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its second phase in our millionairehelium quarrying challenge accomplish supersede the shitty cable stand sung nerdy dude material for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer of the working day is yingling yes yingling feelings eagle this is a mango beerwith mango natural spices six percent alcohol by work i was truly blown away by this beeri always enjoy yingling as like a really cheap domestic lager versus like the beers that spelllight incorrectly but when i saw them make this i was like that’s gotta be a mistake did someguy inadvertently fall in the solid of you know during the brewing process with a whole bunchof mango puree because this beer is fantastic again six percent abv pretty solid price glees toyou guys what’s going on everyone welcome to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency heliummining and all of that good substance if this is your first time at the canal satisfy take a moment toconsider hitting that agree button turn on the buzzer notifications as we affix videos weeklyleave a like and potentially a comment down in the comment section below now we have beendoing a lot of trial and error with our helium miners we have one now at my residency and wehave one at my in-laws house we are trying to find that perfect setup and with the assistance of youviewers and readers and commenters i am ever so appreciative of every bit of feedback you guysleave we are doing trial and error and testing to see where we can get the most successful heliumnumbers now we did make a small change to our helium miner now at our residence which is in ourattic which we will be potentially moving outside in the future but right now we’re trying to beas successful as we can in the attic before i really start drilling into my house and drillinginto feet and spending more on like poles and stuff like that but we have some ability togo outside that we are planning for if the attic isn’t successful one of the most important modifications thatwas the biggest in the comments was the cable the cable the cable the cable the cable now i knowyou’re still gonna kick me in the nads and say that the shorter the cable the better so whyare you still going with long cables and that’s because i’m still scared of being in the middleof summer in florida with putting my helium miner up in the attic where it’s excruciatinglyhot and that chump potentially being burned out now if we get to a situation wherewe’ve already roid and we’ve pay the ogre off then yes we’ll then be a little bit more risquewith it so as of right now we have been rocking 25 paw cables now you’re looking at this one andgoing worker that still looks like a really crappy cable and you’re right this was the cable that weremoved that we were originally use we spent 14 on amazon for this 25 -footer it came in as a mailsma and a male result contact which then we had to get this little adapter which is a femaleto female and we’ll talk about those different dynamics here in just a moment uh based onanother comment where someone was asking questions and we switched out for this beast i meanlook at that this is the lmr-4 00 cable it’s got a male sma on one outcome and a femaleon the other end and you can just tell the difference in the cables this is also a 25 footerthis is about a 1.1 db loss for being 25 hoofs this one was pretty much all the db loss this onewe’re likewise going to be utilizing at my in-laws house as we have to run this under their houseand then up through their screen section to the roof where we applied our antenna when that comes inthe mail so we’ve already seen we installed this today at about 11 30 a.m and we’ve already seen iwhat i want to say significant improvement i want to wait 24 hours before i draw that conviction callbut we’ve already seen better on the quality of our minor switching to this beast this littleguy really really tiny now real quick for the my other criticisms are talking about the maleand female associates this one came to me on uh amazon like i said this is a male sma and a malen-type connection right there my hand’s in the way the way you were able to tell is that in the maleconnectors i’m going to get actually fowls in the bees here guys in the male connectors you’vegot this little tiny pin that gets it’s the it’s the penis of the chord we’re just gonna go withit it’s the penis of the chord and it’s gonna get inserted into the the vagina of the chord imean we’re now in biology instructions with nerdy dude and you’re gonna insert it into that little vaginaon your n adapter or your n slit so technically these two chords i can go together because thisone’s got the penis and this one’s got the vagina but we had to get that adapter really because therack or the the 10 dbi feeler that we had had a male connection as well right yeah that had a maleconnection as well and then the rack antennas that we’re getting likewise had a male connection butthen you go and you placed it and you fastened it yeah and then you have penetration but anywhoand then also on the back of miners most of them come with a female port it’s very similarsituation the penis of the sma male is in the very midriff and that is what directions up withthe adapter and shafts in so let’s jump-start over to precisely the results from today remember i installedthis at 11 30. Let’s just take a look shall we all right so here we are at our helium minerand retain we positioned that demon 25 hoof lmr 400 cable at about 11 30 and right after weinstalled it we got. 03 hnt back so that’s in my opinion some very good ratifies now i’m not sweatingit just yet because we have another antenna coming in but if we go to the activity here you can seeright at 1202 pm this is why we swopped it out at 11 30 and then we were able to challen like we wereable to uh challenge we challenged a beaconer and then we got mining wages for that andobviously we’re going to have more outcomes here in the next 24 hours because we haven’t reallyhad much going on but that’s one of the small secures that we are doing up next we’ll be doingthe 5.8 dbi fiberglass antenna omnidirectional from rack if you guys want to jump on this aswell we’re going to have these actually officially shipped and i believe they’re going to be arrivingin the next three to four eras i believe they stated that they will be here by august 1st andright now it’s currently july 28 th so we should be getting them extremely very soon and then we’regonna go ahead and install those and then be able to uh provide you with content and hopefully wecan see the helium really flowing uh if you guys want to jump on this and get one of these as wellor two of these they sell them for 40 dollars a piece or like i have just been two miners i used boughtthe eighty dollar parcel shipping is a little pricey it’s about forty dollars for shipping butthat was only for two i don’t know how much it would be for formerly if you guys buy one let me knowbut links for these are in the description below and if “youre using” my connection you save five percentage sothat’s really really cool so we will have result videos for these uh antennas now on my miner hereso again i have the two miners this one down here is still just locate it’s still merely the the antennais still sitting behind fiberglass or window panes it’s still inside the house it’s still you knoweverything’s fine with its connections and stuff but there’s been good-for-nothing going on whereas wehave been experimenting with ours because i want to get mine perfect before i then replicatethe setup to my second one and then hopefully with the two 5.8 dbi feelers these two will thenbe able to talk back and forth witness each other challenge each other so on and so forth that’sultimately the goal like we really want to get a lot of helium but we really want our two miners totalk back and forth and hopefully with these brand-new setups and this ginormous cable um you are familiar with withthe lmr 400 we’re going to be getting that going so i’m very excited this antenna will 100 percentbe outside this is a flat uh they’re at the top of a mound they actually have about 60 metersmore i’m sorry about 30 rhythms more in raising than i do i think they were at like 183 meterabove sea level elevation where i was like at 150 rhythms above sea hill and i was going toshow that in my previous video but it was taking forever to laden that sheet so i have really goodfeelings that they will be able to communicate because this land between us is actually a diplike i live in a community it’s called hillcrest we are at the top of a slope and they also live atthe top of a mountain as well with some lower anchor between us and we could really hopefully attend eachother and then of course i’m sitting at the top of the hill there’s a reservoir this behavior which that goesa lot lower and then there’s some miners up there that hopefully a 5.8 dbi feeler will be able toreach um these this one will be 100 outside mine is in accordance with the attic until i decide to move itoutside and then i’m probably going to be putting it on a 20 -foot flagpole that’s a hundred dollarsto purchase one of those though because i really don’t want to drill holes into my house yeti don’t know maybe well should maybe the money’s definitely worth it but this isagain the cable you can go to uscoax.com usa coax.com i improved the regular helium lmr theyhave another option which is the ultraflex the uf uh mine’s a particularly sturdy cord but it’s veryum manipulative like you can point it and is moving forward nonetheless you want where they have an ultraflexversion but that was much more expensive i believe this 25 footer is 37. 50 37.50 for the 25 -footerregular and with the ultraflex it was about a 47 dollar rope so another 10 dollars to get yourselfa more flexible cord since i’m running this into the attic or you know pretty soon outside i didn’treally need that opennes it wasn’t any tighten turns or anything like that it just goes rightup in the attic and i run for your lives along a rafter which where reference is reinstalling the 5.8 antenna i will show thatsetting once again so we are going to give this 24 hours to run we are coming up on 30 periods of heliummining so we will have a video on that probably in the next two days so remain carolled for that makesure you agree turn on the bell notification all that good material so you can stay with theupdates on there otherwise expressed appreciation for much needed for watching like mention subscribe all that goodstuff i’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time oh carl cable i love you oh claire cablei love you too when a momma cable and a daddy cable compassion each other very much theythen go and establish a connection and they invest a lot of time together andhopefully they get some soothing payoffs

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