đź’°Helium Mining results – DOs AND DON’Ts for best rewards. Internal vs External antenna placement

no merriment intro today we’ve gota couple of announcements and some things to go over so i want toget right to the point so abide aria nerdy buster substance what’s going on everyonewelcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium mining genuinely really heliummining and all that good trash this is your first time on the canal satisfy take a moment toconsider hitting that agree button and turning on the buzzer notification as we postvideos weekly don’t forget to like the video leave a comment blah blah blah blah blah now thereason why i say turn the buzzer notification on is because this is going to be our lastvideo for this week we are actually going out of town tomorrow until sunday we aregoing to be going up north to visit some friends uh however do have a plan to bring you somecontent so speaking of that plan for those of you keeping track at home prepare to bereally pissed off because today we’re booze away this is the blackberry flavor i didn’t reallywant to furnish my fridge with any beer or anything like that before going on vacation mirths to youguys the reason why i say that over the next week is we are going to be going up north and we’regoing to be visiting many a brewery and we will probably hand some youtube shorts on the beersthat we’re trying at these little micro drinks so we’re very excited about that if you guyswant to watch it great um they’ll be like one to two time brew evaluates or maybe a little bitlonger based on the brewery that we go to if you don’t want to watch it i totally understandif you’re here for cryptocurrency and you’re not here for beer discuss then i have no problem withthat but really check it out in cases where that we do another announcement sentiment that i’m looking attrying is a few commenters have stated that they are in the general vicinity of my point whichis awesome i can’t believe my i’m approximately to 10 000 readers it’s so cool to have you guys so closei am thinking about cooperate with the a regional saloon not really like a collaboration but really gettingpermission to host a regional meetup if you are in the area and we haven’t adjusted the date or anythinglike that but if you’re in the area and there’s like five six seven or eight subscribers orcommenters that want to get together have a couple of brews talk about cryptocurrency let me knowin the comments below and i could start looking at organizing something ultimately i was only loveto get to a detail where i’m large enough to where i could do a big meetup episode at a disallow and havelike 40 50 60 people there and we can do a live support while boozing beers so let me know ifthat’s something you’d be interested in you guys know where i’m located the general vicinityaround disney world in florida if you want to get together exactly to have a couple of brews and talkcrypto face to face leave that in specific comments below now we have been helium mining for over amonth now we’ve had some ups and downs you guys know that we have been doing trial and error withantennas we’ve had the crappy antennas we’ve had the great feelers we’ll register the antennas thatwe finally settled on here in a moment we’ve been working on placement from putting antennas bywindows which we learned that you should not be doing because the double pane windows will refractthe signal and not give that out a commenter said if you absolutely need to leave it in your housemake sure you settled it in somewhere in the middle of the house and up high-pitched and that should be for thebest we’ve had everything from crappy feelers up in our attic now finally we have a scenariowhere we do have an antenna externally outside of a house and an antenna on the inside and nowwith it being uh the 17 th we are only over a week of having are we over a week no now we’re over twoweeks of having that feeler outside and getting the results that we want so we’re going to takea look at that here and look at the difference between internally and externally because we haveboth that set up spoiler alert i do repute at the end of this month i will be getting either a30-foot uh flagpole and putting my feeler on top of that on the outside of my house or goingup through the attic it really is based on going up to the attic and then mounting itto the outside of my house through the wall it’s really based on where i can make the placementof the miner in the best temperature insured naming so let’s look at the two adolescents and thedifferences between the external and the internal setup shall we here are our two children we havesour walnut goat and brief taupe fox we have minor number one and child number two minor numberone right here has the internal antenna up in the attic miner number two has the external antennaoutside of my in-laws house those two antennas are the 5.8 dbi antenna from rack you can getyours and save 5 by clicking on the link in the description of this video there are forty dollarsa piece there is a ten dollar shut up copper there is a ten dollar add-on for a magnetic basewhich we did not add that and i don’t recommend that unless you’re not able to mount this antennaanywhere and you need to threw it in the middle of your house and your shipping is a little priceyso if you want to get two i can vindicate the cost of the shipping one maybe you know the returnswill be good just enough to justify it so again five percent off association in the description if youguys require the same exact feelers going back to our adolescent we have this one here and this onehere this gentleman sounded up last week which we’re very excited because we are also now incommunication with them via our hotspots then there returning off each other but we are here totalk about the difference between the two antennae looking at our internal feeler this is just a2 4 hour answer we are at a. 08 h and t return and then currently with our external feeler we’reat a time one six h and t return let’s go to a gloriou overview of both histories together we arecurrently sitting at nine helium at precisely under 200 price so we are about 11 about 1 000 to1100 before interrupt even and so we’re very excited about that very good uh steps andyou can see here in the past 30 daytime show when we first get our antennae we didn’t reallyhave a lot of task proceeding i’m sorry that’s that’s the little oaths are hard we didn’t havea lot going up until the crucial moment when we attached that antenna outdoors we had a week ofjust having our 5.8 feeler internally so that was the week right here where we had about pointtwo three uh stage three five point three nine phase four eight top five one uh so just aboutjust over half an hnt just on that internal antenna while we were still losing to the4. 0 dbi antenna that was next to a space and then when we positioned that external antennawe have seen this nice spike all the way up to our biggest day was just shy of one hnt so youcan see that change in the chart right here on how much that grew once with a couple oflulls but even the letups are 0.19 0.29 0.22 0.30 and then back up to 0.57 we really want toget ourselves in a position where we’re making over half a helium a period which “wouldve been” idealcurrently sitting on a weekly return of 2.1 helium and at the current price of helium that’s 47 iknow that the numbers were better back in the working day but i am very excited to be attract in at least 50 a week with these antennae and this is inspiring me to move my other feeler outdoors let’s takea look at the activity of each one individually so this antenna in the past 24 hours has pulledjust as drew quality zero five just said point zero eight because that hour exactly shiftedout yes it did the hour time changed out from when i last-place examined and you can see we justgot a payout about an hour ago point zero three the last seven days this bad boy has gathered inuh 0.41 hnt so let’s take a look at this minor down here in the last seven days justto see a difference in the analogy so we’re looking at degree four one from our oneminor pace here with the internal again quality four one with the internal antenna versus a sevenday return with the external feeler of 1.724 hnt that really speaks alone right there does this haveany evidences at the moment nothing nearby nothing actually no good-for-nothing today although we did just getan act a transaction uh within the past hour for 0.15 and i’m sure let’s look at all the activityi’m sure this is something that probably witnessed each other or was evidenced here i am thinking doingthe witnessing is what is giving the uh the h t wage payout god this isslow okay so it’s got to switch over you can see the reinforces here too we’ve gotthere it goes i’ll substantiate the wages here in simply a moment yeah so witness to beacon let’ssee if we can see so cool this is exactly what we wanted was r2 to be talking back and forth toeach other so it did witness a lighthouse sent out by my brief tope fox and what’s happening is whati’m noticing is that this is our beaconer this has been consistently our beaconer and this hasbeen consistently our witness and this is the goal of having these two together now what we need todo is we need to flip it and switch it and have this one too be a witness while this one’s beinga beaconer because this one i believe is sending out lighthouses and is not getting any witness andyou can see that right here sent to beacon today sent to beacon this morning sent to beacon thismorning no evidences um challenged a beaconer initiated significant challenges appointed a challengecreated the challenge received mining remunerations there’s another witness one yeah i think thepast few epoches is comparatively so all right evidenced a beacon right here and again thatactually came from keen daffodil chick so the person that positioned their feeler up or their hot spotminer up right here my two are witnessing as well which i’m very happy about that but i think thereason why this one is successfully my top one is successfully witnessing this one is becausethey are so close together and this one isn’t this one to witness the beacon isn’t being tooheavily uh hindered by this one or by the being inside my attic so it’s got enough capability orjuice to be able to witness this one’s lighthouse so we can go now and we can see that my two are in communication with this one let’s look atthis one’s activity and he still has relayed so we can work on getting you out of that if youneed as well let’s take a look at your activity deity this is slow and then we’re gonna look atmine you are getting mining remunerations yep oh cool looks like you got a witness let’s see what thatone was let’s see if we can get it over here in all activity so you did witness and you got. 13 which is awesome 0.11 it is therefore looks like you’re getting some winning there we go all right so uhthis is another thing i’m noticing very with keen daffodil is that we are getting some spurious uhwitnesses so i think that’s why some of the stuff is low witness rssi below lower fix so that’ssomething that you’ve got to look into that we’ve got to look into here’s another one witness tobeacon that was invalid and that looks like it was witnessing a beacon from me as well and then theone right here what was this one up you watched my beacon from this as well it’s interestingthat this sent a beacon it wasn’t witnessed by mine down there so let’s climb back up to thisone and take a look at this is full activity in the past 30 epoches it’s gotten 2.78 hnt wherei think the other one’s up to like 4 h t which is solid and let’s go to the activity here justto take a look at what the wages are as well because this one’s been much much lower justbecause i believe it’s only beaconing and having challenges and beaconing and it’s not reallywitnessing the other ones as much as it should and i do wholeheartedly now believe that as youcan see there’s no cruel witnessing and i do wholeheartedly believe that’s not necessarilybecause of the feeler i believe it’s because the feeler is inside the attic so we will bepositioning that externally at the end of the month now we go so it is sending lighthouses and youcan see the lighthouse was right here did challenge a beaconer uh sent to beacon which was zero createda challenge create a challenge sent to beacon got a witness so it’s gotten some activity which isexcellent sent to beacon got a witness transfer containers quarrying honors challenge beaker creativechallenge sent to beacon getting watched so it’s lighthouses are getting witnessed and then back aday ago it did witness a beacon but that one sounded out is invalid as well so i wonder what’sgoing on with that but you can see here that it is sending beacons and it is getting watched butit’s not witnessing as much as i would like it to down yeah so let’s go back to the statistics justso i can pull up 30 date maps on each one so this one in past 30 daytimes is 2. 78 so time reticent of threeand then this one in the past 30 periods has had a 4.07 so virtually doubled economic productivity justin the past 30 eras only in the past two weeks i is ensured doubled that predict productivitylet’s go to the chart 30 daylights because of position you could see yeah formerly we position thatantenna externally the program activities only increased so terribly very happy with the results of positioningand externally i’m actually okay with sitting out in the hot daylight to do that this one i had atop day of half an hnt so if i can get both of my people getting top epoches of one half hnt eachwe are going to be happy and in the moola so yeah i like what i see you guys have any questionscomments concerns if you guys know about the invalid witnessing uh please leave a comment aboutthat below so we can work on improving that and maybe we can have even more rewards i do feelthat if those eyewitness weren’t as invalid this child would have had some significant increasein h t for the 30 -day chart as well so any any improve or succor there would be absolutelyappreciated and totally awesome of you other than that reach out to me on telegram flutter discordif you guys want to think about do that meet up event um and trying you are well aware having some brews andtalking and hanging out and you are well aware potentially one day we could be a big youtuber and do a wholeproduction and show in front of everyone do a whole live register while we’ve got a live chat on ascreen while we’re doing my computer screen while we’re you know engaging with the audience thatwould be awesome other than that like comment subscribe turn on post notification all that goodstuff i’m oprius we’ll see you guys next time

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