😡Helium Miner not syncing after 1 week??? Can’t earn rewards!!!😡

i am officially over it is not simply have we hada week of troubleshooting this damn thing this is doing jack squat in the windowand now we’ve been settle for over a week maybe helium mining might not be my thingbut we’ll try to persevere so stay tuned nerdy buster trash what’s going on everyone welcomeback to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium and all that good substance if this is yourfirst time at the channel delight take a moment to consider subscribing and turning on that bellnotification as we post videos weekly and by we i intend i i’m a one-man team a one-man show remain giantsanyway we have been dealing with so much crap with helium quarrying at the moment we have two bobcat3 00 s and we had the network outage last week and “theyve been” still capsizing since that daythey discontinued they jumped all the way up to 99.7 and then discontinued down to 99.1 percent andi completely “understand what i m saying” the sinking percentage of the helium miners goes farther awayfrom completion is because the blockchain still continues to go on i’m currently shut up copperi’m draw up my phone and right now i’ve got i managed to have one at 99.72 the one that’shere at my house and then i have one at 99.46 the one that’s at my in-laws house which that’snice to see because we have invested in an feeler and a setup that we’re going to go over today andtalk about what we’re hoping to accomplish with that but firstly let’s take a look at today’sbeer for those of you keeping track at home today’s beer of the day is cold ipa namelessleader this is brewed out of denver colorado with a 6.7 booze by capacity you could see thatit is a relatively filtered ipa and it’s called the cold ipa because it has been cold fermentedthis has strong intimates and tones of awfully woodsy pine form flavors and you can tell based off thecanned layout that they did make parts from trees and nonsense to produce their hops all rightso we’re going to zoom in to our miners now and it’s fun that i can always just like findwhere i am based on where i live only because of florida but anywho like i’ve been sayingthey have been down pretty much for simply shy of a week the last video we did was on thursday andthey have been sinking ever since they came back i know that they are too bop plainly i know ibought them but they’re two bobcat 300 miners and i know that there’s some issues with bobcat atthe moment but they released on chatter earlier today that they will be releasing a spot to helpwith these sinking the questions and with the bobcats one thing i experience about them is that they havethat extra like cpu strength pushed in and you look two weeks ago there they have that extra like cpupower built into them to help with these syncing topics much much much more quickly so you can see righthere this miner right here i’ve only payed 2.38 it hasn’t gone up since my last video it is stillcurrently dropping there shouldn’t be any eyewitness or pleasure or anything along those lines becausewe haven’t been synced since wednesday of last week you can see here five days ago we got miningrewards and then adjacent it’s not going to show oh we’re actually able to ping these nearby this ispromising so as soon as this structure comes back up i this is the first time we’ve seen these so wesee my other one right here is at 2.4 kilometers and then we’ve got breezy graphite aphid at4. 8 and then warm and those guys are actually down here so that’s actually a really promisingscreen and something big-hearted that we haven’t seen before let’s take a look at these people um we’regoing to take a look at you and i think you’re rallied at the moment you’re synced but you’realso rallied but let’s see can you see me adjacent oh you can we okay this is thisis all quite promising yeah he’s his other one’s 341 meters adjacent it needs to beat least 350. This is quite promising when we have these back up and running like i like what i’mseeing this is a big positive on the screen now okay so then this is my other one and you can seehere as well this one’s currently sinking as well and this one’s got even more nearbywhich that is really really attractive and that’s got everything down now wow thisis a this is a i’m glad i decided to record this this is a genuine reaction before wheni did the nearbys it was only pulling up um like these two were pulling each other becausei think they were in sync in the same account but now we’re getting a lot more so with that saidwe have actually gone through and we’ve acquired an antenna set up for my miner here and if we’rerunning some success on my miner here then we will then of course do the same with our miner downhere and this is what we’ve got going on right now we’re waiting for this everything should bein by tomorrow so we’ve got this 10 dbi i’m gonna pull up a separate screen here we’ve got this 10 dbi omnidirectional fiberglass antenna you pop them up on amazon you can see i purchased it onjuly 9th for 45 bucks comes with everything that we need everything that we like to see and it’sa 915 megahertz and 10 omnidirectional fiberglass uh it only has two ratings and they’re fiveout of five so hopefully the person who is acquired them um has had some good luck with itso i will probably be the next person that will leave a review if this is good for us or not andif “its good for” us especially for this price because i was looking at some other onesfor like 120 and with me having two miners i didn’t really want to do another 240 to havean antenna set up for these um i will probably leave some feedback and some stuff along thoselines then on top of that “were having” this 16 inch universal spacecraft feeler increase andthis 25 foot rf adapter coax cable with we tried to find something reasonably pricedwith low-spirited loss and there are some antennas out there that were like are not antennas but therewere some ropes out there for like you know 10 bucks and i just did i proceeded 20 horses for the 25 footer so we are going to attach that to the side of our house and we will do that probably withinthe next week but i just showcased where so take a look at that real quick probably in the next twoor three days one of our feelers are going to be coming in we got a fiberglass omnidirectional 10 dbi external antenna so we’re going to take this out from the window which i watched a video todayabout how openings and glass and the screens and like the stucco on the walls is causing monstroussignal loss so that’s basically worthless in there so what we’re going to end up make is we’regoing to run because on the other side of the wall is where the miner is we’re going to run itup into our attic which is right up now we’re going to come out from the attic right here whichwe already have the rope for our pool motor and all that jazz running and then we’re gonna run italong the ceiling and we are gonna mount it right up there so we’re gonna mount it like freedom upon that corner get as high-pitched as we perhaps can and then we’ll hopefully get to see everyoneobviously after we get everything invested the authorities concerned will do some video modernizes and i’m kindof actually thinking of doing some like updates while i’m installing those antennae soi might have a fun time there but the really the big hurdle though is we want to make sure thatwe get over this sinking publication like the last thing i want to do is keep investing in antennasand equips and nonsense to get these miners vanishing and then we’re just poke with syncing issuesso i really really genuinely to be expected that the spot that comes out for bobcat miners gets usthrough and hopefully by the end of tonight both of my miners are back subsiding so i reallywould like to see if these miners known eyewitness certainly i would really like to see if theseminers are going to be able to bounce off of these people like that’s really really reallyrefreshing because you saw in the time where i had the feeler behind the window but i watchedanother video earlier that some of these windows specially the ones that are triple panedthat are used for uh light refracting and for insularity in these residences which a lot of homesand i believe mine have them as well structure these in they can cause a signal loss of up to 4 dbi onyour antennae so even if i positioned my 10 dbi in the house i could potentially get past that obstacleas well but then you’re looking at the stucco and the concrete on the outside of my house whichis a thinner layer and there’s still some lumber which would then reduce that signal even more wecould potentially try to run an ethernet line into my part from the router and positioned that antenna inhere and we go through the attic and everything but that’s just a lot of extra work that ireally don’t feel like doing so i’d rather simply get the antenna into the roof position on the backof my home over closest to where the router is i know i’ve got that 25 foot cable and i got lowloss and if i have to get an uh like an feeler signal booster to give that a scoot they’re onlylike 15 bucks at walmart to push that through but certainly our goal is going to be to hopefully getthat 10 dbi feeler up on the roof and maybe look at anywhere from six to eight effective dbi toget out to these other owneds now my in-laws house is a same situation where that antenna issitting behind a window behind a you know a screen mesh but they live in a house that has aluminumsiding and realistically the aluminum placing in that metal box is just keeping that signalbouncing around even though when we look at this and i’m not sure if this um the new update to thebrowser because this is the helium explorer 2.0 i’m not sure if this is just pulling thethis information based on these hot spots being so far away you know within five kilometersof the other hot spot or if they were actually at some level able to bounce a signal off of eachother obviously if it’s not a mining situation it’s not a beacon or anything that i put up ifit was a mining situation there was onlookers that they are able to various kinds of give us a clear definitiveanswer that they were able to witness each other but as of right now we’re not sure so ultimatelyif this one’s successful then we are going to move this one and put the antenna on the roofof their home as well we’ll get another um get another order of exactly what we purchased beforebut i’m really hoping that this antenna here well of course everything’s glitching around come onyou good all right i’m really hoping that my hot spot here with the 10 dbi antenna will then alsobe able to ping out to these hot spot as well and maybe even some of these chaps over here um thatmight be you know big hoping these guys i feel a little more realistic if i can grab this group inthis group i think we could potentially be in the money as long as we can get past that syncingso anywho that’s gonna do it for me today guys thank you for asking for watching if you constituted itthis far and you’re not a customer please again take a minute merely consider being a subscriber andturning on the bell notification emphatically like the video because i think it presumably helpsout youtube and i guess that’s a new thing to say but i am um you know seriously appreciativethat you guys have watched uh leave a comment reach out to me on telegram tumult chatter i’vebeen talking to a few people about the setups today and everything along those lines so take acouple instants and i’ll reach out to you guys so thank you for asking for watchingplease like statement subscribe turn on bell notification all that good stuffi’m a price we’ll see you guys next time

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