alter here is exponential it’s going to go wayup and the reason it’s going road up is because tokens are going out parties are buying up theirtokens people want to be able to stake because the rewards for staking are really really good ifyou thought you had a good with the helium system i necessitate this is it this is the next not whati’m going to say the next big thing like it’s just that this is at the earlierstage right like the sooner you get in the better off you are the profits that peopleare generating with the helium network early on they’re prodigious that’s what this is gonnabe that’s what’s happening so parties are buying tokens super cheap five cents you can’t you it’snever going to go back to that title so it’s it and at 12 pennies i know it sounds crazy to evensay this but it’s still a good deal at 12 cents and again we’re going to have the naysayersthat are going to call me crazy say that i’m you know i’m losing it and then i’m going tocome back a few days later a month later you know uh 6 months later because i’m not going awayand i’m going to show you that hey guess what it’s worth it and everybody that’s in thatcommunity is having a good age-old time and some of the catalyst for this was because the deepernetwork started to do some large-scale ama so if you look here they did an ama today with um with gate ioand this blew up that’s eric ma he’s a good buster they likewise did one a little bit later in theday they have a bunch of amas scheduled so they’re getting the word out one after the otherlike they’re just cranking amas and the rate is gonna continue to shoot up because they’regetting mass adoption from beings and that’s all it takes all it takes is people to understandhow shocking this thing is and when i say it’s amazing like i’m not just trying to pump up thisthing it is not a minor only yes it’s a child it’s not only a vpn decentralized which is a dpnit caters system certificate it has a ai ingredient to it and i’ve i i’m going to get an expert onthe canal to cover some of these things but i can talk about it for hours and hours actually idid talk about it for hours and hours today i was super energized about it the same way and here’san penetration that you’re not going to hear from anybody else the same way that tesla is a datacompany deeper network is going to be a data company long term and their appreciate a big portionof their price is going to be in all of their ai managing all of the lore that theirsystems are are going to be able to learn web 3.0 is right around the corner this is going to bethe dns for entanglement 3.0 “its like” an astounding section to new technologies talking about the conversations i’vehad the community right i told you i was going to talk about the community the community is freakingamazing “i m loving” the crypto community why it is roused about one another they’re excitedabout building this thing they’re evoked about the decentralization of not only you know moneyrevenue they’re roused about the decentralization of life to be able to have freedom to be ableto have a system where there’s no major you know party that’s seeing things where we all havea say where we all have a choice in any issues that we do we all can pitch in and decide how wewant to use our internet how we want to utilize our signs it’s it’s a really wonderful communityto be a part of and i keep getting surprised over and over again i told you guys the other day withmy um investment video with graham stefan like that cameo was endowed to me by somebody from thecommunity because they’re like oh you like graham i know what i can do for you and they rendered thatas a gift i’m super roused about this community which is why and today’s conversation withthem was amazing i’ll cover that in a second but i was driving i was put forward that 15 second videoand i couldn’t share it i could there was no way i was going to be able to do anything like i wasbusy and i was going to be busy for a whole hour sure enough somebody from the community get rightahead and share the video like that’s the kind of parties we have in the deeper network communitycrypto as a whole is stupendous but these niche parishes that i get to be a part of areso incredible they’re so rendering they’re so willing to help people like i have some peoplein the telegram right now saying that oh are you short some clues i have extra tokens letme know who you are and show me a video of your pocketbook and i’ll fill in the missing signs so thatyou can get a miner to like who does that they’re giving fund apart right um and i’d save this fornow but prophetic i’m following you now because you’re the three men i am aware of you sharing and alot i know a lot of other people would prefer it and retweeted things but you guys are awesome i’mso enthusiastic of you all um but talk about giving freedom like i just mentioned how we wewere talking about giving in the community they’re wonderful wonderful parties so communityas a whole they want to give back they want to be part of something bigger than themselves andthey absolutely understand what this is all about when i first started this path and it’s almostembarrassing like it’s only been like you know a month and a half 2 month approximately that i startedthe direct but going back and looking at some of the videos that i concluded gentleman the quality was notthat good we’re going to keep improving i promise but looking back i talked about how it’s not howmuch fund you have it’s what you do with what you have and the deeper community actually understandsthat which is why i’m super mindful of it they’re about devoting back they’re about supportingone another they’re about you are familiar with build this ecosystem that’s going to take over it’s going tobe massive and parties are totally underestimating what it is right now which produces me to a quotethat i heard in a deeper society today so you can count the number of seeds in an applebut you can’t count the number of apples in a grain because of the impact that somebody has isexponential right like if you impact one person that imper that one person might impact two peoplewho might pack two more and two more and two more it prevents moving this is why i love doing youtubethat is why i love being part of this community it’s because you all are so dedicating of yourselvesof your time even of your fund i represent people are giving away tokens because of it and i’ve talkedabout doing something like this in the past where i’ve you know i would support designers um and ii’m always trying to support designers like apply like “i m talking about” parties that are way bigger thani am that have way way bigger following like you know musicians who are like making a killing andtheir you know mainstage and all kinds of things but it’s not about me it’s about opening back andbeing a part of community that understands that that wants to do the same actually induces me excitedand i’ve talked about the nfts that i wanted to actually share in the in this channelso i am going to look at sharing nfts after the approvals reel it won’t be for thisvideo but after ascribes row i want to put up some builders i want to share some information aboutsome um people that are seeing some beautiful artwork that are doing some wonderful things and to kickthings off i’m going to create some nfts i’m going to start applying them out yes i’m still doing thethe nano giveaway like i talked about before but i want to make sure you guys get something ofvalue out of this too so in the coming videos at the end of it like i’m not going to betalking about doing this i’m just going to do it at the very end after the intro gambling soi know it’s a little bit longer of a video but i want to let you guys know so if you’re committedif you’re actually watching this through the end you’re gonna know that hey following videosfrom act crypto i should watch it all the way to the end because there’s gonna be info andthere’s gonna be cool nft stuff that’s gonna be shared and i’m gonna try to time as numerous giveawaysas possible i can i want to be able to share art with you all i want to be able to share contentthat’s unique from the community i’m going to you know give out i’m going to create nftsmyself from some masters that don’t even know how to create nfts that i’ve been talkingto like there are some awesome people out there and like i’ve helped people because i love whatthey do i’ve you know you’ve seen my chirp you’ve seen how i talked about guitar 5000 likereggie has a wonderful heart i’m going to attach his direct right here he’s like 160 you know thousandsubscribers but i connected with reggie and i had an opportunity to say hey try this with yourvideos what are these are some tip-off that you can follow like i’ve been doing marketing for awhile and i love being able to help people i’m always going to get the hate from peoplesaying oh you’re doing this for the money sure i’m doing it for the money i know thatthis will definitely have a payout in the future but it’s not my my central incitement like i’veactually been able to get more uh sell consumers because of the canal so it’s alreadypaid you know pay pay for itself you know in a sense um not anything crazy amount of money butit’s it’s worth it you know the connections are worth it the people are worth it the helpingothers is worth it and to be part of something this big that’s going to literally vary theworld conversion how we browse deepen how we look at currency there’s no better reward there is nobetter reward i’m gonna leave it here if this was helpful at all if you relish anything thati said like i talked about earlier in the video affected that like button and if you “ve got to hear” moresubscribe smacked that buzzer if you want to be notified next time that the video stops at the end of thevideo i’m gonna put up a link to subscribe to the channel as well as taking a look at my otherchannel which i need to actually get some poles up there but i won’t talk about crypto there i mightmention it but that’s not the main focus main goal of that path i mean that’s i’m gonna continue thatother canal as literally the variety show where i can share things that i like i experience in being soi can continue to share crypto here and man with you guys over there thank you so much love youall and i will see you guys on the next video you


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