Crypto Update πŸ”₯ How Did Helium [HNT] Develop? Helium Halving 2021!

welcome back crypto people i hope you’re allhaving a great date this is your crypto news flash and in this video we’re going to talk abouthelium as today is a special day for helium it’s the first halving since the project launchedwill it open helium a shell and shoot the hnt price up to the moon or will it have almostno effect at all we’re gonna take a look at that and too check out what has happened forhelium in the last three months were there some major modernizes contests or partnerships we’llfind out after the intro so let’s get into it in this video we’re going to clarify ina nutshell what helium is about then we talk about the halving as well as the hntmarket capitalization and toll war in the last part we’re going to havea look at the development of helium in the last three months with regards topartnerships and ameliorates so what is helium helium is a decentralized blockchain powerednetwork for internet of things inventions so what they want to do is they want to create aninfrastructure which enables wireless iot designs to communicate on introduced in july 2019 thehelium mainnet accepts low-powered wireless devices so called hotspots to communicate witheach other and send data across its network these hotspots are designs whichare a combination of a wireless gateway and a blockchain mining invention each hotspotprovides network coverage over a certain radius it is often referred to as the people’s networkas parties looks just like you and me own these hotspots by creating the world’s first peer-to-peer wirelessnetwork that’s owned and operated by individuals the helium hotspot opens the door to an ecosystemof possibilities says amir haleem ceo and co-founder of helium the helium blockchainoffers motivations for the owner of a hotspot as they maintain the network and increase itscoverage the motivation is that you pay payoffs in helium’s native cryptocurrency clue hnt thisis mining hnt to make it simple and easy to understand let’s take a look at an examplealright so your bird-dog runs away from time to time that’s why you bought a trackable collar for himas you want to make sure that your dog doesn’t get lost so this company invisileash uses the heliumnetwork to locate the collar so when it’s that time again your pup runs away you situate him withthe related app on your phone what happens is that invisileash uses the helium network tolocate your pup which means a hotspot near your bird-dog communicates with the trackable collarand casts the information back to your phone and you know this is just one example out of manyas the helium structure can be used by all kinds of iot manoeuvres unfortunately they don’t have anecosystem planned to make it more visual but here are a few more illustrations lime uses the network totrack scooters bikes and other mobility maneuvers digital question ways trailers implements and indoorassets airly uses the network to monitor the breath tone as already mentioned these are justa few examples of how the network is used we will have a few more real-time lawsuits later whenwe looked at at the proliferation and partnerships of the last three months but before that let’shave a look at the hotspots so the hotspots only use around 5 watts of energy which is nothingin comparison to bitcoin or ethereum miners and they are in contrast to other mining devicesvery easy to set up so demand for helium miners was and still is very high it’s not easy to get onemost of the time you have to wait quite a bit there are a couple of makes probablymost famous are bobcat nebra and rak wireless but on the index you can also see a 5g deviceand that is something pretty exciting in april the helium society voted on a proposal whicheffectively paves the style for the helium network to become the first consumer-owned 5g networkin the world helium is working with freedomfi a connectivity firm that fabricates opensource 5g manoeuvres right now there is just a waiting list for the us but it will soon cometo other countries as well so that’s already a glimpse of the future for helium but who isbehind helium let’s have a look at the team so helium was founded in 2013 by amir haleemshawn fanning and sean carey you might remember fanning as he is well known for developingnapster one of the first music sharing works but anyhow right now these three parties areleading the company which are amir haleem as chief executive officer he has an active esportsand sport exploitation background score nijdam as honcho engineering patrolman he’s a attest technologyleader with over 25 years of ordeal with hp and qualcomm products and then there is frankmong as chief operating officer responsible for sales marketing and business development who hasover 20 years of know-how in cyber defence so now you know about the decision makersat helium let’s check out the outreach okay so today august 1st 2021 is a specialday for helium as today is the first halving but what does that mean helium wasissuing approximately 5 million hnt per month as mining remunerations this will today be cut in halfit’s the halving which will happen every two years so the net hnt issuance will today be reducedfrom 5 million to 2.5 million hnt per month in the early years it is beneficial to a network tomint a lot of clues in order to grow the network but as the network majors there doesn’t need to beas much new hnt created as before at first glance that doesn’t sound so good for miners but thisensures that the amount of a copper in circulation does not increase exponentially by decreasingthe render being liberated they also decreased the rate of inflation for cryptocurrency’s value thedecrease in supply often makes in higher requisition which could push the expenditure higher but there’s noguarantee for that we just have to wait and find what the next months have to offer with regardsto mining payoffs and the cost act are talking about the rate activity let’s have a look at the currentprice and market capital of helium’s hnt how about the last three months let’shave a look how the cost developed glances okay to me specially that neat moveupwards in the last week that’s the right direction alrighty then so now we are at the lastpart where we have a look at the last three months and check what has happenedfor helium new partnerships refurbishes or other major events that’swhat we’re gonna find out so let’s get wise alright alright so guys that’s it from me today i hope it was interesting for you if you didlike it then satisfy shattering the like button comment share most definitely subscribe ifyou haven’t already we are small channel and it actually helps us out a lot so that’sthat i’m out see you in the next one agreement

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