Cryptocurrency Mining on a Raspberry Pi (it’s fun….trust me)

Can you actually mind cryptocurrencyon this little raspberry pie? Yeah. Yeah, you can. But should youthough? Yes. Yes, you are able to. But is it productive? Not precisely, but don’t don’t want that this wayas you please, because in this video, I’m going to show you how to minecryptocurrency on this little credit card sized computer, a raspberrypie, and it’s fun. Not only is it precisely coolto say you’ve done this, but you’ll learn a tonabout cryptocurrency andcryptocurrency mining along the way.So now we go. This has beenon my pail register for a long time. Let’s turn this little guy intoa cryptocurrency mining machine. The first real quick, I got aquestion for you can the shadow, which is where basicallyeverything is on the internet. All our services can the cloud behacked? Yeah, of course it can be hacked.The vapour is not a safe placeunless you make it safe. 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Now, first I got to say this, “were not going” be mining any of the bigcryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.Those guys are out and I’llexplain why here in a moment, but we’ll be mining is acryptocurrency called Monero, which is Esperanto forcoin. Little fun fact there, coffee break for the entertaining fact, Monero is a pretty well-known coinand it’s all about secure anonymous events. So it hasa pretty cool use case. And it’s the excellent coinof mine with a raspberry PI, but Y we’ll cover that here in a moment, but first let’s talk aboutwhat you need for this project.At the priorities in our schedule is a raspberry PIand that’s pretty much all you’re going to need. And for this you’ll wanta raspberry PI three or four, either one is currently working, but obviouslyfour is better cause he crave more dominance. And then like every raspberry PIproject you’ll need an SD card, power supply SD card book, and last, but certainly not least a solidcup of coffee there real quick. Before we dive in and go crazy with this, let’s talk about why we’re doingMinero over BTC or Ethereum. And also why are we even cryptomining and what is crypto mining? Now, if you already know all thisstuff, go ahead and skip forward. I’ve got timestampsbelow, but if you don’t, let’s talk a little bit more about Monero. Now the simple refute as to whywe’re not mining Bitcoin or Ethereum, is that it’s just too stinking heart.Our little raspberry PI would just notbe able to do it. He couldn’t cut it, but Monero, he can do that. It’s easier. Now let’s talk about whatcrypto mining actually conveys. Crypto mining is all about supportingthe blockchain. What does that planned? Let’s talk about it. So one cool thing about cryptocurrencyand actually one of the main cool things about it is that I can send moneyto you without involving a bank, which traditionally it ever involvesa bank, but not with crypto sunbathe. I can send Ben one Bitcoin and I don’thave to involve Zelle chase bank of America or anybody, whichBen you’re welcome.One. Bitcoin’s a crazy amount of money.What is it? 66,000 right now, $67,000 for one Bitcoin. I hopeyou’re watching this right now. And it’s at a hundred thousand. Let meknow if it is comment below regardless. Now again , commonly a bank would have to be usedto keep track of that busines, but with crypto, Nope , no bank, butthen who remains move of it? Everybody, everyone involved with thiscryptocurrency keeps racetrack of it. It’s decentralized. All of us keep track of allthe transactions with thiscurrency and we write it down and our diary, ourjournal, it’s not a journal, but it kind of is thisdiary or journal is called. The blockchain will generatea hash of this transaction, various kinds of like a label and identifier. And we’ll lump that altogether with abunch of other transactions all around the same time. And we’ll group those into a block andthen we’ll chain another block to that. And another block to that, get onto the block chain. And think about that for a second.This blockchain, this ledger, this cryptocurrency diarycontains every single transaction ever for that cryptocurrency.You can look at it right now and seeeverything that’s been done with Bitcoin. Since the Dawn of experience, everyonecan see it and you can’t remained unchanged. So for forever, forever, everyone knows. I communicated Ben one Bitcoin andthat can never be changed. And to make sure that can’t bechanged or tampered with or hacked, that’s where we come in the minors.We make sure the blockchain is safe. That’s how we support theblockchain. We procure it. Let me demonstrate you the minershave a pretty big job. Their job is to add newblocks to the blockchain, but this right here is hard to beable to add a block to the blockchain. You have to have a tremendous amount ofcomputing capability and you have to be fast and kind of lucky. Let me do ahigh level walk through real quick. Cause it is super, super in depthand deep. What actually happens now. And I can’t exit that deepright now, but high level, here we go back to me and Ben, Ben, I’mfeeling super generous today, buddy.I’m going to send you yeah, youguessed it another Bitcoin. So boom. I communicate Ben another Bitcoin, anothertransaction. There you go. Ben, this transaction is then advertised outto the Bitcoin network to the Bitcoin nodes to be checked. And onceverified, it will be placed in a kitty. This kitty or recognition consortium is like awaiting room. It’s like a hampering place. Holding tank. These little transactions are waitingfor their chance to be written to the blockchain and to be remembered forever. But what are they waiting onwhile they’re waiting on us? They’re waiting on the adolescents. She’s the miner’s occupation to go outand gather these transactions and put them inside a block and a write itto the blockchain easier said than done sucker. Here’s what we have to dothough. Written into the blockchain. The planned is a puzzle, acryptographic hash puzzle. Then the child us, if we can solve that next cryptographichash question and the blockchain, if we can figure it out the fastestand we’re the first one to get it on, then we get the reputations of addingthe next block to the blockchain.We’ll plunge our hands into the memorypool and pull out some transactions that are waiting patiently. Put them inside a block and include themto the blockchain. And guess what? We are rewarded handsomelyfor our efforts. If you do get to add a blockto the blockchain in Bitcoin, “youre ever” rewarded with how many, let me Google it real quick. And this will change by the way you reinforced it with 6.25 Bitcoin, which equates to $ 421,000. As of sound recordings of this video. Whew, easy enough right now let’s get rich. No, it’s not that easy patently, right? Because here’s why we’re not the onlyminer out there. If we were dude, we wouldn’t be ready. The trouble is there are a ton ofother people participating to do this, a ton of other people tryingto solve the same puzzle.There’s only one right answer.And they’re all competing for it. Now how you to resolve this problem. It’sa very complex scientific troubles. Only large-scale math, big math. How you do that is with bruteforce guessing our adolescent, our raspberry PI is just going to guessas many times as it can to solve the problem. One , no two , no three , no four , no five. No. And it does this over and over andover until it gets the right answer and whoever gets the answer, thefastest will win.Now again, there’s much more that goes into this.A bunch of more supernatural that happens. Trust me, it’s occult. And if youwant me to make another video, deep diving into how thisworks, let me know. But for now, just know that in order to add a blockto the blockchain and get that compensation, you have to solve a really, really hard math problem.And you have to be the quickest to make love. And that’s exactly why theraspberry PI cannot be used to mine, Bitcoin or Ethereum or any ofthose big name cryptocurrencies. And with monies likeBitcoin and Ethereum, we’ve got a couple of things workingagainst us and our poor little pasty. First, the more miners there are, the more difficult it is tosolve this crypto puzzle. The rigor will actuallyincrease the more miners there are. And Bitcoin and Ethereum are two ofthe most popular cryptos out there.And there are a bunchof beings quarrying them. And these parties don’tjust utilize raspberry pies. They use crazy things likemassive. GPU’s like 30 nineties. They also use things announced Asics, which are specialized computersand inventions the hell is improved. Our purpose made to mine Bitcoin. Andthey do it faster than anybody else. Let me establish you a popularbrand is ant miner. And this beast is determination designedto time one thing. Mine, Bitcoin, it’s all the things aboutbreathing and mining Bitcoin, and it doesn’t come cheap ,$ 12,000. Are you kidding me? It’s going to be a $ 35 raspberrypie any days of the week. Right now there are data centers, precisely chock full of these machines. More powerful than this. Evenconstantly mining for Bitcoin, incessantly approximating the answer tothat crypto puzzle. And you know what? They’re going to end up acquire the block, reinforce the chance to actually write thatnext block to the blockchain more than we are.In knowledge, we’ll never ever geta chance with this little puny guy. So now let’s talk about Monero andwhy it’s better for us than Bitcoin or Ethereum Monero. Doesn’t like Asics. They think it’s bad for theblockchain. And it actually is. You hear blockchain technologiesare all about this. Centralizing the authority of the currencyand the problem we’re watching right now with all these crazy strong Asics isthat people can fill their data centers with a ton of these Asics. Like I’m talking like one company or oneperson and they can start to get more restrain over what gets added tothe blockchain than anyone else. It becomes more centralized. They getto add more blocks than anybody else. It becomes unjust. And right now, no one can really mind Bitcoin, unless you get something crazy. Like thoseant miners, but mineral said , no , no , no. We’re not do that.When you’re mining Bitcoin, you’re going to use their algorithm, which is the SHA 2 56 algorithm Minerohas their own as announced random X.And they built into theiralgorithm, ACEs prevention, mostly compiling it to where if youtried to conclude them an arrow with an ASIC, it wouldn’t be worth it.How’s that work. I don’t know. That’s that suit that’s up there for me. You read Minero’s goal was tomake it to where anyone can mine. Monero NEPC even something tiny, like a raspberry PI and thismakes it to where their method, their blockchain is more decentralizedwhere a lot more parties have a chance to write a block to the blockchain.I exactly, one more thing before we jumpinto actually how to do this, this whole thing with how Bitcoinallows miners to do things in Minero and Ethereum, this process iscalled proof of work. And again, there’s a lot more to it thanwhat I talked about here, but just know that’s what this is called. And it involves our computers solvingvery complex, cryptographic, math, dilemmas, hash problems, and racingto get the right answer. So anyways, that was a quick rundown on how quickthat was of cryptocurrency mining.Let me know what you thoughtof that below. Anyways. Now time to crypto mine on this raspberryPI and we’re going to remind Monero and the process is actually prettyquick and painless. And candidly, I’m appalled at thislittle guy’s performance. So let’s do after a quick coffeebreak there’s was a lot of crypto explaining. I make I earnedthat one anyways. Now “theres going”. Oh, and too the block compensation for XMR orMonero. That’s what it’s called. XMR coin. That’s its abbreviation. When youget to add a block to the blockchain, that’s going to be 1.16 XMR which equates to about 300 bucks at the time, thisrecording I’ll stop there. Don’t even “ve been thinking about” it. No, you’re not going to be making about 300 horses with your raspberry PI doing this at least not anytime soon.I’ll explain later, okay.The first few stepsinvolve cooking our pie. This will be a typicalraspberry pie setup. Now we will be using raspberry PI iOS, but we’re going to be using 64 flake. That’s are necessary to that. We’re going to have to go out to and download it there. Likenes. I’ve got the link belowin the description. It’s going to be raspberryPI iOS lighter weapon 64. And we’ll picking the latestone right here for you. That might be differentdepending on when you are at. So I’ll click on that and clickon that zip file to download bam. It was this guy right here.You might need a coffee break. This will take a moment. Okay.Mine took a time. Anyways, we get a zip file here. I’ll go ahead and open that folderor open that file rather unzip it, remove all. And in that foldershould be our image. Perfect. Now let’s grab our SD card, put itinside our micro SD card. USB reader. There “theres going”. And I’ll be right back. Cool. Mine is in my computer now tolaunch our raspberry PI imager. This is my recommended tool to writestuff to your SD card associate below regardless, pick ROS.We’re going to scroll downto the exceedingly bottom and do operation custom. Cause we’ve got a customer west we’regoing to use and we’ll find that document. We exactly download it. Here’sthat folder. There’s the likenes. Reservoir ALS bullseye arm 64 light open I’ll choose my storage. I’ve got a big SD card. I don’t knowwhy. And then hold on.Not fairly hitherto. Click on ascendancy, transformation X to open our super secret menuso we can do our headless install anyways, where you click on enable it. And Avalon I’m learning Frenchenable SSH put in the password for your PI user. And then down here we’ll enablewifi and configure our wifi. Unless you’re doing hardwired, thenthat will be different for you. Our wifi set up password rectified. I’m allgood to go. I’m gonna click on save then. Right? And then yes.And give it do its thing. Hopefully doesn’t take too long thistime. I’m going to do a speedy coffee. We already downloaded our stuff.Yeah, it’s going pretty quick. Yep. That was pretty quick. Okay, cool. It’sdone. It’ll exit seizure you right back. We’ll take the SD card out of ourreader. Throw that into a raspberry PI oh, come on work. All right, now “theres going”. And then plug in some capability and go.Now we’re going to wait for it to boot. And while it’s doing that, I’m going to go log into my router soI can see the latest DHCP IP address close at hand out.Because probably going tobe this guy. It’ll be his IP address. If you don’t have Ubiquiti, your router will inspect different andtheir memory is to not, 1 8, 2. Let’s see, I Peter’s are going touse, sorry. We’ll hopped up on coffee, like ever anyways. So we’re goingto open our terminal spaces. It’ll be CMD, Mac or Linuxwill be terminal. And thenwe’ll log into our device.Command will be SSH. hi @tendotseven. eight two orwhatever your IP address is getting logged in here nature in yes. Intoyour password. And we’re in. Yes. Okay. Let’s get this thing extending. Let’s turn this beast into a wellcrypto mining barbarian. First let’s update. Our repositories commandwill be sudo apt inform. It should be fairly quick.She’s going to go out there, update us repository register and nonsense. We’re solid now to install our pre-recsor the things we need to make this thing run command is sudo apt position, and then I’ll copy a cluster of stuffwe’re going to throw in there.Again. Masteries is likely to be below andgo weapon. Take a moment. Just chill or booze some coffeeor tea or whatever you go. Cool. That was pretty fast. All right, now we’re going to use get, I’m gonna paste the authority in now. I’llwait. Did I get wise? Okay, now we go. There we go. We’re going to use, get to pull down this program. XMR IgG or XM rig pas clonethat repository bam cloned. And then we’re going to change directoryinto that directory by do CD room X M rigging we’re in now, we’re goingto make a new directory in KTA. Our improved. We’ll discover the endto that index CD build. Now we’re going to install a programby building it from the source, which is pretty cool. The firstcommand is likely to be C start, and to that that’ll be really fastdone and not for the long segment kind in meet. That’s it knock penetrate andtake a long coffee break. Sorry I’m doing, you can track yourprogress over here on the left.And it was our percentages over hereanyways, in a little. Okay. Mine is done. That took a hour, butanyways, we are ready to go. Like that’s done now with justone command. Just one command. We can turn this person into a miningmachine, but hold up real quick. There is one more thing we haveto do. I nearly forgot. Remember, we’ll be mining the cryptocurrency Monero, which means we’ll begaining some XMR coin. That’s what it looks like now in orderfor us to mind that cryptocurrency, they have to be able to give it to usand the practice you receive cryptocurrency, keep it coming, buy it. Whatever is bystoring that sucker into a pouch. Now, instead of a regular purse, like you put in your pocket, it’s going to be a digital wallet outthere on the interwebs or somewhere safe.You have a lot of options forwallets, but for this example, time to get you going and make this fast, let’s walk through creating one right now. If we go out to getting at a relation below, we will go to downloads and clickon, well, we have a few alternatives here, but I’ll only get the gooey wallet. Causeit’ll be simple. So for me right now, I’ve got windows. So I’ll click on that 64 fleck installerthat I click on it to install and it’s going to install likeany other windows app, you know the drill next next Iaccept. Yeah, next, next, next, next. And install and finish. I’ll go ahead and find that onmy computer and opening that. And it’s called gooey purse. Yeah, there it is. It’s called GUI wallet. And if you want to search for it, I’m goingto allow it to reach the outside.That’d be fine. Continue. Andthen we’ll precisely do simple mode. You can change this at any time, but justfor this example, let’s get you going. So I’ll click on that box. I understand next we’ll create anew wallet name or whatever you want store it where you are demand. And thenright here, you want to back up this, this is your pneumonic grain. This is how every crypto walletis backed up and rehabilitate us.If you ever have to restore this billfold, you’re going to use this. So take that, write it down physically, somewhereon a piece of paper and click on next. Put a password in for it, clickon next. And then we’re good. Click on initiate pocketbook and then put inthat same password you had before. Boom, we’ve got a wallet for our, uh, Minero for our mining. Uh, once more access I’llallow it. It’s sink up. We’re going to wait on that tofinish. So if you want to have chocolate, flout something , nowit’s still synchronizing, but we can go ahead and move forward. What we’re gonna do now is clickon the note invoice right here. And then right here, you’ll see youraccount. And that is your wallet address. We’re going to need that. So go ahead and click on the follow iconthe very far right? Just have that handy. And now we’re ready to start mining andyou’re gonna learn a few things here as we go.So category in this command or copyand paste, whatever you want to do, but make sure you fill in yourinformation. If you want to use my pocketbook, address more power to you. Regardless, put x M rig. That’s ourapplication. We’re going to be using it. We’ll time a rush O or tick oh room. And we’ll specify the consortium or themining consortium we’re going to be using. Now the one I want to demonstrate hereand I’ll interpret what I make here to berthed or what that is. But what Iwant to use is Gulf dot Minero, colon 1 0 1 2 8. Now you’re probablywondering what the clutter is, a mining pond and why are weusing one? Here’s the thing, even if they are that mining Monero issignificantly easier at the mining BTC or Ethereum, it’s still very, verydifficult for a insignificant child raspberry pasty. Like if we just tried to Maya, Mineroon our own with just this one device, we would never learn any amount of moneyever.It simply would never happen. We never get lucky enough or haveenough compute supremacy to actually earn the block. That’s why you have to joinforces with somebody else, a squad. And that’s what a fund is. It’s a miningpool. It’s a assortment of other machines, a cluster of other miners like yourselfthat are agreeing to join the kitty and mine together. They all connect to thesame pool and they all taken together, sharing their compute influence totry and solve that complex hashing baffle. And because you haveall that compute power blended, you do end up earning some blocks.And when a block is one, the honor, which again is 1.16 XMR that willbe distributed to the miners.And how much you get isdetermined by how much you comprised, how much work did you actuallyput in to help solve the problem? And then got some fancy algorithms andfancy calculations on the mining puddle to determine that I’ll demonstrate you what itlooks like here in a bit. But anyways, let’s stop configuring our nonsense here.Now there are other mining puddles. You can choose your own ifyou crave. I like this one. You can imitate me just like this, ifyou miss. And then just after that, we’ll do a flair you space and here iswhat you’ll paste in your billfold address. I’m gonna paste quarry in right now.And then merely one more thing here.We’ll do a space sprint P, whichnormally stands for password, but this is also a way we canlabel our workers are minors. So if you do end up havingmore than one raspberry PI, or you want to start using your computersand stuff to do this, motive you can, you can your workers, ifyou have more than one, I want to end this PI four becauseI do have other pies in the assortment and that’s it. We’re going to thump, enroll, and supernatural happens next. You’re ready. Let’s go. Lotof things happening here. It’s coming things ready. It’sconnecting and stuff’s already happening. Look here. We get a newjob from Gulf Minero. So we’re helping to solve theproblems. A couple of things. When you have this command lineselected, if you reach the character, H it’ll show you your hash frequency right now, what the hash rate you can thinkof the hash rate as your speed.How fast are you solvingthis crypto hash perplex? How countless suppositions are youmaking? That’s your hash frequency? This raspberry PI is using a CPU to mine. This he’s got four cores and eachcore is doing 10 hashes per second. And you know, clearly 11 on theother ones for a total of 44. 1, six hash as a second. Nowthat’s actually not too bad, but it clearly doesn’tcompare to other things like, um, earlier we recognized the ASIC miner fromant miner.I think what was that? How many hashes was that doing? Oh yeah. That’s like your chief 104 Tara hashes per second. And more often than not your CPU. And even your GPU willhave a higher hash rate, but still the raspberry PI he can do somedamage. Anyways. Couple more biddings. We can see here. We can hit the word Sto see if we have done anything yet. I, right now we have, we have noresults hitherto. What does that aim? When we does in fact help solve aproblem, a cryptographic hash perplex, and our mining pool earns a block. We’llsee that we had some shares excepted, and how many shares we get is how muchwork we actually put in to help solve the problem. Now how many times you solve a problemand how many shares you get will motley. And it will show you what itlooks like here in a moment. So I’ll give it a second.Now, one more command as well. If you make the letter C it showsyou your current connection.It shows here that we’re use therandom X algorithm, our difficulty, which is basically how hardthe problem we’re solving is. And a great deal of these mining consortia willautomatically adjust your rigor based on how good your mining machine is. I’ve been incorporated into puddles with my raspberryPI that they adjusted my impediment ratings to 500, because it’s weaksauce. Now. I’m not sure if you noticed, but I actually have three raspberrypies quarrying to the same exact pool and things are happening.I’llshow you here in a moment, but I want to wait for an acceptedshare to come in here. Okay. That didn’t take very long, but I dohave some excepted shares right here. Oh, this is so cool. Yeah. Right here.Oh, my pencils are down now. We recognized and acquired. And thethird one just came in. All privilege. Now it will happen to where that youwill get a spurned share sometimes, meaning that you were too slow to comeup with a calculation or your efforts to not contribute to solving the block.But honestly, quarrying on this pool.I have not seen one rejectedyet. Anyways, let’s um, thumped the S key to see whatwe’re doing here. So, so far they’ve accepted threeshares, which is awesome. So at this object we have actuallymined some XMR. We have mined Monero. It’s a small amount, and it’ll take abit to increase enough to even like, be happy about now how my other threeraspberry pies guiding for a bit. And let me show you whatthey look like now. Notice when they get in the groove, they, uh, they abide a ton of shares. Like, let me just select this one right here, nature in a S 134 shares. That’s awesome. Now, a great deal of these mining kitties willgive you a way to see how you’re doing, how many hats you’re doing. Look at all the workers you haveand how much Minero they owe you. So let me show you real quickfor this particular mining pool, they have a website you’llgo to Minero, and you’ll paste yourwallet address right here.And as long as you’ve actuallysubmitted some shares, or you envisioned that acquired your walletaddress should pull up some data now. Now it’ll take a couple minutes afteryou do the initial share to show up, but this is what I went now. Got my threeworkers do with 309 hashes per second. Uh, and notice, I don’t knowit was up to my other person, but these three pies are doingalmost 100 hashes per second. So a speedy indicate on that, is it profitable to run the raspberryPI as in minor and actually, you know, make money? The shortanswer is no , not really, because you have to factor in yourelectricity costs and then how much you’re actually giving from mining.According to some mining calculators, I saw you lose about a pennyper date mining with this. So if you plan on gettingrich, uh, forget about that. But if you plan on having fun andlearning about cryptocurrency, and you have a spare stack layingaround and you want to earn some cryptocurrency, exactly passively, go for it.This is cool. And you learn some stuffalong the way, right? Plus you can brag to all your friendsat your cryptocurrency quarrying. They don’t have to know it’s thislittle and likewise consider the XMR Minero may hugely come near in price. Thisis not fiscal advice. Don’t make that, but I’m rosy. So even thoughI’m probably losing a penny per daytime, I just like the fact thatI’m collecting a currency.I kind of a inventory that could goup my go down. You never know. Now merely realise the reasonthat my raspberry PI is notperforming as well as my other ones is because thisguy only has two gigs of Ram. And I didn’t realize thatI grabbed my my week one. So if you want to take advantage ofthe fast mode with 64 part architecture, you’ll apparently need four gigs or more.So crypto mining on a raspberry PI, where do you think, are you going totry it? I genuinely want you to try it. I know it’s not worth the money.It’s worth the merriment though, and merit the knowledge and exactly the, simply the cool recognitions youget cool recognitions, right? Thanks for saying you doingthis. Like, yeah, right. Oh, well you learn something anyways. Let me know below if you attempt thisand too do not forget to hack that YouTube algorithm today, that likebutton notification, bell, subscribe, make sure you hack YouTube today.Ethically, of course.And yeah, that’s pretty much all I get. I’ve hada lot of coffee , no surprise there. And, um, you don’t realize this, but Iactually do a lot of gives for this. And, um, there was still technicalissues. I’ve worked throughsome times as I record this. So I intent the coffee breaks, orsometimes I do a few cases takes of those. I’ve had more coffee than you realize.I’ll catch you guys next time ..

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