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Hey individuals welcome back to the second time fortunate.
mining network. In today'' s video we ' re mosting likely to speak about Helium mining, more particularly my. four-week anniversary doing Helium (HNT) mining. In the video we'' re going to review my background so. obviously 4 weeks worth of background we'' re going to discuss the problems that i'' ve experienced in. those 4 weeks as well as exactly how i'' ve conquer that.'We ' re mosting likely to speak about the devices so antennas or.
wires that i'' ve purchased in the last four weeks. And particularly what have actually i evaluated as well as what'' s. the end result of that testing.We ' re going

to'speak about my profits or my lack of earning as well as.
after that you recognize do i think it'' s worth it in 2022. Beginning with a background for those of you.
that may not have actually watched my video clip. I will certainly leave a link in the video clip description.
and afterwards i'' ll placed a card on top below in instance you intend to click via it but a brief recap is i.
got a Bobcat 300 miner and afterwards i realized that i'' m not going to get it anytime soon so i acquired.
a brand-new Senscap M1 miner from a scalper on the 8th of January 2022.

So it'' s actually.
4 weeks back which'' s sort of how i began mining. So looking at the issues that i ' ve. seasoned i believe it ' s great since anyone that'' s brand-new to Helium mining you'' ll possibly. experience the exact same thing. And also you understand this benefits managing assumptions so what can.
you anticipate and kind of how do you conquer it. So what occurred for me starting with.
the very first concerns is syncing the blockchain so luckily the Senscap m1 was actually quite.
good in syncing the blockchain. So it took around 1 or 2 days i believe 2 days max syncing the.
blockchain. So it'' s a lot far better than several of the various other tools out there that are below takes a
. week to sync so that was actually fairly good. Nevertheless the next issue that i experienced was.
the the relay concern and and for me as well as i assume that will most likely be the situation for most individuals um.
you recognize i didn'' t recognize that you required to open or do some port forwarding however i experienced the.
truly relay problem as well as for that you actually need to either talk to your ISP to obtain a fixed IP and.
you need to go as well as open up some ports in the router. For me nonetheless you know that wasn'' t sustained by.
the 5G web that i had at home.So i had to obtain

um you recognize a fiber link mounted. which took one more week so that type of you recognize sucked for me since i i didn ' t gain a. lot because period so the relay issue is actual you simply need to make sure that leading you. can port ahead and after that your router supports those type of functions. There ' s great deals of video clips. also online to help you keeping that i could you know do a fast one for people that ' s got a. Asus router because it will certainly'be router details. So checking out all of the devices that. i ' ve acquired and what have actually i'tested thus far so if you ' ve watched that that initially. video that i had i in fact got this antenna so this is an outdoor antenna it'' s
a. 6 dbi Mc Gill antenna so the scalper sold it to me when um when i grabbed the miner so i i''
ve. tried as well as checked this i certainly tasted stock criterion antenna that features the Helium.
miner to make sure that'' s certainly the first one that i had which wasn'' t terrific however in the defence of the miner. or the supply common antenna that includes the miner is i had great deals of relay problems back then..
So i wear'' t think you understand the the bad profits necessarily is associated to the antenna that.
includes the Sensecap M1 however i did test this this antenna this Mc Gill antenna as soon as my.
relay issues were fixed.Unfortunately at the time i

just had a long cord that had this connection. here near the bottom so see if i
can zooms so i had a 40 foot cable television so it was um not. wonderful to be sincere or it wasn '
t what i expected unfortunately so this antenna wasn ' t truly. terrific i after that went and also bought a 5.8 dbi internal antenna. So that ' s what ' s going for'the minute. So we can speak about my owning especially around that i ' ll most likely to the computer and show you. guys kind of what that resembles and i
' ll shortly reveal you the video clip around that'however. i ' ve obtained the the 5.8 dbi internal antenna.'I after that likewise ordered a great deal of other antennas so i. think i ' ve obtained my listing below so if i simply'rapidly talk you via every one of the antennas that i have. so first of all i ' ve obtained this one the 6dbi one that
i ' ve chatted concerning i ' ve got the 5.8 interior or. indoor antenna as well as i ' ll reveal it to you'upstairs then i ' ve gotten another interior 8dbi antenna so.
i'' m still waiting for that so i expected to get it the end of the month.I then have a 3 dbi interior.
antenna that i ordered and then an additional 3 dbi interior exterior antenna so i'' ve got six antennas
. consisting of the conventional antenna that i have that i wish to examine. I ordered like normal for me.
i bought the incorrect cords at the start however i'' ve now taken care of to to find a number of cable televisions so.
i'' ve obtained a a three meter or i believe it'' s 10 foot LMR 400 wire so this is what this one is so you.
can see it'' s obtained the appropriate the appropriate adapter right there and after that it ' s got the port
. that requires to enter into the Helium hotspot so um to make sure that'' s rather great. So this is three meters
. and afterwards i'' ve obtained a much shorter one so i believe this is three foot so same point it'' s obtained the. appropriate connector for these huge antennas. Unfortunately it doesn'' t have i put on ' t assume it ' s. obtained the proper proper adapter on the other side however i'' ve got a little adaptor that can exchange.
it about. I additionally have a pair of much shorter cables that i'' ve hopped on order with several of these antennas.
so the idea is that i am going to go and also check every one of these 6 various antennas one every.
week with the various cord mixes simply to identify type of what works best..
Ultimately you understand for me you intend to keep or a minimum of what i comprehend is you want.
to maintain the cable as brief as possible and also depending upon your typography or what does your.
location resemble you recognize some antennas may be far better or even worse depending on which warm spots you.
need to go and hit to ensure that'' s type of why i ' ve obtained you know 6 antennas um to check you understand. inevitably which one functions best for where i go to the moment earnings sensible it actually hasn '
t. been wonderful so as i stated uh the initial pair of or a minimum of the very first week or two the earnings.
has been nothing you know over the one month or the 1 month standard once again i'' ve only been. um it ' s only been 4 weeks approximately technically 28 days however you recognize the statistics that i.
have more than over one month it'' s i ' ve extracted 1.2 to 8 helium to ensure that'' s concerning 36 us dollars worth so.
i'' m very away from from breaking even with my input expense if you particularly if you.
count all these antennas that i bought and after that on the recently so utilizing the current.
setup as well as once more i'' ll show you that video simply currently um 0.48 so nearly uh a half a helium in the last.
seven days so so as you can see it'' s been far better towards the last component so considering that i taken care of every one of.
my issues on top of that something to keep in mind also however is especially if you view other individuals'' s. youtube video clips um you recognize there'' s most likely a whole lot of people that earn a great deal a lot more but there'' s additionally. been some adjustments or recent adjustments to the helium network so the there ' s been adjustments that i assume. they minimize the quantity of witnesses or beacons to obtain witnesses or something like that so i'' ll leave.
a link to a video discussing that however i assume on the 28th of january they made some changes to.
to aid the helium network make it through a little bit better there was lots of sinking problems that.
people reported as well as all kind of points like that so they um the helium community and foundation is.
working to arrange out every one of those issues and also the outcome of that they'' ve minimized the the amount of.
witnesses or signs that pursues witnesses so ultimately you will certainly be making much less contrasted to.
what you understand potentially you see online what other individuals has been gaining so there has.
been essential changes to the network all right so here we are upstairs on the second flooring so you.
can see the pc gaming computer system and right at the back is where i'' ve obtained the sense cap m1 and also there you.
can see the cable television flowing right to the 5.8 dbi antenna that'' s in the window there i assume the.
cable is 3 meters long so i believe that'' s concerning 10 foot to ensure that'' s the present setup that i have and.
this is type of mainly where i will certainly be checking the various antennas this is a rented area.
i can'' t really do a great deal in terms of boring or anything like that sadly that'' s it for. this individuals if you ' ve liked the video please like it and also maybe consider subscribing if you.
didn'' t please specify in the comments what you would like me to alter in addition to that i'' d love.
to listen to which antennas as well as wires you individuals are using so if you can please define in the comments.
otherwise i'' ll catch you in the next one joys.

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