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a good clod of you probably are sittingat home with an feeler very similar to this especially if you sought the bobcat3 00 miner you might be thinking what is this little guy gonna do i don’t know oryou might have something similar to this yes this is a crappy one we bought on amazonwe got scammed reckoning there’s a 10 dbi when it’s really a 3dbi but that doesn’t matterif you have proper placement stay tuned nerdy buster substance for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer of the day is brought to you by eddie row brewery epic era double indiapale ale this has been included in our brew decline due for the month of august andthis beer is fantastic it’s got citra mosaic and other moves in there that really drive outa fruity flavor without relying on pineapple guava or mango like a lot of hazy ipas do 10 booze by loudnes and such a beautiful hops forward kick with a little bit of citrus flavoron the back end claps to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to another video abouthelium mining if this is your first time stopping by the channel please take a moment to considersubscribing and turning on the bell notifications as we announce videos weekly like note all thatstuff quick announcement we are pushing to 10 000 subscribers we’re currently at 9478 once we get tothat 10 000 doorstep we are going to pick a date and a home for our orlando meetup so thosedetails will be there soon we have been on this helium mining outing for over a month now andif you guys have been following along you know that we have been going through a lot of trialand wrongdoing to get some really strong results and we are still always looking to improve so withthat today’s video we’re going to be looking at some miners that are circumventing me that ioriginally wanted to touch base and connect with when i got into helium mining and you’re going tosee some of the differences between having a setup where we articulated some time and trial and error intoit versus a plug in your miner decide it up once and leave it alone character situation if you see your mineron screen and you’re a witnes or a subscriber to the channel that’s totally awesome especiallysince you’re in a super close proximity to where i’m unearthed leave a comment or reach out to meon twitter telegram discord and i’ll be more than happy to help you improve or hand recommendationsor suggestions to your setup so with that said let’s take a look at my lists you’ve seen thembefore you’re going to see them again and then we’re going to take a look at other miners inthe locality let’s startle over to my computer screen hnt is currently sitting at 22.65 i introducing thisup because we are looking at a proposed split happening whatever you want to call it whichwe will go over in more detail in another video originally today’s video is going to beabout that which i have been looking at over the weekend but i noticed something interesting whenregards to the miners around my locale while i was playing some call of duty last-place light and iwanted to bring up this topic for today’s video so we do like this price point at the moment but wevery well could be seeing helium technically yes lower in price but we would be getting more andthat will be at a different age we’ll talk about that change that’s potentially coming in the nearfuture so what i want to talk about is my miners and the miners circumventing me in my general areanot the miners that i have here that are pinging off as observers but i wanted to pull up thisscreen first because this is my main miner this is the one that’s here in my attic attached toa 25 foot lmr 400 cable that i acquired off of usacoax.com a lot of you guys have been askingfor that site and his observations and i greeting back it’s usa coax.com no link or anything like thatbut we have that cable and then we also have the rack wireless 5.8 dbi antenna uh connected to thatas well we’re going to pull that up here and if you guys are looking for a solid feeler they’re4 0 horses a piece you can purchase them exerting the link in the description of this video and saveyourself five percentage and i got to be very honest with you the feeler has more than paid itself offi’ve already break even on the cost of my feeler i’ve already pulled out about 400 in helium whichwe moved over to staking only because of how fast and amazing these two antennae were for myminer and the other miner now going back to the observers i had some people telling me that oh youknow you’re in your attic you’re not get good coverage you’ve got the 25 lmr cable uh it’s youknow the lmr 400 is a good cable but the 25 feet is what’s killing off your dbi and then yesobviously we had the other antennas before up in the attic which we totally changed but lookingat now we are picking off witness all the way out from we are in like i could be speakinggibberish i’m down here in like the davenport field pinging off eyewitness in orlando that’s likea 30 instant drive for me readily and so that’s some pretty solid lengths or i could just pull upthe eyewitness nearby and we’ve got 29 kilometers 43 kilometers 900 kilometers who the hell is 900 meterswhich is keen daffodil fowl which is my neighbor um 20 kilometers 36 kilometers so only with thatupdate to the 5.8 dbi feeler has become bananas for my miner that’s got the antenna in theattic “thats really not” my external antenna although we are pushing september and i do thinki want to switch over to putting that antenna externally on a flagpole outside so you guys cansee it more but i’m esteem these kind of numbers we’re going to go over the 30 daylight here in justa moment because we’re going to be showing that a lot we’re going to pull up my other minor whichis the sour blah blah blah this is the one that is currently at my in-laws place with the antennathat is prepared externally and i did a video about that let’s see how this one’s been doingwith the program activities even though it doesn’t have as numerous witness showcasing as the other one i thinkalso potentially because i mean it’s meeting more but this is establishing more because this one we hadbuilt with the intent of pinging back and forth with my minor whereas this adolescent here this antennain my main one is up much higher and i think that’s why we’re getting pushed out everywhereoh we got some nice activity there we challenged a beaconer which get 25 bystanders so that’svery cool so we were the challenger it put out to a beaker and they got 25 eyewitness and we gotsome mining reinforces for that but i don’t want to go there no stop saying that go back to mine okay so we’regoing back to quarry now let’s go to its statistics looks like we just got that quarrying honor rightthere so in the past 30 eras alone this miner has pulled itself in 138 value of helium whichis 6.11 helium like i said these antennas has so far been paid themselves off because in the veryfirst clump of term if we could see it in the 30 daylights when we firstly lay the bad boy wehad a yeah because we did this on the 10 th i’m sorry we did this on the 7th so from the 7th onwe’ve pretty much shaped it’s crazy except when the network was down we originated crazy returns on heliumin my opinion you guys probably have experienced much more and i’m euphoric that i’ve made this butyou could see leading up to that week before we installed the antenna we were having like zerodays zero era zero days so in 30 dates alone we’ve already get 6.1 which is 138 dollars worth and then if we go up now 400 might have been an exception or not anexception but uh an exaggeration if we go up now to our 30 -day crowds this one is also atabout 138 dollars as well so we are very very happy so the other day with its expenditure it was justbelow 300. So those are my miners those are how well those are doing again they are this one hasa 5.8 dbi feeler that’s eight rhythms in the air this one has a 5.8 dbi feeler that is threemeters in the air now what i want to look at is i’ve got lament daffodil right here which theyjust because of their placement in between my two miners he started or he or she whoever startedthis probably within 30 epoches you could see that they have no activity up until august 12 th andthen they have already fired off 2.7 to helium time by the interaction between my two minersgetting to them their placement right now is two a four dbi feeler two rhythms off the grind reallyif the goal was just to go into between mine and get the signal and have the watching and thechallenging they have been successful the only thing that i’m noticing is that with a lot of thechallenges and the onlookers between my prime miner and this miner we’ve gotten some invalid witnessesso we’re not get peak returns on that so that might have something to do with the positionof that antenna now before this person got their placement and made it now our goal originallywas to reach out and you saw how we were hitting targets 47 miles away with my atticantenna my goal and you could see previous videos is to was to build the network and at least havea setup to get these miners here there’s two here and they are about three kilometers away fromme there’s two here there’s one now this thing is within like a nice i represent even though they are i zoomout a little bit this is all within a 10 mile radius of my house which as you know the stockantenna based on your placement for the bobcat miners claims it can reach out to 10 miles so i’myou know there’s a conclude i’m not abandoning this because maybe we can do some test runs of puttingin the attic i’m not going to because it’s going to mess with my revenues but i still have an extraone laying around in case like i think what is it rack they carry like two dbis and maybe we cansell this online i don’t know i should actually look in that see if we could sell these antennasso i don’t mind the four dbi one as you can see with keane daffodil he’s able to get what he wantsbut they say you can get this 10 mile radius so i started looking at these last-place nighttime in the middleof quality load ups going well if i’m doing well if i’ve earn that 12 well just for argument’s sakesay 12 hnt in the past 30 dates with my two miners how are the people around me doing so i startedpulling up the miners and i looked at this one warm vinyl um you were only meeting didn’t youmake one hnt in the past 30 daylights and i a the hot spot is being relayed so this person does need toget on and open up their ports when i initially they have begun at the same time i did and these twohere is initially in the same hexagon but it looks like they were able to move them out uh farenough so that their disseminate flake “wouldve been” 1.0 and 1.0 as well but both their hotspots arerelayed they are scarcely rebounding off of each other they’ve had one witness in the pastfive days which is each other which is good but the hot spots being rallied and then ifyou pull up you can see right here their 30 -day their 30 -day return or their 30 -daymining earnings is almost one hnt which is at twenty dollars so if you go into thatwith those miners being about five hundred dollars your break even point is going to beastronomical versus the setup that “were having” so and then we have i think we’ve only touchedbase with one of them one time with our miner here just because we got a good witness thisone 30 days 95 h t i used said okay that maybe they are just the anomaly perhaps the person saidit and forget it and then i looked at these two children now and patently there’s two minorson the same hexagon so we’re getting a scale on its full potential remunerations but this individual hasonly started 61 hnt in the past 30 eras and then the best mango seagull has only performed zero h t wellif we attract this up now that’s actually offline i don’t know how long it’s been offline forif it’s been offline for the past 30 daytimes maybe perhaps they’d articulate it offline just becausethey wanted to get it off the disseminate scale of 1.0 so there’s a miner that’s sitting there notcollecting anything so let’s look at the other one tropical brownish-red carp which currently has a 2.3 dbiantenna at zero meters so first off you got to get that liberty so this is probably not a bobcat butyou got to get that right because you’re inside probably standing right next to a space reverberatingor refracting the signal out and that’s why you’re not able to witness any of my challengesor pings and i’m not able to witness any of yours with two children so close to you in the past 30 epoches you have drew in 13.88 and again your breakeven time will take forever in the heliummining now looking at this individual here this one is and we’re in the same boat they are at a1. 2 dbi feeler at zero rhythms scruffy black lark and the last 30 daytimes they are sitting at 8.980.396 helium now if your goal was just to get maybe like half a helium or one helium and thenmaybe the premium rockets to the moon like there you go but you can just see the difference herewhere i’ve put in the time and the extra hard work and clambering around in attic seats and sittingout in the sizzling florida sunbathe to get those feelers up in the air so that behavior we can get maximumrewards let’s even go down farther here so it seems like even though my antenna are pointingat these individuals and the goal was to get around here i’m getting more of orlando becauseof all the antenna setups that are there and my setup whereas the ones instantly around me aren’treally gathering any multitudes these two there’s two in that area so one’s got a transmit scale ofyou know you’re getting half the remunerations there 0.22 and 0.18 in the past 30 dates not a lot i wantto find someone that’s good point you are well aware five four half a helium there in the past a quarterof helium there in the past 30 dates like exactly the immediate domain around me so there is a little bitof an assertion to be made about to be that lone wolf like your area isn’t too populatedargument but looking at my you are well aware my setup with my feelers we’re getting six heliumon both these in the past 30 days so that’s a total of 12 helium now let’s go uphere because we wanted to ping off of these ones as well and see how they’re doing iwasn’t looking at these last-place night 0.3 helium 2.42 so that’s very good we’ve seen so farlet’s take a look at what you’ve got going so your hotspot is being communicated so you need toget that working right now it’s syncing so it probably slipped off the network it’s a 1.2 dbiat zero meters that maybe needs to be adjusted 0.58 helium so it looks like we’re what’s i’mgoing to say it looks like these miners are getting participation helium that’s that’swhat i’m going to say i know what they’re really coming is being like putting outa challenge and then someone’s beaking it being a beacon for them beaconer for thembecause that’s like bring out through the internet and that’s really the only mining reinforces it seemslike they’re get let’s take a look at this one here zero h t that’s probably offline i don’t wantto talk to you siri these are just the miners in the area that i’ve always wanted to made 0.68 soall these miners are spaced out to a scenario where they potentially could have really crappyantennas that are internal and not able to touch around them and that’s kind of what it seems to mebecause when you click on quarry and you open it up spurt we are just hitting everything so we arehitting everything i think one of my cronies messaged out on chirp and asked me about an omnior a directional antenna facing towards orlando to get all this i don’t think i need to i think the5. 8 is fine i know another customer reached out to me about an 8.0 which i do want to meet up andpick up the 8.0 and exam that out and see how that leads and investigate what else kind of coverage we canget but as of right now the 5.8 was the move to prepare so if you guys if you’re if you’re in thatarea if you’re within that 10 mile circle of my miner and you’re watching this video i highlyrecommend you know first off i most recommend grabbing yourselves these 5.8 dbi fiberglassantennas from rack say five percent by using the link in the description and reach out to meon telegram twitter or discord so that style “were talking” and get you manufacturing more helium like i’m gonnait’s it’s free suggestion it’s a free service you know oh my god siri shut up it’s a free service andit’s a free you know free design i’m not going to bill you anything for it because clearly if ican get you running your antennae more effective and your hot spot miner is much better i’m going to bemaking much more profit and helium as well so let’s let’s get it on if you guys are subscribers orwatchers or spectators or anything like that trying to reach me and we’ll get your stuff exiting um butanywho like pause the video see if that was the child that’s that’s under yours let me know uh wecan keep it coming as private conversations on flutter telegram whatever uh but yeah that’s it so anywhothat’s kind of my objective of my tirade for the day um thank you very much if you have any questionscomments concerns trying to reach me on quaver telegram discord explain below like turn on postnotifications um and i’ll respond pretty quick i often sit here and go through all my commentsand everything and try to respond as much as i can so quick turnaround time unless i’m going to besuper busy working tonight but otherwise expressed appreciation for very much for watching like criticism subscribeall that good material i’m oprius we’ll see you guys next time the saying croaks it ain’t the size of theboat that matters but it’s the gesture of the ocean how does that relate to antennas i hate this

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