ah this little beauty could be yours today is yourlast chance stay aria to find out how to win this nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping track athome today’s brew of the day is brought to you by windmill friends brewing out of portland oregonthis is called light-green skies hazy ipa 6.6 alcohol by capacity and it looks like a hazy ipa and it kind ofsmells like a hazy ipa but it certainly perceives like an american lager with scarcely any citrus flavorsi should say scarcely any hoppiness to it but a lot more malt penchant to it i’m not overly in love withthis i wouldn’t i personally if you blindfolded me and gave me this i would never be able to tell youthis is a hazy ipa or even an ipa for that matter uh i probably give this one about a six and a halfout of ten and i could believe that they could do better encourages to you guys what’s going on everyonewelcome back to another video about helium mining if this is your first time on the channelplease take a moment to affect the subscribe button turn on the buzzer notification and like this videonow we are an avid helium miner i should say we do have three inventions helium miners currently miningand as a expressed appreciation for for a labor and partnering with helium mark to generate mile locate miners outto everyone we have also partnered up to do a giveaway which we’ve been talking about andi’m gonna harp on it one more time because today is the last day to enter the giveawayand we’re going to show you all that on screen and then as of january 1st it’s currently december3 0th we’ll be picking a win to give out this child we did an unboxing video on this miner but iwanted to show one last-place thing that we did say that this would come with a personally ratified littleticket from us as a thank you for watching my channel participating liking mentioning you knowall that stuff and uh definitely you know want to give back to the community this is in partnershipwith me nerdy dude substance and helium prowes excuse me day five of quarantine with covet thisis the a going to be lysol terribly very strongly so i do want to say that i know it’s been in the officewhen they’ve been quarantined i will have this nice and light-colored salt and completely cleaned up foryou and i too um want to say this is the european um model this is only the 868 megahertz uh anyonecan win it i don’t care if you’re in the us or if you’re in europe or anything like that but it justwon’t work for you in the us so you can’t merely you can’t really get it get the power adapter for itand then set it up and hope to get mining with it but if you have friends or kinfolk or someonein the year in europe that you want to give it to or sell my shares to i don’t care it’s whoever wantsto prevail it and good luck to you guys we’re going to look at that all on screen here in just a secondall right so all you need to do is you go into the link in the description of this video which isgoing to take you to this page which is on helium mart right now there’s 4 234 enterings uh there saysnine hours left but that’s in you know europe time or whatever over in belgium but we are goingto be objective this competitor or this giveaway on brand-new year’s my age so the edict and thewinner is likely to be picked on january 1st whether it’s a full video or a short but regardless you go intothe link we’ve talked about this on stream we’ve done another video on this before and you canenter five chances to win right now there’s 4 234 so imagine if that was all divided by five fourtwo three four divided by five certainly there’s only about 847 parties that are entered so you havesome certainly solid opportunities all you have to do is join the email newsletter by going on the linkuse your email join the newsletter then you’re going to want to jump onto twitter you’re going tofollow all the information and rules now you’re going to follow helium mart on flutter andthen you’re going to follow nerdy dude substance on twitter and then you are i got to change thatbackground because it’s a different one now and then you got to go and follow or subscribeto helium mart on youtube which you envision we’re subscribed claim up here and then of course youwant to subscribe to my path as well and then you’re going to have five records in the giveawayfor this little doodad this miner right here and good luck to you to definitely pay this now whenyou get it what i would recommend doing because we want to maximize like whether this is yourfirst minor your fifth adolescent your third child your tenth minor again i don’t care but if wewant to realise some suggestions on how you can earn the most on this i do want to suggest anantenna and you can purchase this antenna especially with this one being a european modelyou could purchase this antenna over on um helium art which i’ll showcase now on screen but i justwanted to show the results that i have between the antennas that i’ve been using and the one that i’drecommend obtaining to go along with your brand new helium miner oh man my dissemination on solarone that’s done all right anywho if you look at my three miners right here big current manta rayis my newest miner and that is my milesight ug6 5 with a mcgill 6.0 antenna and i wanted to showcasethat you can see today in the past 24 hours it’s got. 76 in helium and then my turned walnut goatwhich has my 5.8 rack wireless feeler the rack omnidirectional antenna is 0.67 hnt and then brieftope fox is also with that 5.8 rack feeler connects for all these are in the description as wellif you want to buy them yourselves is at. 53 so these two antennae are the very same and they’veactually been very good to me but big current murray is in a similar setup as brief taupe foxthey’re both in attics they’re both about eight to nine rhythms up in the air they’re very veryhigh up but they are in attics the only difference between big current manta ray and brief taupe foxis manta light is the mile site with the feeler plugged immediately into the miner itself where brieftow fox has a 25 hoof lmr 400 cable jog to it so that could be a little bit of the differencebut the feeler that we are using on big current manta ray is the 6.0 mcgill microwave systemstuned feeler now over here on helium artwork you can get one for 115 dollars and 61 centsincluding that if you use code nerdy dude stuff or if you purchased one of the mile sitesunder me before you could still qualify to earn about three to five percentage off on this so i wouldhighly recommend getting that for yours and i’ll picture you my numerals on that other one as well andthen they will have cables and all that substance here coming soon but then if you’re in the us you cango down and they do have the opportunity to buy it they’re just currently waiting to get stock withinthe next week or two and then you could purchase them as well but right now if you wishes to if youwant to pair whoever acquires this wants to pair up what i would recommend is the best antenna it’s alittle more pricey than the rack cable or the rack antennas because i believe they’re 40 bucks apiece the 5.8 they were 40 bucks a piece whereas this one’s 115 but the research results just really trulyspeak for themselves on this antenna so if we go into i’m just going to show right here we’regoing to compare brief tope fox in big current manta ray merely because they’re bothin very similar setups inside lofts with the exception of that 25 paw lmr 400 cable so if we go here we’ll make it load there “theres going” so “youre seeing” we’re at point fivethree and a half so about twenty dollars value of helium in the past 24 hours which is excellenti love that “i m loving” that my maneuver is fixing twenty dollars a day per device kind of sort of seven dayspread we’re looking at uh 2.35 there was a little bit of a flat path so i’m not too worried aboutthis and i did do a reset but we’re at top two or two top three five we do a 30 daylight spreadwe’re at 15.665 we won’t see 15 30 days on the manta ray really because we haven’t had it up for3 0 days but we can do a neat likenes there but you can see here we’ve had high point of0. 53 0.54 0.50 so we’re averaging approximately half a helium a day on this manoeuvre with the highestwe’ve seen is 1.06 uh and so on and then 0.71 but you can see right now we’ve been averagingthat 0.54 so then if we go into i’m just going to zoom in this way it’s easier so then if wego into our 6.0 mcgill antenna you could see that we are at. 76 and we’ve had really reallygood solid daytime you can see where we’re hitting everything here and you can see in the pastseven days we’ve already had high-flowns of 0.84 lows 0.56 and the other 0.73 0.62 0.76 so thisone has had in my opinion better payoffs in the past seven days on a better daily average andi think it is partially a due to that feeler and a little bit due to the fact that i don’t havethat 25 foot cable hurry between the two you can see we’ve only been up for a few days on thisdevice and we’re already at 8.18 so we’re not even halfway done with its time frame of its mining andwe’re already at 8.8 where the other one was at 15. So you can just see the difference in that’swhy i am now going to be recommending this antenna here of course we will be testing a couplemore antennas on brief taupe fox exactly because that is that one that we can access which isin our house without having to go anywhere uh so we’ll bring that material to you but like isaid if you win this device emphatically consider coming this 6.0 mcgill antenna uh might as welldrop the extra 100 because you’re going to save if you triumph the design this is a 600 manoeuvre you canalso purchase these over on helium art as well but if you win the invention you’re mostly gettingit for you know a 600 maneuver for free why not lower the 120 horses this is no longer business advicefinancial advisor blah blah blah blah time recommending why not discontinue 120 bucks on that mcgillantenna to get this earning as max rewards as you maybe can just my advice so remember what lastchance to enter the giveaway january 1st we’re going to be announcing the win anywho that’sgoing to do it for me today guys if you have any questions explains or concerns feel free to reachout to me on gab or discord connect for that is in the description of this video good luck toeach and every single one of you that are entering the giveaway to get one of these i am hoping thatwe can potentially unbox and do a giveaway of a us version when they actually secrete and helium arthas access to them um i want to test one of these now at my house as well and be seen to what extent they exit or inmy network or whatever and see how they get because i really like the seem and the design of it so ireally hope that uh one of you guys get it you’ll position it to good use and it’ll surely give foryou again it’s a big thank you from me and from helium mart for the support and everything youknow i am not affiliated or associated with them or anything i just i got my mile site from themand we were you know talking about doing these videos and blah blah blah and they gave me themcgill feeler for free so it was just it’s a big thank you so that’s that’s exactly what we want todo um other than that like comment agree turn on the bell notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time of course we’re gonna do this again with mitts before i actually package it toship but simply wanna say it people

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