we all know why you’re here you want to getinformations get yourself bailed out and who else submitted to but the most woke minimalistic andsuccessful person to ever market cryptocurrencies i’m so minimalistic and successful i don’t evenhave any furniture or friends that was cringy i know that was actually really hard to even recordhere’s bottom line if i ever become a d-bag that belittles people to manufacture himself feel better oryou know in the sake of oh i’m just joking around guys feel free to destroy the comment section andjust let me know like scold me out because i never want to become that person what i do want to dois be able to help you and hopefully enjoy this travel because it’s been excellent still further and i wantto keep it going so just like every other video we’re going to cover this in three stairs firstlet’s talk about is it worth it you know signing up for phase two of the genesis mining um you knowstaking cries everything that’s going on right now with dpr and the deeper network secondly i want toshow you where things stand what’s the leaderboard look like what are we actually doing and for thesake of actually enveloping everything i talked about yesterday i’ll establish you actually how to buydpr as well because that was a big question third well there was an announcement this morning iactually knew the proclamation before it was built into an announcement but they eventuallyannounced it and i will procreate the bulletin about the advertisement i know it’s a littlecomplicated but it’s just a tweet and i’ll share it with you and prove you what it means but at theend of the day chaps this has been a fanciful travel i can’t wait to share more videos with you i can’twait to precisely be able to give you the information that’s going to help you be successful long-termwithout being a d-bag so if you haven’t done so hitherto knock that like button because it departs a longlong way for the youtube algorithm actually you know what else goes a long way observes y’all gotsomething to say good bad ugly doesn’t matter let me know i actually want to hear from you at theend of the day it’s the only form of communication otherwise i’m sitting in my penthouse ogling outand not having any friends no kidding i am only you know that’s the only route i get to communicatewith all of you get you know that are watching on youtube you know there are other media likethe tumult that i started other groups inside a telegram but specific comments they proceed a long longway into understanding if i’m helping if i’m being helpful with information that i’m providingand a lot of you know that i go back and forth if you guys went questions i react every single oneof them let’s see how long you are eligible to prevent that up for because the channel is growing thanks to allof you not not to me thanks to all of you for noting liking the video and watching it foryou know in its entirety and peculiarly the ones of you that don’t do the whole 2x thing i knowsometimes i talk a little gradual but 2x does assistant “i m watching” all my videos in 2x i’m not gonna complainabout that let’s just get into it here we go all right so deeper structure right now the price of dpris sitting at 13 and a half cents what do i know about this nothing because i’m not a financialadvisor and i’m not take your coin so i’m just telling you what i’m doing and the numbersi came up with with studies and research that i did this is why it’s worth going into phase twoi’m going to scroll down and you get to see this little you know spike and now it’s dropping i’mgoing to scroll down a little bit further and i’m going to go over here to this first area andinstead of clicking on the actual name i’m going to click on the little symbol icon which says dextools so inside of dex tools this is what you get oh look the cost is higher what what does thatmean well that means that when you’re looking at the copper grocery cover page it’s going to aggregatethe prices for every single place you can buy or sell dpr if you’re going on section swap whichis where i want to show you where to buy you can see that inside of dex tools andright now it’s sitting at 14 and a half cents why am i testifying you floors tools because i dowant to show you this little button that says sell and i just realise my mouseis not showing but it’s a big red button on the left side of your screenyou can’t miss it when you sounds that it will take you to uniswap not only will it takeyou to uniswap it will pre-select the dpr token this is a big deal because you don’t have tosearch for it you don’t have to hunt it down this is how you get dpr but action why does it matterwhy do i care about the price of dpr right now well let me tell you the reason it’s a good dealis because if you haven’t bought into dpr hitherto you would have paid over 16 cents at first stagewhen it was the first phase of venturing right now the toll removed oh it’s only two cents two centsgoes a long way when the overall price is 14 pennies so you can actually get it at a discountand i’ll go over the exact figures because this is why it’s really important right now topportion of the screen you can see credit score 100 you realise the total apy highlighted in yellow 39 goto the bottom chart and you ensure credit compose 100 phase two ap apr should be apy but it alsosays 39 this means that regardless if you’re staking on you know with phase one or phase twoyou essentially get the same wages there is no difference for tier for the creditlevel of a hundred which is tier one so if you’re looking to buy to get in phase oneor phase two and then you’re only looking into getting into that tier one credit value it’sactually a better batch to get into year two so give let that be known the other reinforces did godown as you can see the ascribe value 200 and above you have uh you know a little bit less rewardsthan you did before before it was seven percent now it’s only four it was eleven now it’s eightbefore it was thirteen now it’s ten and it maintains on going all the way until it’s here um rank viiior that ascribe value of 800 which was giving you previously 90 apui which is just incredibleand now it’s unfortunately simply giving you 80 still think it’s a great deal evenif you go for those higher tiers why why is it still a great deal well on top ofthe fact that dpr is bound to go up because it has a really good use case because it has functionit has you are well aware things you can actually do with it we got this little guy now they have submittedtheir application for helium quarrying which means that they are going to be able to mine heliumwith the fastened antenna but actually how can i get the antenna you can’t get the antenna they’rewaiting for the approval of the antenna but here’s where the cool um i guess you know deep diveresearch comes in i was very lucky and fortunate to have come across communication from ericma deeper’s network’s cmo and what’s he saying he says helium is still reviewing our applicationthey are dealing with some of their own internal issues recently if approved the antenna isgoing to cost 3.99 or free with bet dpr this is a big deal getting anantenna just for staking dpr and it’s better than what you guys think sure you mightsave 400 that’s not the big cheese now the big deal is that deeper has incredible manufacturingcapabilities they have their own plant and they’re able to pump these things out as soon asit’s approved those chaps are ready to go are you following you know following wherei’m going with this remember i’ve told some of you that i bought a bobcat miner to minehelium months ago and i haven’t even received word of when i’m going to be able to get thatand i’m not the only one in that boat for you to get a miner a helium miner it’s backed up weeksand weeks and weeks and i’m not talking about two weeks i’m talking about you know numerou weeksthat establishes months i know people that told back in uh was april from nebra and still has not theyhaven’t received their their legions the healing and minors are going for 1500 or more on ebay rightnow because people are so desperate to get their hands on them so yeah 3.99 it’s good you’d beable to save that coin if you’re jeopardize dpr but the biggest reason i think this is a big dealis that they can manufacture it and you’re gonna get a unit like that’s a big big deal to me to beable to start mining helium as soon as possible before things get mobbed before you know thethe roi with you know with helium goes down now i will be honest and i have always been withyou guys eric ma chaps i do like the chap um i’ve tried to say certain things to him and try tosneak things around and say hey can you can can i become it is able to i become that and he has timeand time again been honest true-blue and showed astonishing persona so that’s why i personally likehim well let’s talk business right because a good deal of periods we look at crypto and there’s fomo or fudbeing hurl around everywhere and nothing makes us the time to just pause and say all right whatdoes this mean in the business sense of things eric ma is the chief marketing officer for deepernetwork his hassle is to create mass adoption for the clue appoint you know create the connect toallow people to find out about these concoctions find out what they’re doing about it and alot of people might start to say well wait his place is to convince me to deeper is a goodthing in a way but that’s not necessarily bad right i work for companies and i refuse to putmy name behind anything that i don’t believe in that’s the same case with eric yes his hassle is toget buy-in his chore is to ensure that there is mass adoption for the deeper network it’s good for allof us early beings because he’s honestly doing the best job that he can to be able to i miss i don’twant to say give out dpr and give out honors but he knows that if he incentivizes earlyadopters we we i’m saying we cause i i got a youtube channel and like i want to say thatmost of the videos recently have been about dpr we are now singing the carol of deeper is awesomeare there other fellowships that are doing things that are similar to deeper when it comes tovpn yeah are there people that you know create really good firewalls yeah are parties tryingto get you know web 3.0 gateways implemented yeah but deeper is the only one who’s doing allthese things all in one and doing it for free if you buy in to the staking if you only put yourtokens apart for nine months like that’s huge so yes his occupation is to make sure that weare learning about the company that we are investing essentially right and he’s doing a goodjob because he’s doing his best to say hey let’s incentivize early adopters early adopters are thepeople who are going to make a difference in local communities in our structure and i’m indebted thathe’s in a position that he’s in because he’s not out there just trying to to create hypehe’s actually doing things that’s going to benefit all of us like you see that’s youknow tba he’s doing his best to make sure that we are getting something of value out of this sohe doesn’t have to give these things out free of charge but guess what he knows that the community as awhole has been really mindful of what they’re doing and they like what’s happening they knowthat helium is a big deal and that’s going to help all of them generate revenue so eric is sayingto higher ups and everybody else here’s the treat if we empower them with helium mining we’re goingto come more parties more people are going to be excited about this and we’re going to be able togrow the network even faster it’s a win-win this is what you want to see if you’re wondering ifif a cmo is do their chore or not look to see who they care about the most if they’re focusingon the people who are supporting the currency if they’re you know if they’re behind the people whoare um you know early adopters they’re doing a good job and i think eric is doing great and therewas a tweet that “ive seen” that came across that said uh let’s talk about get you are well aware an interviewset up for next week or so so i’m gonna smacked you up eric i don’t know if you’re going to get to watchthis video or not but i’m going to have you on the canal i’m not going to ask you the awkwardquestions that other parties don’t i shouldn’t have said that maybe he will offset it but let’s get itlet’s let’s keep going right so this is a big deal really big deal and people don’t realize it nowi’m gonna go over the leaderboard as well as the advertisement that they realise so moving forwardwhen i log into my report this is what i see i graded i got in it’s a phase one i’m superexcited not rubbing it in just excited that i was be you know i was able to be a part of thisnow here’s what it looks like inside of my report down here “were having” the staking andwhen you go to staking you get to see the leaderboard and we have phase oneand phase two phase one looks like this and if i look down here you can see that thatone thousandth person was tier one and they staked at six times and two seconds so thisis the last person to get a gold genesis minor now tier two well tier two islooking pretty good at 349. yes there are a little over 600 parties that havealready staked and they are not going you know that this is number is not reflecting all of thosepeople but 600 people did not stir its second phase and are being moved over to phase two so this numberis a little bit higher than it actually evidences but there’s still a really good chance for anybodywanting to buy dpr right now at a rejected charge to be able to get in and get really awesomerewards i got a question what happens with the payoffs i know we’re staking for six months butwhat about the mining well as you mine those funds go right into your pocketbook approximately every 15 minutesor so you have access to that so just because you stay doesn’t mean that all your money your moneybut your dpr is going to be locked up your coin reinforces become available as you mine it which isreally cool it gives you liquidity if you want to do whatever it is that you want to do with itso it’s not like you’re locking up your you know for nine months and having no return until thevery mission you’re going to continuously deserve dpr as you mine which is going to be availableto you now back here my referral system second last-place button and i told you i was going tobe really translucent about this and this is why i think this stuff matters you guys asked what youknow my referrals look like i had a lot of parties sign up a lot of parties abusing my code so thankyou for all of you that signed off however exclusively a handful actually staked and i told you that i willgive you guys an entry for every um every venturing person that kind of came in this means that onlyseven beings are get you know opened to triumph the nano that i’m giving away because only sevenpeople actually registered or not registered but utilized my code to stake and this is how i foundout about the details so if you go to staking and i depicted you that’s a referral recordsnow click to open exclusive tutorial exclusive tutorial as i sounded on that because i’m always tryingto keep you know up to date with information and i scroll down i scroll down and scrolldown and we’re going to go down to list seven take a look at this invite to receivedpr honors they have a expanded program to give more motivations topeople so if 10 beings bet they’re giving away 1000 dpr if 300 you know3 0 post 30 50 you get 10 000 and more than you know 100 beings staking consuming your system youget 20 000 dpr this is a really good reward and i’m probably gonna you guys going to see thisat the beginning of the video but i’m going to made the code in there because i completely forgotto share that with you but i’ll threw that in there um i had no idea this was happening when i firstgave out my system i didn’t even know that it was going to be 300 dpr that i would be able to getfrom every referral not only that i evidenced you how to get your own referrals so if you require referralsand you want to earn those you can just go there and reproduce this associate or please click here for a qr codeand i guess you can actually make love now so let me oh qr code is actually a downloaded thing thatthat’s not helpful um but you can create your own qr code and allow people to venture utilizing yourcode that’s a really cool thing because you can earn dpr on top of it yeah it’d be great if youuse mine but if you have other beings the hell is venturing that you’re referring why not exit go getyourself some free dpr oh it opened too oh that’s all in chinese but i guess that’s my code chaps ifyou’re looking for that qr code let me scroll down right there and i’m going to replace this on thescreen but it’s going to say you can just go to state and it will get you there aswell all right i always have to give you guys the enjoyable trash so this is the compensations and they burstmy bubble by put this out before i could get the video out um so they’re you know lettingeverybody know that this is what it looks like really cool interesting thing that they arenot talking about is there’s a gold a silver-tongued but now there’s a copper there were some certainly uhfunny talks about how we’re looking at the olympic trio to to be able to get you know some um unitsthat would be like collector’s item long term they haven’t talked about bronze at all but nowthat we see it everybody’s like i require a copper one i demand a copper one yesterday during thestream that i was sharing i told you guys i really want to stay right now so i can have a silver butnow i’m even more persuasion because i want to get a silver and then find out how i can get a bronze assoon as that comes out i’ll continue you guys affixed now to end the video i want toshow you something really cool check these out the community is amazing they’remaking some really cool things and you know sharing it with everybody else so again i’vetold you guys how i like the community they’re pretty awesome people and this this is oneof the things that they’re kind of establish i’m going to cut the video here because i don’twant it to run too long because you know how that goes nobody’s going to watch it even thoughit does help view term you guys are awesome especially if you’ve already demolished that likebutton and subscribe so maybe you don’t miss the next video chaps i’m here i’m here for you herein the comments if you have questions let me know i’d be more than happy to help any and all ofyou out as best as i can see you on the next one nope not quite over yet so you can actually getthese right on thing verse or a thingy verse i suspect i’ve never read it that way interesting soi’m going to positioned the link down in the description that way if wishes to print them yourselfyou have to have a 3d printer you can do that i tried printing i had some really bad filamentthat i had like left open and it did not come out the method “id expect” so i’m actually talking touh red fox ball to kind of get some of these in if you can ship out ship them out to me andi can give them away to some of you guys so remain keep chanted i will come back with thesekeychains here and get you all some cool merch you all are awesome thank you so much once againit’s been a blast and i hope it stands this way because this community that we’re flourishing ispretty stupendous see you all in the next one

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