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fasten your fucking seat belt get ready to make somenotes we’re going over a lot of information today as we’ve got an unboxing for one ofour aware legions and how to get it set up as we anticipate the mining that we’regonna get at the end of the month stay sung nerdy buster material what’s going on everyone welcomeback to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency all that good stuff regrettably there’s no drinkof the day because i didn’t have time to get any beer but i do have a beverage and i’m not goingto tell you what it is because you’re probably going to make fun of me but if you notice it ori drink it at any point in this video feel free to leave the timestamp in the comments below withyour algorithm wallet and maybe i might send one of you random luck winners like five aldo forcalling it out all right this is your first time on the canal satisfy take a moment considerhitting that subscribe button turning on the bell notifications as we affix videos weeklyand we potentially do brooks every single monday last but not least i just want to give areminder that our meetup event is going to be on september 22 nd at paddywagon irish saloon and theinformation’s all listed in the description of this video if you’re in the area totally awesomeif you want to stop by have a couple of brews it starts at 8 p.m we’re just going to hang outa little bit i’m going to bringing a laptop with a hot spot so we can pull up some helium hotspots and you guys can get some information or ask me about your uh your placement or yourminers and we can do kind of what we do on stream but live while having some brew at the bar therewill also has become a rejected beer it’s going to be the coastal love ipa by wicked weed brewing yougo up you say i want the nerdy brew for the nighttime and they’ll give you a reject so if you’re inthe expanse absolutely shaking on by i don’t expect anyone to get any plane tickets and fly fromdifferent nation or anything like that this is my first attempt at a small little meet-up andit’s you know maybe one day when we’re a bigger youtube we’ll do big events and i come to you guysso don’t worry about it if you have to get plane tickets but it’d be cool to see some peopleout there ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it’s time for an unboxing we got four of theaware elements in and we are ready to get some planet tokens at the end of the month so let’sget this unboxed i’m going to show you exactly how it comes in the box and then we are goingto talk about the basic setup while we are going through and to various kinds of restrain some banter going sowe don’t have to really you know edit too much out i do want to say that not a lot can be done inregards to setting this up with planet watch just yet i did earlier today purchase a license forone ready to go but unfortunately you can’t connection them up you can’t sync them really nothing youcan do in the app until the end of the month and we’ll show that on screen as well so theycome wrapped up in this little cellophane plastic the outside of the box it precisely kind of gives youexactly what the project is temperature humidity co2 total vocs substances in the air and particlematter um the back merely kind of tells a little of the specs on the sensor a little of safetystuff the side is just telling you that it duets with google aide or alexa and then just someof the portraits of what you see on the app you guys probably will have your own at some object aswell and that is all in a little sleeve that just like that and then we are going to the boxjust opens right up nice little setup with our aware right here and that pushes right out we’lljust look at the unit before we keep going oh there is instructions at the top of the box aswell quick start easy leader i wish i would have known that i just downloaded the app and wentbut it’s really really really stupid simple so i’m gonna prevent that there and then i’ll exactly showthis here real quick it is roughly the size of an iphone like in in like you know size where’smy iphone so i’ve got the iphone 12 pro max and so it’s pretty much the size of an iphone 12 pro 11 pro so on and so forth and the thickness is really where it stands out so it’s about twoinches thick it’s got the little uptake love right here for when it’s going to be censor your airand then there’s passed daybreaks that will light up here on the very back you have a usbc port to plugit in to charge it into the wall which “were having” the rope in the box and then right here is a littleplus and minus for up and down when you can change the preceded screen and see what you crave and then downover here is a little reset button whatever it is you positioned like a little uh safety pin or paper clip to resetthe design as well so not a bad jolly sturdy little invention doesn’t really rattle or shake oranything but it’s not like it making such a noise so i do like the naturalnes and the placement of thisand we are able to just kind of tuck this little bad boy anywhere and offset some cryptocurrency newborn goingback into the box we already gathered out the little quick start guidebook at the top there and then thereis a little cardboard blockage that is keeping our little usbc line and our wall socketunit protected so very simple setup here plug that into your wall obviously plug thisinto that and then plug this into your aware and then you are good to go so a couple of thingsare going to happen when you plug in your aware for the first time what’s going to happen firstis you’re not going to have anything ignite up on the guided flames right here you’re going to get a bluelight where you see this little green light you can see that on camera you can see that so that’llbe a blue-blooded flare that’ll mean that the device is in pairing mode now if you’ve already paired thedevice to the aware app and you want to pair it to the planet app you have to go to pairing mode ihaven’t discovered how to do pairing mode just yet maybe i should read the quick start guide really incase but i’ve seen that if you reset the invention it puts it like mill reset it employs it back into umpairing state so what will happen is after you’ve got the solid blue-blooded dawn right here you’ll pull upthe app and then you’ll really do search for device and then it’ll connect it initially to bluetoothonce it connects the machine with bluetooth it then gives you an option to connect the invention towi-fi you perfectly want to connect your device to wi-fi so now that it’s connected to wi-fi andeverything it’ll go into a violet lighter which will show it’s good to go and then you’re going to gointo other arranges where it asks you what type of air quality you want to monitor you’ll havea general alternative you’ll have an office option you’ll have an outdoor alternative you’ll have a youknow there’s like five options on what type of determining you’re in or like a productivityoption which is what i selected for mine so after that after your bluetooth and then yourwi-fi screen you select what type of air quality you want to monitor i adopted productivitybecause this one is located in my agency and i want to be fertile in the part by doingstreams and videos and playing video games right and the other miners is more likely to be set onemight be outdoors and like a garage giving the other one might be indoors in like only a regularroom setting so on and so on and after all that said and done uh the extended light-coloreds will then it’llbe all done you’ll get a green light and then your resulted beacons will come on and this is your airquality rating so the five here are the different levels uh we’ll see on an app on a screen here ina moment then you’ve got the quality right now my breath tone is at an 86 and then if you push thosebuttons on the very back you will be able to see like temperature my position is currently 79 degreesyeah 79 magnitudes my house is set to 73 but that’s florida i don’t have protected openings i got someminers ranging so on and so on and you humidity you can go through all that 41 humidity welcome toflorida co2 stages 99.0 and chemical status 34 and you’ll recognize all those on the actual app and whatthey pace and then we’ve got the time so it’s 2 14 p.m so that’s really really truly clever reallyreally cool really sturdy maneuver and it’s so small-time it’s gonna fit anywhere so with me this one miningthis is the one i’m gonna is in there at my house i’m gonna probably keep it in the background onthe videos really because i want to always reveal it’s a really really really cool device let me show yousome of the screens and what the app looks like let’s pull it up here the first thing you’re goingto want to do after you unbox your aware aspect is download these two apps you’re going to havethe aware residence and you’re going to have the planet watch app not much you’re going to be able to doon the planet watch app merely because it’s not live on the aware elements just yet so you exactly wantto have that ready to go and hanging out but you surely want to make sure that you have theaware element app ready to go sync it up and that route you can start getting yourself comfortablethere’s a few screens that we’re going to take a look at here that that app shows you because iwant to get through this as quick as possible with all the information so the first one we’re goingto pull up here is going to be the actual screen that’s very similar to what you saw on your ledlights as you can see on this screen i’ve got that 89 office rating and i did a screenshot a littlebit ago probably about 30 minutes ago so the numbers in the extended will examine different but we’vegot the 78 position temperature the 39 humidity uh 20 chemicals and so on and so forth that screenis pretty nifty and then if you look at the most foot you will see that you’ve got the scoreyou’ve got outdoors you’ve got the charting then you’ve got um tips and then something else so i’massuming this might incorporate some additional not helium but the planets mining when thisactually “re coming” next really cool thing to do is you can click on gratuities down at the bottomand you can pull up a screen that will give you some assistant like some guidelines and safety and someideas to increase the quality of the air in your office which is really really neat mine was sayingthat you know household weeds don’t abridge the co2 quality as much as you might think and soon and so forth and too since i’m in florida it was saying that your humidity is a little highand gave me some suggestions on how to lower the humidity and like not to be addressed in thisroom because i’ll increase the co2 and humidity even more which i don’t this is my office and toincrease like ventilation so it was really really cool so if you want to learn about increasingthe quality of your breeze it’s all on the app right there and then last but not least the otherone you can go to is outdoors and this will show a lot of the other uh element aware aware elementsin the area which is pretty nifty i know it’s not like helium where you have to be a certainrange out like 350 rhythms out so potentially i can i believe what’s going to happen anddon’t excerpt me but maybe what’s going to happen is you will really have to connect your point toa different network so you can only have one per network and it doesn’t really matter about oneper point so that is just my hypothesi now we’re going to talk about connecting the awareto planets to the algorithm wallet that you need to connect it to so let’s take a look atthat real quick time because we’re pluck up our algorand purse to utilize for the planettoken i recognized there was a tip in there for 10 algorithm that i didn’t think in my last-place algorithmvideo so i wanted to make sure i got that through delight do more algo vids how about why was algorisen so much high-pitched recently i’ll be happy to send more with more videos thank you for having all you sharei appreciate algo vids more than helium vids now this was sent to me back when algo was like at adollar four and we are currently climbed all the way up to like two dollars and forty pennies so we’re on thatrun we’re building to the governance program i’m super excited thank you very much for the 10 algotip hopefully you see this because planet and algo are all working together to bring this awesomeplatform so now we are in our algo pocketbook when the planet watch although like when the planet watchapp propels officially with the aware ingredient ability to um connect to it you will then haveto decide which wallet you want to point your reinforces at which can be your official algorithmwallet that you have on your mobile invention so what you’re going to need to do is you have your homescreen here and you can see here on my screen that i already have my planet tokens ready to go or ihave the planet asset asa in the purse ready to receive tokens but whether it is necessary to do that you’regoing to pull out your algo wallet on your portable device you’re going to hit supplement brand-new asset righthere it’s going to make “youre going to” a screen that looks like this where you’re going to type in the assetthat you want to look just simply type planet it’s going to pull up and it’s going to bea attested asa which will have the check mark right next to that and you can see here theplanet’s got the checked check mark right there looking at fantasy football tyler lockett justgot me a place for the giant boners all right and we have it all set and ready to go so nowwhat’s going to happen is you will then need to make sure you have a license for your aura awareelement you need one permission per aware factor they are now available in the us just go toplanetwatch.us pick your permission i departed now to buy you have a few options i am only did a oneyear for one i am only did one for this one right now it’s not synced up to it and i don’tknow how to sync it just yet which i will show that in a video maybe when i can actuallyget this on the app i will be able to and that’s why i’m waiting to get the other licensesfor my other three awares but you have three options it’s forty two dollars for a one yearsixty dollars for a two time or 84 for three time which isn’t too bad i mean you can buythe three time and cause it and forget it but i’m probably gonna do two years on the remainderof my components really to go from there you buy your permission and you can either buy it one of two waysand you go into your cart up here i think i just supplemented it to the cart and then you have the optionof either utilizing paypal or planet signs which if you want to get planet clues you need to createa vpn right now or use a vpn or your deeper miner which we’re going to talk about deeper here inthe near future but you’re and then you go on to bitfinex purchase planet token send them over blahblah blah or you can just take a whack at it with paypal so extremely very simple regrettably ijust don’t have anything to showcase right now excuse me about the actual connectivity of theapp into the mining to send it off so we are going to fool around from there if i’m missingsomething and you guys have already synced your point breath to the planet watch app please let meknow what i’m missing but every time i draw out the app and i employed this bad boy into my let me pullthe app here into pairing mode it doesn’t it’ll have a screen that says look for your inventions andthe device registering won’t come up but that’s the planet watch app right there if you could see iton screen without too much light glare in the way but my machine doesn’t pull up on that and itreally doesn’t have much else going for it other than drawing up the website so we’re kindof waiting to see when they incorporate the aware aspect uh connectivity into the app and thenwe will do more update videos from there so if you guys have any questions notes concernsanything like that delight feel free are to achieve me telegram chatter tumult i am trying toreach out to speak to everyone that meanings me uh and so really bear with me deter age i mightpurchase two more of these bad sons because i have two more orientations i can position them at andit’s really exciting to see that the planet token it hopped from i think it was at like 20 centsearlier when i looked when we got into this it was at like 14 pennies and it’s jump-start and i havea feeling we could probably see planet jump up to like a dollar or two as soon as all this comes outjust because of the demand of this project it’ll be very similar to uh helium uh i don’t thinkit’ll be like 20 or so but it would be a unusually very strong project it’s pretty much a plug-and-playproject i was looking at getting into deeper i’m gonna do a video about this and it’s just toocomplicated in my opinion to get everything going you have to stake and construct your approval composition andlock your signs up for nine months and then you have to sell like you have your bandwidth go outor you can just you know wait four to six months while you’re selling 10 megabits of bandwidth notselling but rendering 10 megabits of bandwidth a date it’s just a mess i don’t think i reallycare to get into it whereas this is just plug it in connect it to your app object the walletand say go get better air get more signs so regardless that’s gonna get it on for me today guys thankyou very much for watching like explain subscribe turn on all the bell notifications all that goodstuff i’m will prius and we’ll see you next time

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