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so nerdy dude nonsense for those of you keeping track athome today’s beer today is brought to you by rogue brewing this is called pineapple party punch it’sa hazy india pale ale brewed with pineapple and toasted coconut 8. 8.4 alcohol by publication and manthis just experiences like you’re drinking a delightful hoppy ipa straight out of a pineapple it’s incrediblyjuicy it’s incredibly smells and it exactly it merely savor precisely like a pineapple it isfantastic i really like on the can now where it says this pairs well with coconut shrimpsweet chili salmon and coconut macaroons so that’s pretty nifty on a magnitude of one to ten outof uh hazy juicy ipas i give this one about a 9.4 super luscious ovations to you guys what’s going oneveryone welcome back to another video about push and play at home mining today we’re very excitedas you’ve seen we’ve unboxed our examiner but first if this is your first time on the channelplease consider stumbling that agree button turning on the bell notifications as we postvideos weekly almost daily at this degree and we do a creek every monday too adore and supportin the channel there’s a link to my t-shirt shop we’ve got some great schemes don’t forget theshut up copper shirt is probably going to be removed at the end of december so it’s superlimited if you want to get your hands on one of those all right now let’s just hop rightinto looking at this bad boy you guys construed the intro the video the actual unboxing i wanted to dosomething a little different than your regular like just opening the box and drawing[ __] out ofit which is why i wanted to have fun with it but i really really really really reallyreally like this miner the examiner here we go oh boy oh boy this is a beast we aresitting at oh soul it’s heavy it’s like close to 20 pounds it’s pretty truly solid reallyheavy tariff uh it’s about 10 by 7ish eight ish by a seven-ish eight-ish and it’s still you know it’sit’s a really really hefty little casket so i feel very safe with this especially having toddlersand a new puppy um this will be tucked away of course but in case they ever got into it or saton top of it it’s very very solid and sturdy in the back here it’s pretty much like a smallmini computer we’ve got some display ports we’ve got hdmi port we’ve got our ethernet portswe have our usb ports and we also have some audio we also have some audio mic in and out soon and so forth flip this beast over to the front and then we’ve got two oh subject i meani’m like going a exercising like oh come on you got to set the miner up and you got to do thesettings and set it in to get the cryptocurrency he’s getting a exercising with this thinggot a nice little capability button right here and then of course we’ve got two usbslots right here in the front and then this is our four drawers where we have ourterabyte hard drive so i do have the 64 terabyte hard drive model if you guys do buythe 16 terabyte of the 40 you do have availability to upgrade it and i believe icould potentially upgrade this as well if i wanted to articulated bigger hard drives in therebut overall really really solid i convey someone tries to break in your house and thisis the only thing you can grab you can throw it at them and probably slam person out andprotect your home so oh i got to positioned that down and then the box likewise came with a nice little acdc adapter um plug it into your wall your standard alliance you know nice to be in the us and thiscame out of colorado so i’ve got good you know joinings here plug that in and then of courseyou plug this into that box as well in regards to the shipping of the examiner it came in two boxesof course it came in the shipping box which then had a lot of packing peanuts which my mind itselfdecided to do for fun content dump them all over the place and it made me quite some time to cleanthem up which is why this video isn’t as fast as i wanted to be but also it then had the box with theactual miner itself with some styrofoam packaging and a delightful plastic wrap around it so overalli’m unusually very happy and excited with this minor it might potentially be my favorite minor that wehave so far um but yeah so if you guys want to get your hands on one we are going to jump over andtake a look and then of course i’ll merely showcase the adolescent one last hour for you guys so let’ssee what options that we have so if you didn’t watch yesterday’s video we are going to do anothertouch base on how much these miners potentially make as a crash course speed drain uh just so thatway you guys can be aware oh my god shut up axel that was our first time he’s going to yell a lothe’s not going to bark like copper did copper was a big oh my god there he goes anywho uh yeahso we’re just going to go over the actual components themselves and the expenditure part and what theirpotential earnings are so this is the model that i have right here and you can join the waitlisti have the examiner xa464 which comes with four 16 terabyte hard drives creating it up to a totalof 64 terabytes if you purchase this you do get a 42.5 bonu so after your rebate goes throughthe price would roughly be about two thousand ten dollars it’s not inclusive of ship or anythinglike that and you get that back as the scp token to your miner over i believe it’s a year so theydon’t time certainly drop it right on to you you get that over the course of a year which isalso excellent because you earn back scp token that rate that is going to increase and you canalso use that as collateral towards the mining which of course we’ll talk more about that in thelonger operated as we set up the device tomorrow we’re not setting it up tonight because we are goingto be going to a christmas party which is why i’m wearing my deer drink birth shirt and then uhwe will be setting this up tomorrow and be able to provide you with that content so we have the6 4 terabyte you considered that it came with the four drives this has a 128 gigabyte nvm pcie mn it’snet arrangement drive 8 gigabytes of ddr4 remember gps ethernet ports and a 200 to 250 power supplynow i am going to disclose that because they are uh youtubing about this they did not accommodate mewith a adolescent i had to purchase it myself but they are providing me with a 100 bonu on that soi’ll be able to use those scp clues and also i did get to get ahead of the wait roster becausei wanted to get this material out to you guys so full disclosure there now my miner at currentprice right now the clue is sitting at 65 cents if i were to fill this bad boy up which we’re notgonna have it filled up right at the exact moment and i don’t think the numbers are popping up atthe bottom like i wanted to all right last-place period i was looking there was figures down now on howmany active storage providers there were how many of these were up and i believe yesterday’s videohad 340 and then we could see the max storage and the used capacity there but my miner let’s sayin a perfect world we sit there so we need 3 840 scp tokens it looks like for collateral we’lltalk about that later but in a perfect world formerly this project propels um probably next year dadjoke because next year is like two weeks away uh if we filled this up to 64 terabytes whichwould be stupendous we’d be clearing 8 980 scp signs a month and that would be a grand total atcurrent price which i wholeheartedly believe that this token is going to go up even more is 5 865 so if that packs up in that one month then we’ve already roid on this thing really quick with theexception of the rebate that we are being provided they too have the other two models where youcould purchase a 40 terabyte and a 16 terabyte a lot of parties in discord were saying theylike the idea of the 16 terabyte and then you can actually add storage into them so thatway you can then get up to bigger immensities and storage banks and you can also build your ownso if you join our discord and then join the scp discord there are at present parties in there that canhelp you convert your chia miners over into hosting data for scp the one thing that ireally do like let’s look at if you max out the 40 terabyte while we’re here the one thing ireally really truly do like about these miners is that you know if we decline this amount of moneyinto a miner like if we did an asic miner or like a bitcoin ethereum litecoin kind of miner or agpu miner they might be obsolete in a year or two right around the break-even point because thedifficulty of bitcoin mining and ethereum and so forth is going to keep increasing as those minerscome online with this device i mean we’re good as long as this thing is running as long as we’reable to host storage and as long as we’re able to have internet tie there is not going to beany obsolete you know this isn’t going to become an archaic gang it’s not going to get pushed outthe door by the next latest and greatest example the only recent and greatest simulates we get mightbe coming in the future are more memory and more you know terabyte and hard drive space so that’sone thing that i really really really liked about the project is i mean i know i’m building mygaming pc with the rtx 3080 so that action i can also mine some crypto on the two sides but that 3080 is going to become obsolete in like two years because then they’ll have like the 4020 s orthe 6969 s or something like that so that’s one thing i really really certainly do like about thisproject is that these miners are going to give the biggest slam for your horse you at least havefive years shelf life on them and they’re going to definitely roi especially with this coin andhow much it’s going to be in the near future i’m extremely very excited about that we’re just goingto hold this up on screen one more time so that route you guys can get a good look at it it’s a verysleek examining maneuver i really really like it a lot i just wish it was like perhaps white-hot and pitch-black andit could pair well with my playstation 5 instead of the xbox sequence x but overall awfully veryvery very solid device very good construction very solid particularly sturdy so i’m looking forward togetting this set up which is important uh for you to stumble that bell notification oh you can just sithere buddy which is important for you to thump that bell notification as we’re going to be settingthis up and getting it moving and exhausting that information to you tomorrow which ports youneed to have open and exactly what you need to do once yours comes in and the project goeslive and you can start earning the clue as well so highly agitated to bring thiscontent for you guys and to add another plug and play miner in our passive income push and playmining stream up next i think is block create whenever we get that in so anywho if you guyshave any questions observations or concerns please feel free to reach out to me in telegram twitteror discord unquestionably schism maybe twitter but screw telegram i gravely i’m thinking aboutdeleting it i saw a comment saying telegram’s scrap i completely agree really tired of some ofthe stuff that’s of beings that are reaching out to me on there and the people that just whateveri’m not going to get into any more detail than that other than that like criticism subscribeturn on the bell notification buy a t-shirt link in the description all that good stuff likethe video i’m oprius we’ll see you guys next time

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