tell me sweet little helium miner howdoes it feel to get a brand-new neighbor i think it’s great i really can’t wait to meethim i hope you make a lot of fund keep tuned nerdy buster nonsense for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer of the working day is introduce into you by epic brewing chocolate stout 8.0 alcoholby volume and uh this is the son of a baptist coffee stout with cacao nibs it savours just like afreaking coldnes brew it is delicious super hazardous with the booze and uh yeah heartens to you guyswhat’s going on everyone welcome back to another video about helium mining yes we are continuingon this topic if this is the first time you’re coming across my canal delight take a moment tohit that agree button and turn on the bell notifications like the video because supposedlyall that helps you guys will notice a qr system right here for precisely a couple of secondspause the screen if you like the helium content if you revalue the trial and error ofeverything that i’ve done to get these settings and this setup departing and all the extra cryptoand money that i’ve put in so you don’t have to please consider sending a tip there’s also ahelium address in the description of this video as well so with all that out of the practice againthis beer is very very delicious it perceives just like a fresh cold liquor with alcoholto it so praises to you guys on that one boy do “were having” some agitated nonsense to talk abouttoday i was jumping on and i was looking at my helium causes for the past 24 hours welli discovered it yesterday but i didn’t have an opportunity to make a video yesterday but we wereecstatic with what we appreciated for all of those haters out there that said oh you’re out in the lonearea you’re not going to make much fund well let’s take a look at why i’m so excited shall wejust in case anyone new is watching this video and hasn’t seen any of my previous helium miningcontent i just wanted to show exactly what setup i currently have right now for those of you that doknow what i have just bear with me for two seconds so that action we can just let everyone know whatwe are rocking with in case they want to go back and look at the other stuff as well so we do havetwo of these bobcat miners that we purchased for a total for both of them about a thousand dollarsand of course we are in the u.s so we have the 915 hertz blah blah blah we’re not going to get in howto purchase them we’re not going to get in what you need to do i just have two of these part ofmy trial and error experience has been i first purchased these i used the four dbi feeler thatcame with them for about got a couple of days didn’t really see anything because i didn’t know reallyhow to set anything up i had them in the window fortunately a great deal of my readers went with me andtold me what i needed to do and taught me and developed me about like windows with doubled paneglass or triple pane glass will refract the signal so that behavior you don’t get anything out there andso both of my miners had their initial feeler set up in the window so then what we decided to dois we hopped on amazon and we bought this really crappy actually cheap 10 dbi antenna uh lo andbehold come to find out it’s not a true 10 dbi feeler it’s actually a three dbi feeler this isobviously road too small and then we likewise bought this really really crappy cable which is 25 feetand had disgraceful signal loss so then after doing a couple of weeks of testing on that and listeningto some of you commenters we extended and bought the 5.8 dbi fiberglass antenna bundle over hereon rack if you want to purchase one yourself there’s a connection in the description you’ll save fivepercent on all your rack purchases on this area so we bought two of these because again we havetwo miners and then we have obviously need two antennas we have one installed in our attic hereit’s about eight meters in the air right in the midst of the attic uh we are potentially lookingat moving that outside in september if the research results um don’t pick up which thing spoiler they have uhand then we also installed another antenna which was my previous video on the rooftop of my in-lawshouse and that has been hearing some wonders as well so that’s my setup as for right now and stillkind of debating in subject if i want to get a third miner which i very well might but idon’t inevitably need one you’ll see here in just a moment some positive news helium isup to just about 17 so that’s really really nice to see when we got into helium it wasabout 10 when that was down from its all-time high prices so right in that downswing of theprice wavering so we really like to see this so awfully very happy with that number therelet’s pop over to why i am super provoked so i mean spoiler there it is boom uh let mezoom out here only a little bit so initially i have just been two minors i have this one here and ofcourse it’s gonna go slow because now i’m filming a video and then i have this minor right herelet’s see if it’ll freshen because i forgot to refresh this screen before i did the video anywhoso i’ve got there we go so i’ve got my two miners this one right here and this one right here wheni got onto the explorer yesterday to check on how my helium was mining how much healing in mymind overnight i noticed that someone got a minor in my general proximity and at first iwas like okay let’s see exactly where they are and since they’re outside ofthe grid we are leaving our we’re able to be left at the 1.0 wage flake so they’renot within 350 meters and they’re not within our little hexagon now they are outside of thatso we get to maintain that 1.0 um payoff scale now i’ve been watching this for a coupleof periods and if if you if this is you and you live across the street from me and yougot this minor keen default fowl trying to reach me on titter telegram dissension anything you needwith any questions notes or subjects of concern and i will be more than happy to watch and assist you notwatch you like i’m what y’all doing over there no no we’re not gonna do that if you have anyquestions remarks or concerns feel free are to achieve me if you happen to be a viewer ofthis video or a reader of my direct that is awesome um i have no problem offering youadvice or anything you need to know as of right now this minor was set up two days ago itis currently sinking uh still as of 36 minutes ago and right now it’s being relayed and that’spretty much everything that happens as soon as you push a minor in because you have to gothrough and open up the ports and then you i created a static ip address for my minerbecause every time i reboot my nighthawk router it would create a brand-new ip address for my miner soi created a static ip address for it so that room anytime i have to reboot that sucker or updatesit reboots it’ll ever give my miner the same ip address with the same ports open so if youhave any issues or anything like that feel free are to achieve me it’d be cool if you’rewatching this path let me see if this individual owns any other miners now sorryfor invading and it doesn’t look like they do uh hot spots now they only have the lamented daffodilbird hot spot with a 4 dbi antenna and 2 meter in the air so hopefully you’re a onlooker and hopefullyone day i can drive around and be understood that giant 5.8 dbi feeler sticking out from your home hopefullyyour antenna’s in a good recognize and you don’t have to make any more investments into your miningor you’re going to get more miners and cover such areas but now that’s really really reallyattractive because my miner is right here sharing a border with your hexagon and then my other mineris down here and that is just one hexagon apart and that’s bridging the gap of my other child upto you which is so exciting terribly most exciting now let’s look at the past pretty much since ibecause i employed that adolescent on the roof of my in-laws house on saturday it’s currently wednesday so weput that bad boy on the roof of my in-laws house and “youre seeing” the alteration immediately so righthere around that time frame we employed that miner up on the roof and we’re already pulling somepretty solid digits you know i was very excited the other day when i was hoping that my two minerstogether would bring us half a helium but now just what is it the 11 th now two days ago this minerbrought itself 0.45 helium which is almost half of helium and then yesterday it was 0.3 helium whichis above that 0.25 helium that we wanted and then today it’s been a little bit of a slower epoch butit’s really cool because you could start seeing that with that 5 dbi antenna update we’re reachingout 31 kilometers on the last witness that we had achieved and of course our miner witnessed itas well this miner’s not getting as much activity from its smother expanses just yet i’m really notum harbouring my breather because this miner merely had that feeler positioned uh not even a week ago butas of the last 24 hours this one’s imagination. 13 helium we’re going to show the major amounts in thetotals here in merely a moment you can see it’s had one witness it’s put out an average of 58 beaconsand it’s doing awfully very solid it’s only witnessed my adolescent right now because these miners i guessthey aren’t real i’ve been looking at these ones they don’t really have that ogre remuneration scaleor like this one’s still being relayed so i believe that’s why it’s having an issue and thisone’s got a minor title next to it because this one is one guy that has these two and they’renot witnessing each other and then this miner trying to look at him as well he hasn’twitnessed each other as well and in the past 24 hours we’ll see in the past 30 daysbecause they got their miners the same day i did so in the past 30 eras they’ve fixed 25 1.5 helium on this one and on this one here in the past 30 periods 1.24 helium so roughly about thesame because one is communicated is this one relay they’re both relayed so that could be an issuewhy they aren’t getting any activity they’re not evidencing any lighthouses or challengesthey’re not you know they’re not beaconing they challenged a beaconer so there you go andthat was witnessed but by five but it didn’t look like anything serious there but they’re notwitnessing the large-scale the big healing reinforces are in the witnessing and then we have stuff down herei really don’t know why apparently i can’t tell you why we won’t be evidencing any of these maybeit might be their antennae or anything like that but um well can’t tell you why this miner isable to reach out and get a witness 31 miles away like look at all these other minor likeunless this guy’s got a diabolical feeler let’s actually zoom into this one this person might have amonstrous antenna moment downward at that little collection underneath him and that’s what it kind ofseems like if he’s already got a witnessing there from his last um beacon and that’s probably whyhe was able to witness me all the way down here when we’re about 31 kilometers away so interestingstuff interesting terms as of right now i love it “i m loving” remain doing that as of right now um you knowtoday is just a little bit of a slower date we can pull up my total for the past 24 hours in the pastseven days and blah blah blah but as of right now the past 24 hours we’ve constituted 0.186 helium whichis approximately which is 3.15 pennies in the last um in the grandiose strategy in the splendid total of myhelium quarrying life-time i have earned 7.04 helium which is roughly 120 so that introduces me at like1 12 of the way to breaking even not going to say roi i’m going to try not to and if i say itcall me out on it but we are working on breaking even so then we would have 1100 in helium to gobefore we have broke even break even here we go uh this is mine here these are my two hot spotswe are very very happy we’ve got a 5.8 5.8 one is three meters high one is eight meters high uh andthen we can go through all my act as you can see right now it’s been a little bit of a gradual daywe’ve only had about um 0.1.019 helium in honors uh yesterday was a pretty solid day uh let’s goback to the overview here so that lane we could see it week by week so we’ll go to the seven-daychart now so uh what was saturday’s date saturday was the seventh so on theseventh was when we invested our second feeler externally on the ceiling of my in-lawshouse and they are sitting about 30 kilometers higher than me in hill but we are on twohills there’s a little valley in between us so we’re gonna go back to my overall and look at myseven-day chart now and “youre seeing” on this right now pretty much on the 15 th and the sixth “weve had”. 15 there but as we bump into the sixth and the seventh and going on you know the seventh righthere 0.35 helium then. 34 helium and then it took off we virtually impelled one full helium and then threequarters of a helium and then today we’re a little bit slower you can see that including information on the 30 -daychart where we’ve had these slower lower epoches we’ve had a little bit of work so when we gotthe activity now was i believe when we put in our first 5.8 dbi feeler into my attic here and thenwe disappeared about a few weeks or we ran 2 weeks before putting who really no this is when we placed thatcrappy little three dbi antenna up in the attic and then we got up to here with our 5.8 inboth miners generating us to a whopping 120 so i’m terribly very excited uh the past 30 daylights wemade 87.96 and so then there’s 40 like 40 worth of helium to account for that’s not horrid andsome of you are like oh well you know if you were in helium beforehand you would have had betterrewards that’s that’s very true but this is a long term for me it’s really exciting to sit hereand put my miners up and then hopefully someone you know i’m raising awareness and watch thisvideo someone that lives in this general environ watches my canal is in favour of my channelthey’ve prescribed themselves a helium miner and then we’re gonna get this vicinity and then thisneighborhood and then this place and this hexagon and then we could just build up and spreadaround and then the compensations are coming gonna come in so if this miner right here is super activewith its external feeler and it’s able to witness these two miners all the time that’s gonna be somesignificant honor increase and same with this one like i know that right now they’ve watched eachother but yeah we want to get this one watched we want you to get watched with my two i’dlove to get witness down with these people but actually maybe i just need to narrow down my thoughtprocess and just think of this little screen now and this is what’s going to be important so maybeit is going to be a goal of mine to find whoever has this adolescent and help them get that chump upin the air or provoke them to get it up in the air who knows so anywho that’s going to make love for metoday people expressed appreciation for very much for watching if you have any questions commentaries or concerns feel freeto reach out to me on chirp telegram schism all that’s in the description of this video mytwitter is growing i don’t really promote it that much which is why it’s a lot smaller but i havetalked to a few more mortals on there uh it’s also at nerdy buster stuff which is pretty simple tofind me telegram schism summons are also in the description of this video otherwise thank youvery much for watching like remark subscribe turn on the bell notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time

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