BITCOIN ¿Hasta donde va a bajar?

Now bitcoin is going to go down as everyone has been saying for days what we have been waiting for or it was just a small correction and “weve already” going up on that I am going to talk in this video we look who it is first in the four hour graph you are seeing that bitcoin If it has fallen a bit but it is we find highly very good support in I called them and Rubens if in the bands of the moving averages even and when we have to say that there is that support if it has broken it but apparently how much term is there still there is still two hours and 14 times for it to go back up then who knows if we are going to go down more for now I think we are not going to go down any more and there is one very important thing that we must take into account on Friday if on Friday at 3 in the morning If you are looking here today is the 19 th who trading is not the good day, the 18 th if two days ago it was the 16 th and the 10 th Friday accurately we have closed here at 63 and something that is to say 100 without a fight has closed or at this elevation then I believes that I want to serve with now is to return to this level so that you know that the projects of the future do not like to have open guilds yes and they always try to push the toll both up and down to close this crack This right I don’t know what it is called if then what I think is going to happen and that is something that I imagine is nothing that I know or through an analysis or I secured that is something that I imagine that right now we are going to have a move now we are going to come back here yes so that everyone says it was a small one a little backward movement we are just going to continue but there is a danger about what I want to talk to you I had issued and well I have not applied the compensate names that he already approved he good etf exchange sold stores exchange debatable fund for bitcoin and it is true and this is true and it is not true if it was approved if it was approved but not by the indicated government not by the ss protection exchange c ommission but by the nasa clan until he simply said for us there is no problem if right now the ss has to decide and I conclude all this dough that we had and this income is already calculated if this news is good if this news that it was approved If right now in the afternoon then here already on Monday morning if he opens the is and if he starts to work and takes a note and says no not true we have not approved anything then it may be that we are going to have a problem it may be that the price disappears to have a quite important setback and yesterday in the video I think you have considered the levels that I am looking at, I had already told you the levels that I am looking at here, you also experience the work is like 57 57 is something where I say we can get there and if we have bad luck we can even run so far as to test that again and look at what I was saying yesterday I was saying yesterday to have the four-hour chart that if bitcoin look at yesterday’s video if I return ea to enter this ascending wedge yes and it has done it but it has not closed the candle we can see a fall yes quite strong the first step up to 57 and then there is volume here at 53 but also we cannot rule out the 50 51 or even here the pitch of control the 47 if now you are going to say but what is talking, seem how how much it exited up and but recollect things here as then there or here we were also thinking oh wow a good gush yes and then we go down here 25% if right now that happens to us now and we go down here 25 percentage we reached exactly but exactly 47 at this larger volume then, be careful with that, thank you for watching this video until the end down here by rhythm, statement put in comments and tim is that you think we are going to go up we are going to go down unadulterated A lie if the edf was approved I would like very much to know your opinion and retain success for that remark you set a like share this video you are going to participate in one of the 5 retrieves to the course of the course at se vip service and what I am going to this morning because today I am very tired today I was on the street all day and also good if you already say or what I want to start with transactions I want to use a reliable exchange down here in intellect it is a baby associate has about thousands and thousands of 645 dollars of bonus that you can earn different things deposit share avoid a friend whatever not down here you is not have countless homes or stop committing a like and share the video framed any comment and participate in the mail You affable thank you very much day I have to go to bed and here it is 2 in the morning we will see each other this room bye bye-bye

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