Deeper Network CMO Eric Ma Interview | Free Helium Miner with Staking

what’s going on my beautiful people from youtubeguys i’m stimulated today i get to share with you the conversation that i had with eric ma i wasgoing to edit and outing things out and only you know cut it up but at the end of the day you allasked me to see the whole thing you wishing to raw what is it like to have a conversationwith act and that’s exactly what i’m going to do so if you guys wouldn’t mind smashingthat like button for the youtube algorithm subscribing to the channel if you findvalue in the things that i’m require now and punched the bell for notifications if youwant to get notified when the next video slips and here’s the one thing that i’ll include down belowin the comment section if you guys are interested in having me connect with anybody else and maybedoing an interview let me know who that person is who would you like to hear from because at the endof the day i know all of you have a project you like have people you’re interested in let me knowit doesn’t matter how big or small the company or person is let me know i am really really set onreally reaching out to beings and finding out hey who wants to have a real conversation whowants to sit down and actually explain to me what they believe in what make they’re actuallyinvesting in because at the end of the day we’re all people and we are only just wanted to get a little bit ofinsight as to what beings are thinking and there’s no way to do that unless we get to sit and havereal discussions and i’m really excited about this because eric is a real person and you’regonna get to see this here and now check it out all right so today we get the chance to actuallytalk to eric ma and if you guys have watched him around he always looks super spiffy with hisjacket on and you know hair done and everything else i told him eric i just want to talk to youi want to have a conversation and get parties to know who you are what you’re all about beyond evendeeper system or anything else like that because at the end of the day we’re people who want toconnect with parties and if we know the type of beings that are behind a project that shouldtell us everything so eric thank you very much for participating you know joining me today um i’llstart out by telling you this um i have a gift so be nice to me during this thing so i can ican tell you what it is at the end of the video that’s the talent from me though it’s for you it’spersonal for you something well for you yeah yeah this is this is this is me during my stickaround stick around yeah it says my internet huntings that like oh eric would really appreciate this ishould get it for him so well let’s start out by asking you know eric ma i convey patently ericclapton is the reason why you’re worded eric ma and i know you’d know my list if you experienced me inheaven but crypto prudent what do you how did that come into your life like i’ve been in crypto fora long time it’s been over 10 times for me now and yeah it’s it’s been it’s been a wild journey oflosing bitcoin purses and crying about it but we’re over it how did you is starting and what youknow how did you get to where you are today yeah it’s uh i think everyone has a different story ofhow they got into crypto i think for me um it really started over a poker poker games you know i usedto have a regular poker game i used to play with some of my friends now that i’m in cryptoi have no you know i have no more time to play poker but you know during the poker gameslike you know i would hear people talk about you know bitcoin and ethereum and and just passivelylike you would you know receive this sort of info and one day i just decided to to look into itand actually buy it you know just out of my own curiosity and here i am thinking one of the the things aboutum crypto is if you’re vested in in research projects then you really spend your time researching and itbecame kind of like a hobby and um became like you know where all my extra money departed and i startedto make money in it plainly i got into it in 2016. So at that time it wasn’t really you knowlike awesome like super buoyant but clearly in 2017 that’s you know that’s when it became reallybullish and i constituted you know i spawned concluded my revenues there and luckily i you know i sold towards thetop some and uh it allowed me to to get into it more but that was just a personal investmentthat was where all the research and understanding of crypto came from and then when i switchedcareers well exerted i had a connection to coin market gap so i related um you know ijust i got hired at coinmarketcap and i was a one of the core team members i was employeenumber 17 and i was their global community manager you know i cured set up their their wholecommunity and and do a lot of stuff uh bd and all sorts of material with them so that’s where mycareer genuinely started in crypto and from there you know everything else took off so yeah liberty yeahthe rest is history right like that’s pretty cool that’s awesome it’s really exciting to be able tobe part of something early on like a lot of beings kind of miss that likelihood a lot of seasons and i keeptelling everybody this like it’s still early like 10 times is not that long for like a brand newindustry so i mean precisely with deeper system like they’re even you know um newer so yesyou’re not like like buying it before it comes out but it’s still early so and for you you know iknow you affiliated them it’s been like i believe the beginning of this year when you’ve you knowcame on board with deeper what led you to do that what extended you to join the team well i knew aboutdeeper i you know friends with the co-founder for many years while i was at coin market cap um iwas i became really impressed with deeper network when i was in china for operate i was at one ofthe conferences and i was incompetent and during that time they had the hong kong uprising you knowwith the whole protesting and all that stuff and the government of china was really crap youknow break down on vpns and all the the things that you know all my work folders and everything ison google cloud over at queen market cover so when i got there i was unable to access any anythinglike for drive and i was there for like a week and um i met the co-founder there and i basicallyum “ve told them” about my question nothing of my vpns made you know and so they gave me this box andthey said this this will solve your trouble only push it in at the inn and then only push itin directly to your computer and i did that plugged it in 30 a few seconds later i was you knowaccessing all my job folders you know i was kind of frustrated at the same time because i washoping i didn’t have to work for that entire week but i did “now that ive” that box so basicallyuh i was like wow like and then you know i read up on it and and this box allowed meto decentrally like is that a word decentrally not now okay um yeah so so i was like that that’swhen i i really became infatuated with deeper network and as go went on and you know differentopportunities and stuff i had the opportunity to join the team and i mounted on it that’s awesomeno that’s it’s always good when you’re able to actually try something out before joining a teamso it’s not like it’s not a dream like this is actually happening and it’s exciting to see thatyou tried it before you bought it i guess you can say you know um and actually i’ll i’ll go backto a question i asked you during your ama on zoom i asked you if “youre gonna” ranging a no thatquestion was really like do you have a you know a deeper connect maneuver that you use that’s whati don’t know not a validator node okay okay yeah yeah of course i do of course i do i aim i i useit at home really to for leisure for security you know i watch netflix the the netflix heresucks so i connect back to the us and um i watch a lot of olympics enters and different things thatit’s block rips because the regions and whatever so so from that side i really enjoy itand i just like i just like the ability to to have to you know to go anywhere aroundthe world and is well positioned to not be censored so i obviously have it it’s hooked up right hereyeah that’s awesome yeah so like a little over two months ago i started talking about the deepernetwork about two months ago actually and like i was telling parties that like hey this isnot a minor but it’s got some really cool features and then when mining started you knowthe talks about mining started to take place they just blew up and parties were like wait youcan get crypto out of this and now with 18 h t capabilities that’s just going to blow it out ofthe water but it sounds like you’re a busy guy you know i i had to hunt you down a little bit tryto get you to you know don’t no you’re kidding me hectic means you’re doing awesome things like that’swhy i see so much you know potential and deeper what are you missing out on like right nowyou’re busy like you’ve mentioned you know to me that oh i have so much going on i havethis i have that that i have to take care of do you feel like you’re missingout on opportunities right now you entail within the crypto industry i represent yeahbecause if you’re no you simply have a limited amount of go right like and i tell people thisall the time if you’re saying yes to something you’re saying no to something else and you need tomake that apprehension whenever you’re saying yes to anything or anyone so within the industry yeswithin the industry i don’t want to be anywhere else i left you know what i had going to jointhis team because this is what this is like the company i want to be with for the rest of mylife but i always tell people not be mentioned that but i intend at this time in my life you know i’min my 40 s um it’s it’s the one you know it’s development projects that i want to be with so in termsof like missing out like you know i remember like obtaining my my first bmw when i was youngyounger you know and before i bought it um i used to drive you know like whatever any carbut i would always look at bmws on the road until you actually buy it and i retain owningmy first it was like a like a three series you know i bought it expended and uh i stopped looking atcars a ferrari would drive by and i’d be content in my bmw time because that’s what i lovedand so this chore is kind of the same thing you know now that i’m here i don’t really lookfor other opportunities within the industry um this is what i want to do and i lovethis project it’s gonna it’s gonna go places and i know it um as as far as missingout i’m just missing out on life in general working 16 20 hour epoches i just feel like you knowi have boys and um i’m always directing you are familiar with driving remotely i represent i’m around but i’m notaround you are familiar with and a lot of eras i have my doorway locked and and they can’t come in and andum i i miss my friends sometimes you know um it’s just it’s just part of your life when one of thosetimes when you time various kinds of truly uh not you simply submerge in manipulate and i try to remind myself youknow like you got to enjoy life extremely but i represent with mainnet launching there’s there’s no there’sthere’s no choice there is a requirement to for for right now perhaps maybe after may not have to make like a likea two-day vacation or something that’d be nice i i am in agreement i want i get that completelyi’m in the same boat i got kids and it’s almost like all right let me you knowcommit to actually stopping going down for dinner and then coming back up and doing this thingyou know keep going and doing more and more and more but not to be a downer let’stry to bring this back up a little what do you been fucking loving like what’s yourtop thing over there since you’re giving up life you know partly what’s your what’s yourfavorite thing you are aware of working at deeper um it’s really the project i love the communityuh coinmarketcap community was pretty rad but you know it wasn’t about like nobody reallyloved silver marketplace ceiling but they just felt oh it’s cool you know part of being part of communityhere it’s different uh people are invested because you couldn’t really invest there’s no coin marketcap silver right so here beings are invested and they are only the narrations they tell and they shareand how much they contribute i think it’s a huge family um but that’s probably honestly the thingi love most about it of course the technology and what we have to offer but it wouldn’t meananything if there was no community that kindness it too so that’s what really drives me reallythe the passion of it and as global community manager that that was my foundation uh within thisindustry so uh coming here it was just like wow i can’t believe how huge the community here isand it you know it’s really improved over the last six months as we’ve developed as well andi can be said that as well i want so many huge linkages enormous beings enormous other youtubers toothat are just you know sharing about the you know about the project and certainly getting involvedand talking more and more about it it’s been pretty awesome um so if anybody’s watching i amnot the only youtuber talking about deeper structure you don’t have to come to my canal to only hearabout deeper network there’s plenty other beings out there that are doing really great contentgo check them out too they deserve the views they deserve those likes but let’s yeah i meana lot of a lot of community members uh they’re they’re you know creating youtube only becausethey affection deeper system like they’ve never had a youtube channel and seeing that uh it alsoinspires me a lot as well because people are like that passion allows them to do brand-new things and ireally like that too so what don’t you like about the job like there’s got to be somethingyou’re not stimulated about so what is that um i don’t like being huh no youdidn’t expect the any bad questions right i didn’t expect that question um i idon’t like sometimes being stuck in the middle uh you know trying to please everyone is verydifficult and a lot of epoches the community has you know things and they’re impatient and um youknow good things take time and a lot of days um you can’t really control the community and whatthey say and nonsense so sometimes that bothers me you know when people are like saying oh delaylike they just make up terms like there’s a delay in this and i’m like there’s no delayit’s actually on the roadmap we’re on schedule it’s just retarded because you don’t haveit right like but you gotta wait there’s a there’s a waiting period for this so and then theother thing is just being in the middle like their local communities misses this and and i hear the communityand i try to push that theory uh within my team with the ceo and and the rest of the team in thedev unit and they don’t hear you and so i get annoyed there as well so kind of i always feellike i’m stuck in the middle you know i’m getting pulled here and i’m getting pulled there and somesometimes you get hurt sometimes you don’t that becomes kind of frustrating and i don’t like thelong hours um the the working day merely flies or you know it’s just like you wake up you start working rightaway and you just have time to to eat lunch and then you exactly retain you just like sucked intothe computer and things that you should be doing um you know with your life and stuff like youknow in terms of family and stuff i feel like sometimes i’m not there i don’t like thatpart yeah and i don’t really have weekends yeah i i absolutely hear you hopefully that’stemporary though like because i planned deeper you know has been having some wonderful successand from what i see it’s only going to get better from here and it sucks being the middlemanlike i just got that like it’s hard and from the community aspect of it for the ones of us thattalk about you behind your back while you’re not watching we really appreciate what you’redoing like we understand that it’s your job to sell the product right like let’s let’s behonest and i talked about this in other videos your job is to make sure that you’re gettingthis mass following around the deeper network but at the same time we see you actually tryingto push for things that the community is asking for that represents the world countries that means you actuallycare right and i see the business side of things and i’m like oh that’s gonna that’s gonna be hardfor him to push for that or that hopefully he’s gonna be okay however do appreciate it more thanyou realize i will i will tell you that thank you you know it might get unsaid and beings don’tusually tell you yeah thank you for the things that you do you are able to not hear you know howbig of an impact you’ve had in people’s lives yeah but really that’s cool i do here we are you arewe have some quite express community members and i appreciate people saying that you knowit’s commonly somewhat joyous thank you thank you yeah i guess what now i mean main cyberspaces rightaround the corner what’s good so what do you see happening in the next you know let’s saysix months to let’s go out three years for the deeper network i know it’s wild to go thatfar but what do you see here in the near future near future like are you sayingthree years or six months which one let’s start with six months and thenpush that out to three years okay well i mean six months i want i think you knowthese shows that you determine like you know that the charts like flat and it’s like you know obviouslyany coin that launches at the beginning is like right and then it like comes back straight downso each project has that and then you just various kinds of like uh and it kind of goes down like we’re atthat responsibility right after the down and then it’s like it’s just kind of flat there and then and thenif you look at you know like bitcoin or whatever looks just like you see that and all of a suddenit’s just like it just rockets up you know and that is what i see in the next six monthsum the rocketing up part so i think parties um lose various kinds of that perspective and then youknow we’ll go down like two cents and people are like oh my god my life is over but if you havethat perspective like the price action it doesn’t really bother me i don’t talk about expenditure it’snot something that you are familiar with like all my signs are fastened i don’t um but but that’s what isee in six months i i see that happening and i see my life getting crazier because obviouslywith the with the clues cost going crazy um you are familiar with everything else is gonna come as wellso a lot of partnerships um you know being top 100 on cmc or something like that i definitelysee that i’m talking about three years i mean you guys know about the ipo nft and our long-termgoals um frankly like i see our firm either uh selling okay um to to like being bought bysomebody you know by amazon or something like that well i don’t know i’m just call some nameslike people who find our system and the massive amounts of people in our structure and what it cando um worthwhile they’ll invest in us and just buy us out or “i m seeing” us going public you know ipo andum so that’s that’s kind of what i see long-term and i see myself you know ona yacht or something i dislike did you pick your island because i mean you wantto be on a boat if you’re on an island right well you gotta you gotta you gotta get on a boat toget to an island right private aircrafts lover private airliners that’s a big island helicopter okay i gottastart looking oh i thought you i thought you’d be on that already but you you got six months you’llbe you’re okay you’re okay you got six months oh i’m a humble chap frankly if if i ever dobecome a millionaire like that’s not something i’ll do i’m relatively humble i just i just playa lot of golf i are happy to journey motorcycles uh buy some you know yeah buy some brand-new motorcyclesand and spend more time with family you know take some vacation you know take take some tripsthat’s what i love i i haven’t been to europe believe it or not i’d love to go now yeah i’vetaken one long trip-up there totally worth it and i know it it probably shows but the reason itwas worth it was because the food was amazing that’s like the highlighting the spotlight i likefood i’m a good cook i grew up in the restaurant so their own families in the us uh when i grew up we wehad chinese eateries so yeah as a kid i was you know running around the kitchen i was doingtakeout i was taking fiats and emptying counters that that was my childhood so i love foodand i know how to cook really well so menu is unquestionably going to be a part of my uh my futureas well like you know a lot of good cooking and and trash like that yeah that’s crazy title likei don’t think beings understand that i’m the same way so like when i think about hitting it bigpeople ponder oh i want to buy this vehicle i want to buy this like i want to buy a really nicekitchen like exactly that’s what i’m trying that’s what i’m looking for it’s like i want toget a really nice kitchen that would definitely make it for me um all right so somethingi did want to ask you clarification on so there was a comment that you concluded inside of thetelegram group about the antennae and how as far as they like “ive had” the text hereand it was something along the lines that the if approved the lore antennas will sell for3. 99 or free with government dpr tva i’m here’s my guess is that’s one of those things that you’relike hey can we do this hey can we do this this is really really nice can we do this can we dothis but i don’t know if you’ve got an approval if that’s what’s happening what what’s goingon with as far as the antennas go and pricing um the helium antennas are ready to go we’re about8 5 in terms of the process of developing it the internals and everything and the tech is ready uh the mildew isis still like that’s the final you are familiar with 10 15 um as far as the the application process is uh isgoing it’s going really well i mean they’ve uh helium has come back and and solicited some stuffwe’ve given that to them um i had said in my ama a pair weeks ago that um our ceo is looking to makea trip out to uh their headquarters so they’re in the same area in the bay orbit so um the ceo wantsto obligate the trip out there and talk about you know the application and and basically trying tofinalize that and get get that approved because we’re ready we’re ready to tomanufacture “were having” our courses “re ready for” it um so the expenditure 3.99 i mean thathas to be approved by helium 2. So um they you know if they are okay with 3.99 then that’s the price it’ll be as far as uh jeopardize proceeds uh that is an an option rather thanspending 3.99 um you can stake dpr and this is not like set in stone yet like the actual numbersbut you can stake a certain amount of dpr for a certain amount of time this is separatefrom genesis no mining by the way um but once you stake it then you couldpossibly get the lower feeler for free so that could be an option so mulling isimportant it’s intensifying their local communities to remain part of the community i i intend i’mall about that that’s you know i instead situated a little of dpr digression and get it back laterthan to make coin out absolutely so you are familiar with peculiarly because my personal expectation isfor the coin to rise so it’s it’s a win-win in my thinker if that let this happen so that’s pretty awesomethat you’re looking at doing some of those things all right now i’m going to actually read someof these things that actually wrote down so i don’t forget let me see all right uh shippinguh what’s going on with the designs mainnet’s right around the corner it’s august 28 th isthat still the appointment i represent it’s august 28 th are we are we get manoeuvres before august 28 thyep the gold will be shipping uh right now we just received or the the rationing middle justreceived all of the igg cells so all the minis and nanos “ve arrived” and they will be shippingvery very soon in the next few days i would say as soon as the ships all of the i guess buyerswill receive an email and uh for the tracking for the moving count as far as the gold get thatis next to ship out and um we want to get those make sure those get to people’s rooms by me netso and then we have the silver right going on as well currently the the jeopardize for the silveris still open and so basically with mainnet um if beings don’t get their machines for whateverreason in terms of custom-builts or you know shipping intervals are a little bit different nobody’s goingto do penalise for that so your honors are not going to disappear like those mining rewardsthose big mining wages are still yours it’s just that it it won’t actually you won’tactually be earning it uh you won’t be earning it until you plug in your design so got ityeah so what about you know the things that are coming up so we have what uh the pico forexample so i’ve we’ve seen you know a little photo of like the pico how the specific characteristics is goingwhen is when is the expectation for that one yeah pico is great um i want to show you a photoi crave i want to divulge it uh i wanna be on on here gotta find it first so pico is going todevelopment wise it’s you know 95 ready um and it’s going to be selling i think there’sgoing to be a huge proclamation in september about it and we’re going to be selling it on ourwebsite we’re going to have a produce website and um so not an indiegogo type of thing you’reactually going to have a deep you are familiar with a deeper system shop yeah eventually you make it on deepernetwork store before that it might be a indiegogo crowdfunding firstly yeah let me try to find thisi want to find this video or this this photo darn it all right so here i’ll find it andi’ll shoot it over to me and what’s going to happen i’m going to placed it right over yourvideo later on of revising well i don’t know if i’m allowed i was going to show you on my phoneso that i see it’s not like officially spilt anyways i’ll find it it’s too many stuff in myphone anyways the second thing that no you’re fine the second thing i convey at the end of theday this is the real eric mods like unscripted let’s just have a conversation right like whoelse gets to have a conversation like this and instead of you know these are the points we’regoing to go over like that’s that’s not real that’s not real yeah and i appreciate itthis is um it’s not all about operate so it was nice it was refreshing to talk aboutother things what about exchanges though when finance um of course we’re working on thatand uh i would say after maynet yeah you’re gonna learn some rank ones awesome you know yeah so thatis priority it’s always been priority but rostering is not 100 is contingent upon us we have to get theright conditions as well and as we gain more and more traction um it’s going to happen but ofcourse it needs to happen it’s part of the road map and the milestones that we need to reach sofor sure and like to know … … how dentistry parts i’m sure you’ve been getting hit up like crazylike hey do you want to go on my exchange am i exchanging my exchange but they’re not going tobe here formerly like beings time want to list things you are familiar with right you want to know you’re pickingthe right people right yeah we could have been listed on a bunch of tier twos by now butuh that’s not that’s not what we want so yeah oh i perceived it oh all right i’llshow you here’s that background lovely subject that sucks i’m gonna shut offthe background blur hold on a sec i do want to show this let me seeall right you investigate my background oh that’s really cool so that’swith the little wi-fi antenna that’s what that looks like that’sthe wi-fi antenna here’s here’s a yeah that is it’s kind of not picking up on there itis that’s really slick yeah it’s beautiful yeah wow that’s really helpful for like travelingand stuff in my opinion like being able to plug that in and carry it here’s a chap small there’s aguy bracing it you can see kind of how small-minded it is it’s in his hands you see it so they get to takeit home what’s going on here no no no we’re doing like video advertisements and material that’s awesome nobut that looks really nice i mean that’s actually smaller than i thought it was going to be sothat’s you know an added bonus i guess you can say that’s not what she said edit that part out um viewing regarding the pico it’s it’s reallymeant for for travel and for when people like wreaking it you know to coffee houses and you canhave deeper network with you everywhere you go so that’s what it’s meant for yeah it’s beautifuli can’t wait to get my hands on to be honest that is what she said yeah you went on that one didn’texpect that all right so here’s the thing um you know how they have these really cool urls thatyou can get like you know uh speck crypto fleck pocketbook i was just browsing i had some additional creditsfrom substance that i purchased and ericmod.wallet you know was available and i figured thatsomebody would you know steal that from you so that’s the offering i got that one for you andi’ll be i’ll transport that over to the domain i got you i got you eric my.wallet twig now i gottahave a wallet project what am i gonna do with that you connect it to your pouch so that’s a reallycool thing and i’ll frame a relation down below for for anybody that doesn’t have access to this butuh unstoppable conveys so whenever it’s okay so instead of somebody actually sending you uh likeyou gotta put your address in for your your pocketbook like all that’s done when mortal says oh what’syour wallet address “theres going” eric ma scatter pocketbook and you’re done you’re there and you are eligible to determined that upto go anywhere you demand winner thank you i gotta depart i was like man that somebody’s gonna take thisi i better buy it now so you know wow is that like a one-time purchase do you get wise like one timepurchase that’s a cool thing like it’s it’s on the blockchain so you buy it formerly and as soon as youbasically are they are they sponsoring this video they are not sponsoring this video i shouldprobably get like a referral link with from them right yeah it’s crazy like half of youtubersincomes actually come from referral ties people don’t realize that but it’s like a lot of it isaffiliate stuff so yeah i’ll unquestionably make sure that that connection is an affiliate link so maybesomething comes of it but yeah it’s yours bud it’s all yours get it awesome thank you thank youit’s my pleasure no i really appreciate the time and you know imparting the opportunity for peopleto actually learn a little bit about eric’s mummy not much to learn just you know precisely the guyreally working for you guys that’s what i am yeah and i think that’s what parties appreciate themost because you’re not trying to boost yourself up any time you have conversations with anybodyelse whenever there’s communication it’s pretty awesome to see how humble you are even thoughthere are videos of you on your internet as rambo the indian rambo yep i’ll probably includethat some you know after the recognitions when people aren’t watching anymore so they get a sneakpeek at that um astonishing oh i just looked at a time where i’m running a little late so i’ll ask youthis last question are you gonna sue for you know for somebody i won’t reputation appoints becausei don’t want to get them in trouble uh for copyright violation for coming a tattooon their arm oh no that was awesome the tattoo person that was a look that was a good seem tattooi reflected formidable yeah up a picture more it appears so cool it was so awesome it’s it’s reallygreat to see community beings like that but that was the first thing he’s like oh he’sgonna get sued for a copyright infringement of course not of course not i’m not saying likego out and get a bunch of tattoos uh of deeper but yeah i obviously don’t um you know it’s it’sa it’s very revalued time it just shows the the passion that people have for the project so that’sawesome yeah and i think it actually does start with you eric like at the end of the day here i am thinking a lotof beings are able to rally behind this project because they see that you’re behind it so thankyou honestly for everything you’ve done for the community on this i know it’s not you know it’snot easy being the middleman and we definitely see you hear you and increase all the work thatyou’ve been doing thank you really appreciate it obligated my daytime victor oh i’m glad i could help i’mglad to help a little bit so we’ll certainly should do this a little bit later when you’re youknow on not the boat the island the island i need to have a call from the island when you buy yourisland man oh wow you’re invited you would just do it next to each other like live no more zoomyou know sounds like a great plan hey hey colvin thanks so much yeah absolutely but expressed appreciation for somuch for your time we’ll catch you we’ll catch you around see you in the community all right takecare bye well that was it i hope you guys felt a little bit of value in that it’s always awesometo be able to see who the person really is without an agenda without trying to you know prep or evenget ready for things like oh let me make this a a business interview no like that’s not the goal iwant to know who parties are deep down and that’s why i asked you if you got somebody that you wantme to connect with for me to ask questions and be real with them let me know in the comments downbelow i don’t ask for a lot i try not to and i try to provide value with every video that i posthere on the channel and all i ask is let me know if you liked it if you didn’t like it if you wantto see more of it and what you want to see more of and reached the thumbs up if you do thumped the thumbsdown if you didn’t like it that’s okay too i know i can’t satisfy everybody but i’m doing my best toyou know provide you guys value one room or another even with the videos that you guys are saying oh ithink you’re wrong that’s okay i’m gonna be wrong and it’s it’s gonna happen often because i’mi don’t know everything but the things that i do know i’ll share with you and if i am wronghopefully you guys can learn from my mistakes and be better than i am that’s the goal it’s notabout being being the best at everything it’s about providing you guys price with every stepwith every video with every little thing that i do maybe from you know sourcing healing and minorsfor you guys to you know sitting down and having a loosened interrogation with somebody else the goal isproviding evaluate so if you got a person that you want me to connect with try to reach out to letme know in the comments below i know it doesn’t matter who it is no matter how crazy it might beif if it’s somebody that a lot of people want me to reach out to we’ll do a campaign we’ll try toget that person to reach out to and discover all kinds of avenues try to reach out to them we’ll figureit out because you know together we can do this we can totally do this and that’s whythe channel’s been growing and that’s why things have been going pretty crazy recentlybecause of all of you and all the support you guys have been providing so thank you so muchfor that and i’ll see you guys on the next one you

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