Antenna Upgrade on a Flag Pole. Helium Earnings after 1 Day Up almost 2000%!

hello your best friend i used did a video proving kindof how much i was seeing with the stock antenna and i was put forward a 20 -foot flagpole with lmr 400 cableand an 8 dbi antenna and i may include connections in the description and in about 24 hours my earningsjumped up um almost 2000 % i used made a screenshot over here right here this is just what it showsfor like right here when you make refresh or something um so right um i just want to go aheadand show you the picture i took from earlier so mostly that was this is a screenshot i hadtaken that was about a daytime and i literally got almost 2000 % increase simply from parent itup 20 paws and putting on an 8 dbi feeler so stunning like really really big istarted going all these bystanders um just so you know i had gotten um one witnesswith my capital feeler in about eight daytimes and in about one day i got all these onlookers so reallyreally happy um i have it up about about six meters high 8 decibels if you look righthere with the mouse is you can kind of envision um and that’s not that’s not all like i have a 30 foot coming and so i’m expecting even greater and i might switch around with different antennasdefinitely sub turn notifications and um i might measure out like other antennas we’ll find but i’mkind of curious what happened when if i have like a 30 foot flagpole like what that will do soi did a video on how i installed it you want to check that out maybe i’ll put up as an discontinue screenor something so let me know what you think if you have any gratuities delight put in the comments andhelp other parties get educated compassion y’all and bye

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