Bobcat 300 Helium Miner – Antenna Upgrade update | More HNT?

hey guys caveman mining here i hope everyone iswell and having a great saturday i just want to provide a speedy update on our antenna placementas “youre seeing” we removed it from the inside the house we instructed a little hole in the frame of thewindow i’ve got to figure out something now to slither that role through but as we goalmost fell out the window just kidding but you can see here on the side of the house we’vegot the antenna organized up between the windows and it’s fixed via 3m sticky tape super sticky itis temporary so this is not a long-term plan but i wanted to see if this provides more of a rewardstructure in areas of observers and challenges so hopefully that makes a difference buti just want to provide a quick modernize and uh yeah i hope you guys have a great restof the weekend we’ll told you next time take care

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