DEEPER NETWORK – Deep dive on how it works and differs from HELIUM and others

all right i don’t want you to have to wait tillthe other channel gets back up so i’m re-uploading the video about the deeper network here and i wantto give you one additional fragment of information i have groups coming in in august and i happen tohave one additional one that i’m not going to need so i’m going to give it away to one of you guysone of the viewers one of the subscribers make sure that you guys are in this together with methank you for watching and let’s just get right into the action what’s going on with the deepernetwork i want to tell you what it is what it isn’t and what you can expect from it we’ve talkedabout how it compares to the akash network as well as the healing system and both of those seem tobe quite productive so i want to tell you exactly what the hypothesi talk about and what youcan get out of this it’s a great project don’t get me wrong but if you’re expecting to buy theseunits and start mining to earn a ton of money you might want to think twice about that i wantto be very clear i do believe in this project i have bought into the project however you wantto consider why you’re looking to get into this project because at the end of the day you want tojustify the reasons for spending money on crypto right so if you’re looking to pit you want tomaybe buy some coppers instead of obtaining a machine right away and i’ll explain what that meansa lot has changed in only a couple of days and i’ll go over it into exactly what this looks likeso to start out as we’ve talked about it before this is the deeper network they are tryingto change the internet and for the better by providing beings a action to browse a more securemore private more fair internet for everybody that’s what they’re looking to do that’s whattheir objective is and it’s not you are familiar with really a dream they have groups out this is actually beingutilized it wields i’ve spoken with people that actually have those divisions that are now usingthem and can attest that information systems does purpose and it functions well now those contingents that italked about that i testified you before they do mine they are able to get you some crypto whileyou have them but it’s not exactly the direction you think so let me explain a little bit betteras far as what this deeper network certainly does here is the reason why i was so excited about itand i think that a lot of parties are trying to just jump onto it because it reminds people of thehelium network it’s a matter of you can get tokens the the dpr is uh capped at 10 billion they areexpecting this to take up you know over 49 times for it to actually be completely mined so it’sgonna take a little while not only that but if we scroll over here this is their one sheet whitepaper we can see that this is kind of unheard of sixty percent of the mining tokens likesixty percent is a huge number for the tokens for the allocation to be in mining loan i’vespoken with the people that are actually in the in the team and they can’t take any ofthis money out there is no way for them to touch this 10 for a minimum of two years and there’sa three year vesting interval so you know that this is legitimate and it’s gonna it’s gonna bea long term activity because they can’t touch it they can’t benefit from it monetarily at all for anumber of years so they have to stick around they have to make sure that they are contributing thatthis thing actually use and it affairs which is really exciting because we’ve seen parties thathave it and it get to work and if we keep going now they talk about mining so goodbye to gpu minersbecause this is going to be a little bit different it’s going to be a matter of having gangs thatdon’t eat a lot of electricity which is great going over what they’ve done like they’vebeen around for a number of years now so back in 2018 is when they first startedand they’ve been working on the programme for quite a while they developed atomos trident protocol and i’ll go over those are and they develop the deeperconnect paradigm which is their divisions provide this decentralized network for peopleto be able to browse the internet anonymously in 2019 they only propelled their research cyberspace and it’sbeen working the government has customers they have nodes that are actually participating in this um back in2020 they were at ces and it vanished really well they got a lot of beings backing them they havea lot of beings excited to be part of this thing and it’s only getting better and better moreand more parties are actually um kind of trying to join this because they ascertain the potential theysee how good it can be for the web 3.0 ecosphere so much better so that i was able to to kind of look intoa conversation between the akash structure ceo and the the prime market officer for um the deepernetwork and it was a great conversation for them to kind of come along and say you know what thisis what we’re all about we’re about decentralizing the internet and forming it available for everyoneso that you don’t have to rely on aws because if you think about it aws is just like anybody elseif it goes down a lot of beings go down with it and if you have a decentralized setup you’renot relying on any one specific server your your info is spread across the globe on nodesindividuals that are able to host things so that’s what they’re all about they want to make sure thatpeople are able to um take part in the internet and afford more value other than precisely their youknow a hosted server that they’re compensate someone for so this is actually really really cool whatthey’re doing now this is what i was talking about earlier so the deeper network combinations blockchainnetwork security and sharing economy to create a world peer-to-peer network that empowers thereal consumers of the internet and paves the course for the next generation of the web what does thatmean mostly you get a unit and you share your connection with someone else and they share theirconnection with you and you’re able to browsing the web as if you were anywhere else um talkingto somebody which is who’s actually in japan the 10 gigabit structures there are like normalnow um for internet which is unheard of it’s pretty amazing that they’re that far us comeon guys step it up my internet stinks now um but what we want to see is more of this it’smore sharing um and it’s really advantageous if you’re talking about search engine optimizationright like i have just been buyers that i work with that i have to to kind of go into their shoes to seewhat their clients might be looking at so it’s really helpful for me to have a vpn to beable to say i want to connect from ex orientation and i’m not talking about i just wanted to connect fromjapan like let’s say i’m in the us and i want to see what’s going on the east coast i want toconnect from the regime of maryland or i want to connect from the commonwealth of massachusetts whereverit is i want to be able to see what other useds in any part of the world might be able to seeand having a way to connect via their network is really advantageous because at the end of theday that’s the only practice i’m going to get a true representation of what their internet looks likegoogle and all of these other large-hearted network monsters they cater different material based on yourlocation ip address and a lot of other parts that they’re tracking you on a daily basis soyou want to be able to access things either from various targets to see what others are seeingor you want to protect yourself and thwart organizations from being able to gather allthis data on you and this is where they come in dpn it’s basically a vpn minus the thecentralized segment of it it’s a peer-to-peer network what happens is that you’re connectingwith other beings you’re not connecting with a with an organization you’re not going to nord vpnor expressvpn and them for their services they will have a paid assistance for this so that youcan essentially pay to use this system down the road later on when they have i believe they’relooking at a million cells distributed across the world only then are they going to lookat providing the service as a paid service and if you have a unit you’re going to benefitmonetarily from it just think about it instead of paying nordvpn whatever amount of money they’recharging i think we were looking at about 150 a year users can now pay as they go and thepeople who benefit are the people sharing their linkages and again it’s one of thosethings that we’re taking the power away from massive administrations from large corporations andempowering individual customers which is always a great thing for um the internet and this iswhat you know web 3.0 is all about it’s about the decentralization of information and empoweringindividual users as opposed to focusing on the you know gigantic firms um taking care of our dataand having them dish things out to other beings as i was saying so the technology that theydeveloped atom os is their uh operating system that they developed and it’s again it’s a matterof allowing parties to connect um fast and securely to other people’s systems peer-to-peer anddoing it fast uh one other portion that i actually want to cover here they are proof ofcredit so um which is very similar to proof of state proof of stake and i’ll go over this injust a hour because it actually holds back in with the units that they are selling this is thecool part to me um the trident protocol that they um generated it’s data encryption so yes somebodymight be using your internet um to a certain extent but your message is encrypted it’s notlike the person that you’re connect through your peer system they’re not going to be ableto say oh x person from this spot is browsing reddit and glancing and leaving a comment heresaying x y like that’s not how it wreaks it’s going to be encrypted from end to end so simply youwould have access to the information that you’re providing the person providing the network accesslet’s say you do buy a force you’re not going to be able to see the traffic that’s going on howeveryou do have the ability of selecting the type of traffic so let’s say you don’t want anybodytorrenting off of your internet connection that’s absolutely okay you can most definitely go intothe interface and block certain types of etiquettes and say no i don’t want someone to be able to usemy point of access in this certain way so it does supplying them with some um ability to block thingsthat might be illegal in your own country or whatever it is that you might be worried about while youcan still earn for other different contact natures and obligating sure that you are still partof this mesh structure all around the world these are the units that they are um creatingright now and they have most of them the people will be coming out shortly they have notyet completed the exploitation on that but it is coming out shortly um the other ones areactually previously you know not only selling but sent out and people are using it so itis something that is legitimate and it is working um and this is where you can buy themand i testified you guys the indiegogo page that they have and i i’m skeptical and i want to beskeptical for you i want to ask the questions that other people aren’t asking so why would yougo to indiegogo um if you go on their website and i can go there right now exactly to show you what i’mtalking about they have um marriages and they are um saying that they have you know these amazonbest buy then why are they use indiegogo to sell their products and not amazon and not bestbuy well turns out it’s all a matter of supply you cannot sell on amazon without actually havingthe produce for you to be able to list your pieces there you need to have the item on hand andthey’re actually constructing right now there is a huge shortage carries as we all know sothey’re having a hard time getting all of the raw materials of you know manufacture all these thingsso they are pumping these out as fast as they can but they cannot sell them on certain platformsunless they have the physical produces ready to go and i testified you a couple of days ago now that onindiegogo the timeline moved from july to august as far as the shipping dates are concerned nonetheless ifwe take a look at it right now it is all sold out yeah it sold out i told you guys that it was goingto go quick and it did it sure did and this thing is going to blow up and hopefully i gave you guysa little bit of heads up that this was going to take place because it is one of those uh one ofthose networks one of those new things in cryptos that it’s going to take over and it’s going tobe profitable now please understand that these sections “theyre not” miners unlike the heliumnetwork when you purchase those units their main goal is to excavation helium this is not the case withthe deeper network these components yes they will mine nonetheless they are not meant to be miners themining capability on these measurements are a nicety it’s a bonus that you get with it and each one ofthe units they will have a wallet address that is linked to the to the units and most peoplethat are using this as a vpn type of device they’re not going to even realize that this isa minor and hopefully last-minute down the road they can open that up and participate oh wow i actually havesomething in now and this is worth something and you’re going to be able to earn more based onhonestly where you’re at so let’s say i’m here in the u.s so a lot of beings might connect throughthe u.s to see what’s going on through my system that’s going to be beneficial for me becausei’m going to be providing more bandwidth to other parties therefore i will be earning more butthis is not the main goal of these cells if they are not set up to be nodes per se um in the sensethat they’re not miners so much so that they are not even announcing these miners in pottery as we allknow china has blocked quarrying any type of crypto mining and these parts are not signified for miningthese parts are meant to be used as a vpn type of device the mining capabilities are a nicetythey’re a nice bonus but “theyre not” the main focus you will there they are looking at differentproducts to be able to actually mine um and be set up as nodes but these aren’t necessary you knownecessarily it they’re talking about these genesis miners for the the mining of this copper and for youto be able to do that you need to have at least 20 000 dpr to be considered to be whitelisted yes youheard that right the 20 000 dpr which right now um you’re looking at about 1600 with the price ofdpr that’s how much you need to have to be able to stake and start being a node which is reallycheap don’t get me wrong like 600 is not a lot of money considering how much things overhead nowadaysif you’re talking about the binance um the binance order and again i predict i’ll do this live butif we do bmb um what are we talking about here uh bnb node staking and asi think it’s ten thousand uh yup so to run a full binary smart chain nodeyou need to stake a minimum of 10 000 bnb and now you might be wondering how much is 10 000 b b to usd yup three and a half million dollars so to be able to be a node for under two thousanddollars for this network it’s really good now the path you’re able to earn more and be able toyou know gain more stature or improve your credit is by being connected and providingbandwidth to you to the rest of the network they are doing a ascribe type of scenario with thisbecause they want people to um be reliable claim so you’re gonna have a credit score how honorable isyour network and they’re gonna run from 100 to 800 approval just like they do here in the u.s so theway you increase that is by staying connected is by providing bandwidth to the rest of the networkand that is how you’re going to increase your ascribe compose and make it more likely for otherpeople to connect through your network to give and to be able to earn more um coppers in the longhaul and again in the beginning the way to do that is for you to stake more dpr the more dpryou venture the highest your recognition worthiness “re gonna be all” it’s essentially saying hey i havethis much credit in the dpr network so these are the approvals that i put in so you know i’mtrustworthy hence my approval value is higher with the units that people are buying right nowfrom indiegogo like i was saying these here the deeper connect mini um they are going to startearning dpr as soon as you made a recognition compose of 100 that is the minimum credit score for youto earn dpr and that’s going to take a little bit so once you turn it on you want to make surethat you stay connected that you keep your unit live so that you become worthy of um earning thatthat recognition score of 100 and from there on out you will start to accrue um dpr onto the wallet thatis hard-coded to your individual section right now you have one interface per unit you can’t deploymultiple divisions and control them remotely they are set up to be individual divisions they are lookinginto perhaps standing parties to deploy multiple groups and expanding the um the stage to giveyou um the ability to manage that remotely they’re still in talks about how to how to manage that andhow they’re going to do that is progressing simply because a lot of beings are looking at this as abusiness opportunity if you’re administering multiple jobs let’s say you’re providing securityfor businesses this is a very good device for you to be able to deploy in variou systems acrossthe country across the world and technically you could even give while you’re deploying these yourcustomers so it’s it’s not a bad plan something else that they’re doing that’s kind of unique isthat they are give they’re gonna be putting out um nfts and these nfts are gonna be unique the waythe nfts work is that they’re going to give you an in to the ipo whenever they do become apublicly traded company the goal is for them to become a public transactions corporation and for you tobe able to buy in the their ipo you’re gonna have to have one of their nfts they’re putting out5 0 000 of these nfts and i know it gets kind of crazy right like just thinking about it like youneed an nft to be able to buy into the ipo this is unheard of beings aren’t doing this yetbut this is how they’re settled it up and all the all of these nfts are going tolook different they’re all unique they have 50 000 of them and they’re going to distributethose to beings that are buying in people that are impounding dpr so again it’s one of those thingsthe earlier you get into this game with the deeper network the more likely you are to benefitfrom it which is why i want to make sure to do a full-length video excuse what it is and howthis can benefit you long-term the deeper network it is legitimate um and uh this is the other thingthat they’re going to do with it for you to become a node you’re going to need an bidding andonly early adopters are going to receive these summons and be allowed to share them withother people since they are miss the network to be a trustworthy network so for you to be able tobecome a node later on you’re going to have to to need that request from someone who isalready a node so the early the earlier you’re able to get in the better off you’re goingto be um and i’m actually going to leave it leave it at this if you guys have any questions inregards to the deeper network feel free to leave a comment down below i’ll be more than happy tocall you know to reply back to you get you guys the information that you need i’ve been in contactwith these people they are working their buttocks off to try to pull this off um they are doing theirbest to set a commodity out there that will improve the internet as a whole to be able to bringuh the internet 3.0 you know web 3.0 to fruition to reality to allow us to havea better um more uh decentralized um less skynet type of environment that we can be sure andcertain that other beings aren’t spying on us that aren’t meeting our data that aren’t you knowtrying to to look at everything that we click on everything that we visualize each step that we takethank you i haven’t done this and i completely forgot i do this all the time but if you haven’tdone so yet punched that like button i would really appreciate it the youtube algorithm sure isloving me right now since the channel has actually quadrupled in readers in precisely 24 hours andyeah things are going enormous i’m gonna end with the my little intro here i’ll put some posters foryou to subscribe and probably a video that might be relatable to you and i’ll see youguys on the next one have a good one night

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