Bobcat Miner 300 – is Helium Mining worth it??

hey guys welcome back to caveman mining ihope everyone is well and having a great day on today’s video we are going to be doing anunboxing and setup of the long awaited bobcat helium miners now i said these bobcatminers about seven months ago and they finally just arrived i was getting moderately hopelessjust because everyone in the community knows there’s been such delays with these freakinghot spot miners and i wasn’t even sure if i was getting scammed but lo and beholdtwo of them demo up they came from hong kong and china and uh they’re here sowe’re gonna test them out get them set up and see how they use and i know helium hntthe coin has is increased so i’m not sure if you guys can see but up here in my studio thelighting is pretty terrible we will move over to the window soon once we get the setup going forthis thing but just take a look at helium coin 37 and 40 cents so those of you who have kind oflost the faith i mean this thing has still been climbing evaluate time over one day it’s gained uhi don’t know five dollars plus exactly over a month it’s um you know gained about fifteen dollarsworth of value so uh i’m going to keep uh the faith on this one we’re going to try it out andtry to obtain some helium coin i have two of these so one is going to go now on the third floor andi have a second helium miner that’s going to go probably in a orientation i would say roughly sixfive or six miles from where i am i’ve got the router here the wi-fi router so these shouldconnect via wi-fi to the network uh what we’ll do is we’ll climb to the mobile app in a bit but iwill do a trimmed to get an unboxing of this thing to take a look at a few components and parts and seehow we get this thing connected up all right so we’ve got the box now we’re gonna pop this thingopen and the first thing we have is a bobcat miners do’s and don’ts poster the quick step oneuh on the casing here tells us to go to the app store download the helium hotspot app through theitunes or google movement supermarket and then it applies the kind of walk through uh steps uh that go thereand says don’t forget to attach the laura antenna you can do this step at any time during thesetup so we have the foam pad reporting on the top a little bit of a warranty certificatecard that’s cool looks like some mounting clamps that potentially will go into the wallgot the power cable let’s take a look at that somewhat basic this is the base for theantenna bond for the top of the antenna i guess it’s going to screw in something likethat a little bit underwhelming on the size of the antenna i guessed this was going to be much largersticking around there this is sealed up so we’ll peel it open is the bobcat base okay so we’lltake a quick uh get a little bit better illuminate here because i know that uh pretty terriblelighting by the computer table they will have to do something about that but yeah this thingis pretty small-scale it’s got the connection for the uh this is the laura antenna looks likea bluetooth button a tf placard uh the com plug ethernet and the a 12 volt volt dc andso pretty basic time on the bottom and i think that’s where we can go ahead and attach and ifwe wanted to you know get that up on the wall that’s where we would do that probably we’lljust you know for today have set down something like that really to get it fired up so yeahlet’s go ahead and uh we’ll do this thing plugged up and uh then we will go download theapp we’ll get in the app and uh determine what we can do about the setup all right so just for thesake of the setup i’ve got it plugged in now to the router i’ve got the ethernetco connected up in the back there i also neighbourhood the antenna on the priorities in my pcbox so we’ll exactly get things going to make sure it actually interfaces and then we’ll laterfigure out how to get wise connected up over here and to see i know it said to use the ethernet butuh i’m wondering if it will work wireless so we’ll discover what that does okay guys now go ahead and openyour app after you download it from the itunes or google gambling accumulate formerly the app opens the firstthing you’re going to do is look for the hotspots and thumped the compute hotspot button and whatthis will do is it will query the maneuver to for you to select the actual device in our caseit’s the bobcat 300 we’re going to go ahead and bounce the placement teaches we’re going to goahead and made i’m powered up we’re going to do a scan from my hotspot at this degree you need to goahead and put your hotspot if you have a bobcat into pairing procedure which in this case is pressingthe bluetooth button for five seconds on the back of the invention and impounding it and then thumping thescan now you’ll notice the the status flame turns blue-blooded and then formerly you do that you will select thebobcat 300 it will connect to the miner itself and then it will go into your ethernet or wi-fi setupso go ahead and espouse your relationship ask for permissions to set the locale on your manoeuvre itwill query the network and look upon the map and it will choose it will get your gps coordinates andlocation make sure you prepared this because you will merely get one chance to do that and go ahead andset in your stature for our instance it’s 7.60 rhythms for antenna height and formerly you register that’sit so in order for you if you fasten that up or whatever you’re gonna have to pay the tendollar cost so cross-file the hotspot will take a few minutes for us it did take about 40 times to run so satisfy be patient on that transitioning after the device is set up youwill get some type of sync synchronization status and that can take up to 24 to 48 hours soplease also be patient on that as well um just so you know once we name this up we got arelayed status on our manoeuvre which we needed to open up port 44158 on our firewall which takesabout 24 hours precisely giving you a immediate snippet on our uh returns after 24 hours of miningis 1.33 pennies and we did pretty well there um we still have a little bit of fine-tuning todo we didn’t find any witnesses more but uh we’re gonna play around a little bit with the antennaand some of the deep-seateds on the invention so um yeah people i inspire you guys to uh check this thingout and um i’ve got two of them one in my primary locale and another one in a secondary locationso we will see after a week how well these things accomplish i am pretty excited to see that but umwe will update you soon but with that being said guys i hope you liked what you saw on the bobcatminer 300 uh unboxing and setup video please don’t forgotten to like and subscribe and we will see youon the next video caveman mining out and take care

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