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a lot of you might be scared that you’re gonnaget into helium mining practice too late a lot of you might be scared that you’re gonna get yourminers and then helium mining is gonna be kaput a lot of you are also thinking that your areajust might not be good enough problem with helium is we have a lot of haters right nowthat are knocking and throwing some canopy at the platform and you know what we say to haterswe put one large-scale middle-of-the-road finger in the air we go nerdy dude stuff today’s brew of the day isbrought to you by rogue brewing this is a colossal clawed an imperial ipa 8.2 abv and this is brewedwith cascade chinook citra and stratum moves there’s no outcome squished into this thing and they relyon some of the citrus perfume and appetite on the citra hops certainly but they have a nice strong woodsypiney delicacy coming from the cascade and chug hop-skips claps to you guys what’s going on everyonewelcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium mining and all that goodstuff if this is the first time that “youve had” stumbled across my path in a drunken flame ofglory delight consider gently turning that buzzer notification on as we announce videos weekly andwe do a live series every monday for those of you that tuned into the live series yesterdaythank you terribly very much all your super chats were greatly acknowledged i do enjoy streamingand drawing up your helium miners to give you advice to proportion your setup to you know assure wherewe can improve to see where we can get better sorry if i can’t get to each and every singleone of you we punch record numbers on the series with 136 onlookers at one time with over1 70 likes and specific comments just come in we all know that i have a couple of beers hereand there and i do stumble through but is an indication for the next series and maybe we can definitelyget to your miner and pace your setup now speaking of helium mining a lot of parties aresitting here saying that oh you know the miners are taking six months to come in am i missing thebus am i going to be too late do i have to make sure i jump on the next train which is the awareout our orchestrate is pretty low-pitched look at that 79 right now oh well um we’ll have updates on this herewithin the week the element awares and when we can attach them to our sort 4 permissions start earningthose planet signs but we want to talk about helium today because countless people are concernedthat their miners are going to come in too late and they’re not going to be able to get on thehelium train but i have actual proof which we did this on stream yesterday and i wanted to make surei made a delightful meat and potato video on it that no it’s not exceedingly too late if you’re in a settinglike excavation one little alteration one little adolescent additive with person that probably watches thechannel hopefully watches the canal listen to the setup can do to improve your digits and i saythat because today i have smacked the most prominent figures on one minor in the past 24 hours that i’ve seenbefore other beings have horrendous multitudes and they’re great because they’re located in citiesor on the outskirts of cities or they have monster directional antennas pointing out tothese assembles in these cities but i’m in a very big open area with not a lot of minersin the area and we have just seen the importance of one or two miners pop up to increase ourrewards so let’s move over and take a look because i’m so excited because our raise and our heliumearning is going through the moon so let’s jump over time to give you a speedy recap on our setupwe only have two miners we have one now located at this house and then we have another minerabout 2.3 miles away at my in-laws house the miner now at this house is up in my atticit’s about 25 paws in the air attached to a berth shooting out a 5.8 dbi signal omnidirectionallink in the specific characteristics if you want to get that feeler “i shouldve been” gather it up on screen here injust a moment and then also at my in-laws house we have that same 5.8 rack feeler omnidirectionalposted outside the reason why i think we’re not getting so much better crowds there is becausea it’s a little bit lower at about three meters in the air about 12 feet or so in the airand it’s also somewhat tilted so we need to make sure we get that bad son elevation to get signal outeverywhere else these are those two antennae that i have just been that rack 5.8 fiberglass feeler with allthe changes coming with like the poc v11 and all that stuff and the us radio currents and airwavesand regulations and blah blah blah these ones are perfectly fine you can get them in the linkin the description of this video i believe you save five percent off so if you grab them don’tworry about it if your setup is just like mine or your statu with where you live and whereyour feeler and your miners get to be is just like mine these are the ones that you’regoing to want to grab so now let’s take a look at some of the results that we have first we haveour total account here in the past 24 hours these are my highest counts in the past 24 hours itwas over 1.10 earlier and hopefully we’re going to clear that again but in the past 24 hours wehave quarried one full helium you guys might think that’s nothing extremely if you’re draw twothree four five helium per miner alone where i’m only pulling one helium for two miners but my goalhas always been that at least get the setup to talk back and forth to get half a healing a daybetween two children so we’ve got our child right here and we’ve got our minor right here and ourgoal has always been to get these two to go back and forth the last witness case that we’ve hadthey have not talked to each other uh but this miner exactly had two witnesses around 10 30 to 1130 and then 12 uh 12 30 to 1 30 and it was pinging across to this guy whereas this one down yeahhas been let’s see if they talk to each other um yep i guess he’s doing the same thing thewitnessing seems a little off at the moment i don’t know why it’s not pulling up my minorit’s doing such a situation but the whole goal was to have those two bounce off each other and youcan see that minor when the screen exactly swapped was making out of that one helium today for thepast 24 hours has offset item one two seven members of it let’s go back here there we go all right nowthey’re going back now the witnessing is starting to look good again uh they are synced and inthe past 30 daylights there “theres going” so watch we have our two miners rebounding off each other now this minerright here just got the witness from this one down here so maybe this individual ultimately got theirsgoing and they’re gonna start rebounding off each other because if you look in my area we’ve gotsome nice setups with the miners around us but a lot of these beings don’t have their setup in likethe optimal assemble route that it is necessary to so if we pull up this miner here which is the one that we’recurrently are contained in our garage and our attic you can see that all right this is what i wantedto see this is why i did a freshen on the page you can see that my miners are ricochetting offeach other right here and then one of my here i am thinking one of my viewers and subscribers was aneighbor they threw their miner up right next to me and then this miner only popped up a few days agoand since they’ve been since they have popped up they have been constantly witnessing my child aswell so since they sounded up let’s go into our main account my crowds have gone up better notlike crazed like other parties where you’re making like you know whenever someone on the creek showsme their child and they say oh look at my minor and i’ve realise like 18 helium in 30 eras or likeyou know 25 healing in 30 epoches candidly there’s nothing you’re gonna have that you can learn fromme but thank you very much for watching whereas if you look at mine in the past 30 daytimes i’ve earned1 0 helium as bobcat miners we did have a week of bullshit in the middle there but pretty much the daythat this miner was installed our numerals started climbing up really well we said we always want tomake at least half a helium a day so after that recovery when they finally modernized the ota forthe bobcat minus we got 0.13 but then we jump-start up to 0.57 the next day which was awesome and then0. 43 and then we dipped it back down to 0.21 then we mounted up to 0.5 slipped down to 0.25 0.16 sowith slower eras but then we got 0.4 0.53 0.56 and now we’re up to one so in the past seven days ournumbers have gone up in the past seven days alone we shut up copper in the past seven daysalone we have constituted 3.38 helium and that’s big figures for us for you guys maybe not so muchfor me in this setting look “were all gonna” approximately in the middle of nowhere without any miners aroundus “were having” manufactured 3.38 helium in the past seven days since that miner got added so let’s take a lookat them they had just gotten started wait for up thank you all right so in the past 24 hoursbecause they have gotten everything set up and they’re bouncing off of my miner now they’vemade 0.14 in the past seven days they had just gotten started yeah so they just got startedon the 22 nd and it looks like they get synced and ready to go on the 23 rd they’re makingabout 0.1 helium a epoch a little bit more on yesterday and then they’re already up to 0.14 today precisely bouncing off of my brief tope fox and that’s 3.3 kilometers away they have an8 dbi 43 meters up in the air so that can potentially establish you and you can see on their3 0-day plot when they had gotten started and since they had gotten started they are bouncingoff of my miner so we want to probably work on seeing how we can get them to too bounce off myminer down now and i think that’s only because i need to get the antenna from resting like thisto straight up in the air time because of the antenna um mount thing expressed appreciation for the mount thingthat i have uh is kind of like like awkward little thing like this and i can’t get it up anymore so imight have to get a brand-new one because it’s like it’s like so this is the wall and i can adjust it likelike like this like so i can go all the way down but i is impossible to get it to like here and then myantenna is obviously mounted to it going up that space and if i could just get it bent more whichi can’t then that’s the problem i’m having there but long story short-lived the most significantthing is that this individual just got added to my little sphere in the past four or five days andwe’ve already seen an terrifying increase in helium mining payoffs on our one prime miner and now i’mgoing to show you the importance of ensuring that a good setup because this guy has only been mining for the pastum you know we’re going to say what is the 28 th so this guy’s only been mining for the past fivedays these miners down here started the day that i started and for 30 periods they’ve obliged 0.49 whereasthis guy in five days has already made 0.63 this one right here in the past 30 daytimes. 42 again determined five days. 63 this person right here he’s made in the past 30 days i don’t know whywe’re not getting off one another enough but 0.57 and his total lifetime has was strongly muchmuch better and i’m not going to pull that up on screen but he’s made a lot more um in the past3 0 days than these two have just because of his setup as well and he’s actually witnessed andmy stuff eyewitness his so maybe because we’re so close they witness each other very welland perhaps he has to get his up a little bit higher to get more witnessing out around thecorner but at least his is bouncing off mine he’s taking some revenue as well these chaps downhere object nothing because i think he’s like offline yep his offline so i don’t know why he’d spendthe money on a helium miner i’m not getting online where am i right here and the government has two insideof one hexagon so they’re just losing money in the past 30 days 0.3 and that’s only and seventycents right now um this miner uh this miner got a new witness so let’s see what that witness was seethis one in the past 30 periods has performed for helium that’s one of mine all right so this is oneof our new watches one of these chaps down in here who is witnessing us let’s go backlet’s go back find out come on now we go um oblong golden caribou so 8.3 kilometers awaydown that hex down there they’re at 50 because they have three in that hex this guy looks likehe just got started in the past 30 dates or he got turned it back online and you could see that hissetting is probably decent because he’s jump off of my minor as well let’s see his witnessesyeah so he’s bouncing off of my child as well so if if if if oblong goldenrod caribou is asubscriber and a see of the videos if uh keen daffodil bird which you’ve made a commentbefore is uh customer and watcher of the videos but most importantly if it’s ceramic beetle is asubscriber and watcher of the videos good on you guys awesome congratulations i hope you guys havemore coming in the mail and we are able to set all around in the field and we could take overdavenport claremont four regions and we are able to meet some stupid helium like these boogers up here inuh orlando also if you three are in the area and you didn’t come to the meetup event last weekshame on you it’s right up the road from you so particularly very happy that this one miner gets added tothe network and you identify the exponential jump in my earnings in the past 30 epoches exactly because theyjoined in and i’m still hitting this person across the lake which is awesome i keep hitting himnon-stop he’s like 43 kilometers away it’s first time certainly getting anyone there but you can seea since that miner was lent on the 23 rd that our jump-start was just cruel with that one minor so thebetter your setup some of my suggestion that you take even though that i’m not obliging diabolical numberslike you know vosscoin who don’t listen to his setup if he says put your miner up in an atticnext to a space do not placed it next to a window get it up out and about join us for the livestream we’ll talk about your directs and we’ll lead from there as well anywho that’s gonna do itfor me today guys if you appreciate the content please consider subscribing turn on the bellnotification any questions notes or concerns reach out to me on telegram gab or discordpreferably discord relate is in the description of this video if you guys crave uh you know i respondas fast as possible just at me don’t be unnerve if i don’t respond right away get stuck with job soon and so forth other than that like note and subscribe turn on the buzzer notification all thatgood stuff imo price we’ll see you guys next time[ __] you haters i know the beer thing isn’treally inevitably for everyone but that’s just kind of my shtick and it’s just who i am andi’m not trying to sell you guys any beer but one of my readers did ask me where i get somany different unique and fun beers and this is where i get it it’s from beer drop my wife gotthis for me as a due for my birthday it’s essentially a carton that comes once a monthyou select the form of brew that you enjoy you contribute it to your throw roster you can change yoursubscription level ranks based on how much brew you just wanted to get each month right now ionly get five beers but i just got two of each and if you want to join you can saveyourself ten dollars by using the link in the description so i’m not trying to sell youany beer promote alcoholism drink responsibly but i want you guys to have free brew i miss freebeer connect in description i’ll see you guys soon

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