brand new raptorium cpu mining pool is now live and i’m going to show youguys how to connect to it here we are at the pool’s main page and if you doneed the miner or the purse the links to it are right here so here you can see github you clickon that that is where you can download the actual cpu miner for spaces and if you just open thisup you can see toggle menu this is your wallet you click on that and you can download your walletthere you’ve seen my previous videos most probably so that will tell you how to actually set thoseup pool is now peculiarity on mining pond stats it’s currently sitting in seventh it rebounds back andforth from six to seventh but a whole cluster of funds are also popping up as well so raptoriumis starting to get pretty favourite and by that the difficulty has been increasing like crazy butyou can see here uh zero one one data.com that is this pool and this fund is developed in partnership by my modand schism so any substantiate or anything you do need link to discord is in the description and youcan just scroll right down to rtm pool and you can talk about if you need assistance i can help you uhmy mod can help you or anybody else in the tumult can help you as well so great community everyone’sthere to help each other out and get quarrying so our flower is currently the top pond and it has beenas far as i know but i used to be on that pool but then people are asking me uh they why are you onthat pool they strip you blah blah whatever else now i do not know if there is any truth to that buti have noticed that my hash frequencies weren’t really what they should have been now they were a lothigher previously and all of a sudden i noticed when the copper was going up now you cannot watch themright now because i’m not on this kitty anymore but uh they were just not consistent anymoreyou know i was averaging 2.48 up to 2.6 of an average hash rate and then it’s slowly dippingdown for the last couple eras and i couldn’t figure out why i wasn’t sure what’s going on myhash charge now was always way above the average but my average was always lower so it could havejust been a glitch on their plan i don’t know so uh my mod did make this pool and i went to see itand i noticed my hash frequencies are significantly higher than what they were and now we are on ourpools currently so this is our community pool here that i’m trying i am going to show you how toconnect there in a minute here but you can see all these rig all the rigs with numerals are 3900 x cpus and they’re almost all averaging three killhash this is with your 3.6 all core overclockat one volt delightful ample decideds that don’t use that much power but we’re almost pushingthree kill hash across the mall when we were down at 2.4 to 2.6 on the other pool which isquite interesting now we’re at 3.5 on the 5950 x and we have some nice average shares everything’sstaying nice and pretty well consistent we have quarried 4050 silvers remember the difficulty has beenup this is the past two and a half days since the pond has been live so i did subtract that i wentinto where is our price here so i became in 4050 that is 46.44 i parted that by two and a halffor two and a half daytimes and that works out to be 18.57 so that is quite a bit per epoch still evenmining on the small pool that we do have “thats really not” locating too too many blocks so we managed toget some more hash pace on here and start result consistent blocks we could become more profitablethan the larger consortia out there so that is quite interesting we’re just going to compare thatto 30 60 s here and again i’m gonna recalculate it simply to make sure and now “we ii” 18.71 centsafter influence on 6 30 70. So on this small pool here you can see where is my calculator that we arestill on par with gpus and we haven’t even been hitting that numerous blocks raptorium did hit onecent the other day it was almost up to two pennies so it’s seeing a neat gush as well with thatfollowed the difficulty and the difficulty is impelling it very hard to get as numerous coppers as wepreviously were okay so i’m going to show you how to connect to this pool if you do want to comemine with me and the community and see if we can only smash-up out them blocks because why not buthere you are you’re just going to click on here and then we’re going to go to consortia all poolsand that’ll bring you to the page i was just on so i can show you where to get the actualaddress ignore all this i’ll go through that this is dependent on your actual cpu you are usingso you’re gonna need this wrinkle right here this is the pool address and then again the port’s nothere yet that’s where you put your semicolon port ports can be found on my disagreement and i’llalso post it in this video now but as you can see port 3008 is low difficulty starting 3032 is low difficulty low-grade rigor starting mid statu the top intent and 3256 is modest startingup to high-end difficulty it is recommended to use the low-toned rigor unless you’re averagingover four kill hash pretty much all the time i’m assuming and that is like your thread ripperstatus not your older threadrippers either your mid-range to your later mode weave rippers nowwe’re gonna actually look at our miner here i said we’ll look at this later on and now we’re gonnado that so we’re gonna open up our miner wherever you did download and remove it to you can seehere there’s a entire bunch of various types of ones this is based on the cpu you do have in your systemso like zen zen 2 is your 3000 successions horizons zen 3 is your 5000 series razzing so it is doesdepend what cpu you’re using on which actual miner you want to use now this one is a zen 3 itis a 5950 x in my workstation first thing i always do do is i go straight into here i find my zen3 actual miner i caught i right sounds that and i go to compatibility you want to click roll asadministrator you always want to run cpu miners as an admin next up we are going to go into theactual mining bat file and you can see this is where we put in our address right here and againhere is the port zero zero eight which i am use now i am assuming all of you are already miningraptorium if you’re not you are going to have to run your song config register exactly by set thissimple thing you can find in the readme or evaluation this video but it’s like scoot panache adjust dashfull and this will fully tune your cpu it takes about 115 minutes but it will optimize your cpufor quarrying raptorium if you are already mining raptorium and you already aria all your cpus andeverything you do not have to ever do it again unless you alter your decideds and you wantto try to retune it somewhere down the road but if you’re just switching funds or somethingdon’t worry about it all you got to do is simply switch your address over to the pool you dowant to mine to and that’s it it’s already tuned everything said uh abides as is tune uh config fileis in your miner folder so you’re all good well now we’re gonna take a look at how to set thisup in hive os and technically high os is easier to run than openings by quite a bit actually onceyou get the hang of it it is really simple how to do nonsense now so we’re gonna need a walletfirst first things up you click on your wallet once it does lastly load i am mining andtrying to record this so i’m not sure how well it’s coming out here but anyway add walletwe’re gonna affect rtm here it’s already in now thunder glue your wallet address right here and thenname it anything you would like and then exactly hit the establish button simple as that we’re gonna haveto make a flight sheet this is like your bat file tell your miner to go the thing you doubled clickon a windows that engages everything so rtm is the coin we want wallet the one we just made zelkoralso has a wallet i always forget about it so if you like zelco or you can get a wallet to themfor art raptorium so here we are we’re going to pick our raptorium pocketbook kitty nothing of the poolsour pond is not in the minor itself in hivo west so you can see our flower and supernova are theonly ones so we’re going to configure in minor now we’re going to select our miner so we need thecpu miner uh where are you optimized that’s not it cpu miner where are you it’s here somewherei probably surpassed it come on cpu there we go cpu miner opt so we’re going to set up minerconfig you’re going to want to barter the fork over to gr and then the puddle url just rightclick we’re going to paste our kitty url that we established you earlier right here again port 3008 isremember recommended for pretty much everyone out there now we do need the billfold work templatecustom miners it’s not here so precisely wallet and work so this is your wallet speck proletarian nameit will pluck your worker name depending where you have it like all minor like rig one to fiveand all that what not so that is set that is all you have to do here you apply your modifies yourflight membrane call it good to go i’m just gonna go into here you can see mine are quarrying awayclick on rig one you guys can consider my ended flight membrane so you guys know what i’m talkingabout here “youre seeing” my i just specified it private i don’t know why i did that but set up minorconfig exact same thing see boom boom and this one is working one hundred percent and you can see asproof this is working in java west so uh another thing to note jeep once you go over the four riglimit java west prices three dollars per month for gpu quarrying rig so these two are both threedollars per month each now cpu quarrying riggings which exclusively have one gpu that’s either not working or nogpu at all and you’re mining a cpu algorithm coin they only accuse 30 cents per month per smooth sothere’s a lot cheaper to cpu mine and realizing how cpu mining is becoming reasonably fruitful you don’treally have to worry about 30 cents per month one more thing i virtually forgot is that to chant yourcpu so if you are new to mining raptorium in ios you will have to do your 115 time motif and ihighly recommend everyone to do it for the first time miner so here you are you got to put in yourquotation you need your tune dash full reference again then you put your semicolon space rememberall small letters and it is necessary to the gap now and then only true-blue you’re going to apply changesand then you’re going gonna feed that it will aria your cpu now eventually down the road becauseit saves your chant config you’re gonna have to exchange this out a little bit i think you got to gouh force tune now so thrust personnel song like so i believe that is the command force tune true andthat will override your existing config if you alter your puts and you want to reapplyit other than that you shouldn’t have to do anything but do make sure once it is done go onyour flight sheet and kill that that channel it does not force tune override and you have to every timeyou restart you’ll have to do the 150 hour for soon you only have to do it once unless you startchanging all your aims around and then i would recommend to do i don’t know if you actuallyhave to but i always do that if i do deepen any type of installs all right guys so that prettymuch does sum up this video so if you’d like to come in mine with myself as well as the communityand we could boost this from 104 up to perhaps 500 600 kH then we could all be you know gettingsome nice steady blocks we would make a lot of money now all together all of us so hang ondiscord you know talk about every time we affected a block it’s fun good times so if you want tojoin this pool come hang out and mine with us satisfy do so please hit that subscribe buttonthumbs up button i’ll catch you on the next one Rabid out expressed appreciation for for watching everyoneif you haven’t please comment subscribe and like this video as well as check out oneof these other videos if you have not seen it more i do try to stream every saturday andsunday so remain tuned for more future content

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