😡I wish I knew the before mining Deeper! Why isn’t credit increasing?

why isn’t my ascribe score increasing are you mining with the deeper network andyou’re sharing your bandwidth your credit rating hasn’t been an increase well that’s nota glitch on your screen they actually do register the recognition composition increase after two daysof sharing your bandwidth for that one point regrettably there’s some trash they didn’t tellyou and we’re gonna cover that today subconsciou blow nerdy buster substance for those of you keeping track athome today’s brew of the day is brought to you by o’fallon brewery out of maryland altitudes missouriwe’ve had a few of their precipitate lying brews this is why we figured we’d give them another shot with thisstrawberry chocolate guilty pleasure porter 5.7 booze by capacity nice depth pigment has unprocessedcacao nibs and some chocolate flavoring in there with some neat natural strawberry spices fora porter this is incredibly smooth you get a slight fragment of embittered from the cacao with precisely anice sugary strawberry flavoring this is a 9 out of 10 on my inventory for doormen applauses to you guyswhat’s going on everyone welcome to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency and all thatgood stuff if this is your first time here in the direct please take a moment consider hitting thatsubscribe button turning on the buzzer notification and emphatically liking this video we affix videosweekly and we do a series every single monday about the helium network and crypto andall that material so it’s a really good time so make sure you check it out now we have beendeeper mining with our deeper mini for about 68 epoches if i did this video tomorrow and thanksgivingit’d be 69 hot nice encourages to that and we have had some good success with actually quarrying we’ll showthose results here on screen in precisely a moment but the large-hearted thing that we’ve noticed is that ourcredit score has not been increasing we did get the initial 10 approval compose which everyone gotincreased because of some issues that they were having so that was a free 10 recognition tally and thenour score hopped up to 316 and it’s been that road since we’ve gone up and since we’ve startedmining and it’s been driving me nuts because we want to organically increase our credit scoreto get to that next tier to continue the mining why else would we want to jump into the platformsuch as this we did some research and i couldn’t really find anything online discussingwhat i’m going to share with you today other than getting this straight-out fromthe source on a gossip “i probably shouldve” with in dissension with someone that i’m not going toname but they are heavily involved in a deeper programme because i throw a little bit of a fit andi was wondering why the f we weren’t getting this ascribe increase in like ascribe increase so we’regonna discuss that here in exactly a moment so with that said let’s jump-start over onto the computerscreen we’re gonna take a look at everything uh i’ve got so far uh we’re gonna take a look athow much mining honors that we’ve received what we’ve actually put into the project what we mightpotentially earn going forward and we will uh to consider the issue i’m having so let’s take alook before we get going of course we want to shamelessly plug our t-shirt store so just take amoment click on the link below we’ve got a couple of immense t-shirt option designings including our oldretro motto our shut up copper logo our main logo on the large-hearted design and our small one we’re gonnahave these shirts here on video very very shortly and of course our brand new design let’s go bitcoin sotake a moment pop over there any cherish and subsidize uh goes towards the channel and highly appreciatednow let’s start talking about deeper first we’re just going to talk about the rate here when wegot into the platform we bought our approval compose at 10 pennies per deeper token we’re going to jumpback to this screen here in really a moment or time remember that these signs are currently worth1 7 and a half cents roughly let’s go ahead and hop over to my not that one we’re going to jumpover to my deeper this is our actual deeper screen we are on the deeper network and remember theway “were having” our setup as easy peasy as possible so it doesn’t interfere with any helium miningor anything like that is we have our uh modem powered by range our internet service providersending a ethernet to our nighthawk gaming router and that runs out our gaming to our pc and ourplaystation 5 and all that substance and then we have an ethernet port flee to our deeper minorthe deeper mini and then the deeper mini guides to another highly cheap uh wi-fi modem or router sothat course exclusively my work laptop logs into it but you need to make sure you have that connectiongoing through 24 7 so we have wi-fi being gushed out throughout the house 24 7 and that’swhat technically allows us and enables us to quarry and share our approval value we are goingto go into the configuration really to show that everything is completely open so i haven’t had anyissues with bittorrent sharing they do recommend disabling that we have sharing enabled i’m sharingbandwidth limit it’s unlimited so it’s going to be more than 10 megabytes a period the required so onand so forth and our sharing commerce limit is nine hundred ninety nine or nine million ninehundred ninety nine gigabytes we are wide open so here’s my issue we’re gonna go into our mining uhgoing into the mining i don’t think the mining is gonna matter so these are the mining transactionsright we’ve been quarrying this token since um october no september 17 th and that isa total of 68 days ago i had to do the math i counted everything and i wrote itdown here so i wouldn’t forget 68 days ago but when we go into our pocketbook poise youcan go down here today we’ve only shared 591.6 kilobytes and they want you to share 10 megabytesto earn that credit orchestrate increase every two days you share 10 megabytes you get one extra creditscore increase we’re only at 316. So if we’ve been sharing and we’ve been putting out trash and we’vebeen utilizing this stage for 68 daylights segment that by two that’s going to equal 34. we shouldbe technically sitting at a 344 ascribe tally uh but the problem is we’re not sharing thereisn’t a daily shared sum of congestion equivalent to 10 megabytes and the reason why and this is likei said this this i couldn’t find anything on this online i’ve inspected on reddit i’ve gaped on theiractual place i’ve i’ve excavate a little if you guys have found this let me know in the comments belowbut i spoke with someone actually at deeper that is very hands-on with the project and usuallygives me some informs and everything and he told him that in the u.s market there is very similarto helium something along the lines of like their disseminate flake on the helium network where if youhave too many helium miners in a particular area in a specific region your transmit flake goes downand you get less remunerations they have something very similar as well so as of right now in my marketwith all my trains configuration open there is too much bandwidth being shared so that’s why ourcredit orchestrates are not go if you knew that uh great i observed this out a couple weeks ago i’vebeen so peeved with deeper that i’ve various kinds of framed it off to the side but i know i needed to givethis content out because this is my journey and my experience so i want to repeat that if there isan abundance of bandwidth shared it’s kind of like pulling out of the network or your transmitscale you don’t give the approval value so which kind of peeves me because if you go into theirruling in their itemize and nonsense like that it’s just right here flat organically increasing thecredit score on all devices hopefully all of you know that you can increase your recognition scoreby one point by sharing at least 10 megabits of bandwidth over the course of 48 hoursunfortunately over the process of being 48 hours we haven’t been able to share 10 megabits ofbandwidth and we have everything wide open so our ascribe score isn’t going up andi think that’s absolutely ridiculous the positive side to the thing is that we haveearned in mind at least it doesn’t prevent us from mining if we weren’t getting the daily sharedtraffic restraint and then it would prevent our mining reinforces that would really peave me off but as ofright now we have mined ourselves for the past 68 days what was it 17.4 0.1741 so we’ve minedourselves for the past 68 eras 227 dollars value usd of the deeper token and i think we wasted 438 dollars in total uh for the invention and everything so we’re already halfway to our smash evenpoint in our return on our investment and then if that’s going to be another 70 daytimes then we’regoing to have 225 days for the remainder of the year of currently mining at our current credit scoreunfortunately if we wanted to let’s set this up to 17 and a half uh regrettably if we wantedto either a buy our recognition compose we need to introduced another we need to stake another 10 000 deeperwhich you know i might consider doing or we have to have it grow organically which unfortunatelyit’s not growing organically which is driving me utterly bonkers but at our current creditscore right now we’re getting about 19.18 deeper a date which is three hours 36 cents we’re getting5 75 a month so that kind of fall checks in accordance with the 68 epoches so we’re getting 100 a month andwith the deeper that’s 7 000 a year now another good thing and that i do conceive positively a littlebit is that if we wanted to get that credit score or when we got our credit tally we had to stakethose tokens for nine months and we did that at 10 pennies now they’re up to 17 pennies so it’s givingme thrust diamond pass and remember we stake the 20 000 and then we venture the 1000 to get aheadof the blockchain so that route we are able to have our mini mining right off the bat so we’re currentlysitting at a profit and at the time it was 21 000 days we’re just going to be generous and say 11 cents so at the time we put 2 300 into it and now that 2300 is worth uh 3.656 so then we justtake out our 23 and we are in profit of 1356 usd because of staking that clue so what i mightactually think about doing and since we have the since we have the 1.3 000 already here thenwe’re just going to need to do so if we do the work requires 10 000 for the next recognition score minusone three thousand so we need another eighty seven hundred and the token so that wouldbe a total of another fifteen hundred in um another fifteen hundred usd to get ourselvesin the next credit orchestrate rank unorganically by acquiring our action and what that’s going to do isthen bump us up to 32.88 deeper a date that’s going to spout us up to 172 a month and 2 100 a year sojust for another 1500 to venture that’s going to be another 72 a month it’s gonna be about anotherjust shot two dollars or more a era so we might end up doing that if we can’t organically growour credit now you might be asking yourself why would you do that then if you can’t if your netcredit’s not flourishing because of the you know the the traffic limit because there’s an abundanceof bandwidth being shared it’s because we’re still giving and we’re still mining like yeahthe honor is significantly higher if we can get that increased credit compose but we haven’t seen afalter in the past 68 daytimes on our actual mining so i still want to get myself up to a pointwhere we’re making you are familiar with 28 dollars a day in the deeper token we want to come ourselves tothe ascribe score of tier 10 or tier 8 because we want that 10 000 a year so if we already have ourhelium miners probably attracting in 10 000 a year if we have our um aware sensors drawing 10 000 a yearif we have our deeper miners plucking 10 000 a year if we have our gaming laptop our gaming desktopthat we’re going to put together with a couple of gpus making 10 000 a year we are buildingall this passive income to the point where i’m basically ousting my regular salary time onmining certainly i’m not going to be taking out my daily monthly and you know weekly mining rewardsto pay my bills because i want to keep developing my portfolio bigger and bigger and bigger so we stillhave to find a way to supplement our income fully which is why you guys can go and buy a t-shirt inthe lake down below anywho that’s gonna do it for me today chaps if you have any questions commentsor concerns please feel free are to achieve me and the community that we’re building in discordin the link below you can also tweet me at nerdy nude trash or route me a word there and alsoon telegram at oprius all that information is in the description of this video other thanthat please like observation agree turn on the bell notification all that good stuffi’m opry’s and we’ll see you guys next time shut up copper

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