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uh yes you sir i’ll give your question howdo you feel about your achievement still further well uh you know first we started off with areally good performance and it ogled pretty strong and promising but then we kind ofhad some hiccups and some road bumps and some things started going down and it wasn’tlooking too hot there and then we came back uh uh we unfortunately didn’t get the win yet butuh we’re going to keep pottery we’re going to keep going and we’re going to drive it homeyay become whales this team’s freaking abominable nerdy buster stuff for those of you keepingtrack at home today’s beer of the working day is introduce into you by three daughters brewing out ofst petersburg florida this is the fleur de orange ipa and this is pretty solid this has a morebitter orange juicy flavor versus the sugary fructose orange flavoring and this is a nicehoppy ipa at 6.9 percentage booze by magnitude this one’s probably about an 8.3 out of 10. Cheersto you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to another video about cryptocurrency and all thatgood stuff if this is your first time here on the channel delight take a moment to consider hittingthat agree button and turning on that bell notification as we announce videos weekly and wedo a creek every monday and maybe in the near future if job doesn’t suck so bad we might dotwo creeks a week since i have so much fun with y’all now speaking of streams yesterday one of uhmy readers and viewers was asking about planet watch and the torrent wasn’t really about planetwatch but i realized i haven’t done my two-week update on planet watch uh sensing quarrying whateveryou miss uh more and i was necessary to do that on sunday because i was officially two weeks so reallynow we are two weeks and two days into actually up and mining with our point aware sensorsback here so today we’re gonna go over our amounts we’re gonna go over our two weeks andwe’re also gonna go over because people do obstruct having a lot of questions on how we can buy selltrade and so on and so forth these planet clues and we’re just gonna have some fun and hopefullyanswer your questions so stick around let’s take a look at the computer screen merely a speedy updatefor the direct before we talk about what you guys want to see we released yet another brand-new t-shirton top of our little word of t-shirts we have let’s go bitcoin they come in different shapesand sizes different costs and “weve had” hats and some stickers down now somewhere soif you guys want to get yourself a let’s go bitcoin t-shirt click on the link below now thatwe’re done shamelessly plugging our product let’s jump in and talk about planet planet is upto 44 pennies today it was at 45 cents a little bit earlier and i like to point out the rate pointshere because when we first got into the platform it was at like 14 pennies and we were predicted fourdollars a day which was 23 planets at the time for each of these category 4 aware part sensorsthat we have and now with it being up to 44 pennies cresting up to that 50 penny array i do see thisprice going up and going up some of the reason why the expenditure is going up this high this muchhigher is that because back on november 8th we were no longer allowed to purchase licenseswith paypal and credit card we had to purchase them specifically with the planet tokens do ihave a video on how to do that i don’t but we have a good schism group that is out helpingand going parties through how to do it it’s a little complicated peculiarly when like bitsmartkind of shuts down the opportunity to transfer the tokens but there are other styles aroundit so uh still a good comprise and i think it’s uh we’re gonna identify at least an easy dollar coinas this project stretches and as these germinating sufferings are done now with that said the results thatwe’ve had in the past two weeks the very first week we did have so wow crows up to 85 centsholy poop good thing i sold my 26 000 cro at 18 pennies 19 cents shouts anywho um so now we havebeen mining for about two weeks and two days so yeah it’s a little misleading to be two weeksbecause we’ve actually been going for two days but during the course of its very first week there was alot of the problems and they came out and said that there were going to be issues they releasedthe app a bit prematurely but they came out and said that november was going to be testing anexperimental in a flourishing period versus liberating that app in december or january because if theydelayed secreting this app at any point in time past when they did i think a lot of support forthis project would have died off which is which is you know it’s a bit of a disgrace but anywho that’snot what we’re here to talk about anymore so as of right now there are 19 447 character 4 sensors thatare currently mining or with licenses out there these signs there’s 258 million in supply westill have a nice solid recycle bin of 303. 23 million so we’re going to consistently see ifeverything is regular those 23 planet signs a era now how much of those 23 planet signs a daythey are currently sitting at 0.4456 experiences 23 so one miner as of right now will deserve you 10.25 that’s very extremely spicy and highly very sexy so let’s go take a look at quarry so you guys can get thatnumber and we’re going to point out a marry other things another thing i want to talk about beforei keep going is that as of right now these miners don’t require us to change the address so i’mstill using them on the french address if you actually have your address for each appropriateminer and you’re not getting that gps error please leave a comment below i would love to try to dothat and switch these over but as you can see right now they’re sitting at the address rate herea couple other questions that beings have we’re going to go down to our payouts and you can seeright here the last payout this miner has had was for the owner last payout was 20.48 helium all ofmine are kind of in that range 21.856 21.184 and 21.248 this isn’t the promised 23 at the momentbut again they’re having some modest matters on the back end receiving flows but these willall be updated and given and paid out correctly which was another issue from the very first weekwe were missing a lot of planet signs but all their torrents are recorded on the blockchain andshould be getting paid out backdated to you i’m just not sure when it’s when they’re going tobe working out the wrinkles now if you’re looking at the screen down now we have like thislast payout says 26.56 but i only got 21.248 what that necessitates is that planetwatch is payingus out 80 of what we are earning which is where it goes into that 23. And the residual goesback towards them recycled all that jazz back so on and so forth a lot of the technical mumbojumbo detail should make it even more good board now what we want to show is we have totalplanets minted over here on this one 327 three 333 three and three seventy six we don’ttechnically have that numerous planets because remember eighty percent of them are getting whippydude uh well i think has the minted ones um are the tokens that have earned with the rivers andthe sensors so we are ultimately get those paid out in the long run with that 80 deductionbut as of right now on the official algorithm app because i changed i i didn’t transferbut i computed my planet watch app to my official algo pouch now so that action i can precisely have theplanets and my algo all in one location and this is where you can send and receive planets i have1 159 planets 1 159 planets meters the current price of 0.4456 is what we’re going to say it was soas of right now for 2 weeks and 2 day for 16 daytimes we’re just going to say a flat 16 dayswith the first week with about five days of issues we’re only interpreting 14 then 13 and 10 then nineuh contrive it paid under we have a usd value of 516 remember i bought four of these devices at 150 apiece i got one basically for free so i spent 450 plus the 160 to get the licenses so 450 plus 160 equals minus 516. We are 94 apart so about two maybe three days from entirely break-dance evenand going into the rest of our year license at 100 profit speaking of the year license ibelieve there’s an announcement that with all these issues that they are having right now andespecially with november being that test phase they’re going to extend our licenses byone month for free so that’s additional mining and smelling that we aregoing to earn which is excellent all right so for those of you that have jumpedinto planet watch because you’ve seen the video and you don’t really know about cryptocurrencyor anything along those lines you’re going to be sitting there and asking yourself well how can itake profit on this how can i give that 10 or you know how can i cash out that 10 a epoch and there’sgoing to be a couple of options there’s one option called minuscule male which we’re not going to be goingover we’re not working it might be a little more simpler than this but if you’re in the cryptospace you need to learn how to use exchanges so what we do is there’s a link below for usresidents to use bitmart is the only exchange that we can use at the moment in the u.sotherwise there’s other ones but you symbolize the arrangements and works vpns blah blah blahblah blah so once you sign up for bitmart you’re going to go into your accounting and you’regoing to go and you want to go into your assets now what you could do firstly is hide smallbalances there we go so what you want to do is you want to do the search bar or hide smallbalance like you encounter me there and you want to find planet clues then if you want to add planettokens to this wallet you reached the accumulation button it’s going to bring you up a thingamabloop you’regoing to go to the deposit and then you’re going to have an address and a memoranda so what you’re goingto do is you’re going to take that address and you’re going to go into your my your algo wallethere or your my algo wallet you’re going to mimic and adhesive that address into the address field andthen you’re going to mimic and paste the memoranda tag into the memo tag on that app you’re goingto select how many signs you want to send to yourself stumbled send and since it’s on the algoblockchain it’s going to happen within the next four seconds so let’s simulate that we just didthat on screen and now you see here that we have 37.67 planet tokens sitting here in our walletand we want to take cash or we want to take profit or anything like that so now that they arehere you can either do one thing you can go over to the right where it says trade you are eligible to clickthat and the only trade pair that we have right now is going to be for usdt so we’re going toclick on usdt or you can go up into the market invoices up here made that and then search for planetsthe trading duo is for usdt now you can see as you scroll over here we have a planet balancestill of 37.67 so that’s how much we can sell we can then go ahead and people right now on thegreen slope are buying planets at a total of 0.4506 and “youve had” beings that are selling planets atpoint 45.95 now you can add your sell guild to whatever rate you require let’s say you want totake profit at 50 pennies on these planet signs you can then either click on the 50 set up hereor if you want to go higher and make revenue at 75 pennies because you’re never going to touchit you can go over here to the price point and you can type in 0.75 that’s how much planet youwant to sell and that’s the sell dictate you want to place it might not get fulfilled for a littlewhile just because we’re not even there hitherto and then you can sell 100 of your planets so you cansell 25 you are eligible to mostly select you know there is a minimum what’s the minimum the minimum must befive dollars or more so right now with us having 17 merit of planet we can do three five dollarorders at different price levels but we’re not going to do that if wishes to do a an immediatesell you have two alternatives you are able to a click on the market tab which then this isgoing to change this to the best market value and you are eligible to threw 100 of your planets and then hitsell planets and that deal will go through immediately because it’s going to go throughhere and sell what the top buyer is listing or you can just populate that price yourselfor detect a glad median between these three and you can play around with it same with sellingsame with buying vice versa if “weve had” 17 usefulnes of usdt right here we could then croak say how much dowe want to buy it for we either can try to buy it for one of these price qualities here buy it lower ifit starts to drop or we could just buy it flat out for what this person is selling at the bottom ofthe list or we could switch it over to busines and buy it for that as well now you have to be verycareful when you get into these exchanges because you want to make sure you’re always transferringtokens to the correct wallet address and you never want to mine your tokens immediately to an exchangethese are centralized so there is a little bit of jeopardy with deterring uh enormous quantities on there soyou want to make sure you find relied exchanges as of right now bitmart is the only one using butif kucoin was using uh planets or um mexi i would probably be utilizing those a little bit more butthis is the only option that we have at the moment anywho that’s gonna do it for me today people if youhave any questions remarks or concerns feel free are to achieve me on telegram flutter or discordin the link below we have a good planet watch community brewing over there that can help answeryour questions when i’m not available otherwise flutter i get a notification so on and so forthanother quick update we bought ourselves a pc setup that we are going to slap together hopefullyall the parts are now in by friday or next monday we have a geforce rtx 3080 that we’re strapping intothat bad boy and we’re going to be testing that out on kudo miner and we are going to be hopingthat our brook character increases and we’re going to stream some diablo 2 resurrected from ourplaystation 5 and from our brand-new gaming pc that we are putting up and then we’re going to throw ourother graphics cards in there as well to make a gaming pc mining purge rigging hybrid as it’s more goingto be a hobby type design device for mining and to try to recoup some of the cost of that purchaseother than that like remark subscribe turn on the buzzer notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time up copper

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