Can I Put 2 Hotspots In 1 Location?

can i set two helium hot spot in one place or should i kept two helium hot spot in one place it’s path easier than detect another home i’ll simply introduced them both in my house right no my identify is nick hawks with gristle sovereign what i do is help people understand the helium ecosystem so let’s jump into why putting two hot spot in one place isn’t a great intuition we’ll save this really simple if you’ve been around helium while uh this will be a little bit too simple for you but if you’re brand new this can be really helpful i see this mistake all the time i just participated it in a patient the other day don’t don’t worry if this is what you’re thinking right now so let’s start off with this idea that this yellow and black curve is all of the coverage that a helium hot spot is providing right now right we’re not going to worry about hexes or resins or anything else this is just the coverage that helium hot spot requires imagine apportioning a evaluate to that coverage of whatever 20 liberty so 20 units whatever those 20 contingents are if someone else comes in and provides the same coverage if we have had this other hotspot coming in right you got one hot spot in the vault one hot spot in the attic or two hot spots in the attic or whatever it is they’re both stipulate almost exactly the same amount of coverage we make that unit of value those 20 and now we have to basically split it between those two hot spots because they’re both make the same thing so it’s a lot like if uh billy the neighbor comes by and says hey can i mow your lawn for 20 horses you say yeah billy the neighbor mosey lawn for 20 horses as he’s position his lawnmower apart your mo your lawn is uh delicately known tommy comes up and he soon mows your lawn he demands 20 horses very are you gonna pay them both 20 bucks for doing the same job no you’re not you might give them 20 and say you guys can fight it out and separate it but what you’re surely not going to do is pay them twice for the same amount of handiwork and that’s really what you’ve got when you’ve got two helium hot spot in one place we just crave one hot spot in one place try and to be maintained separated now this is very rough rule of thumb by about a thousand meters but what the hell are you definitely don’t want is two helium hot spots in one location all right this is your little basic fragments for right now try and keep these super simple have more of them coming welcome to helium super psyched to have you on board and this is a really cool project where you can learn a lot about more than just stacking the microchips all right talk later ciao

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