well it seems like we’re gonna have to comeup with something to do while we wait for the end of october what can we do what canwe do i know i’m gonna try to fart it again nerdy buster substance for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer of the day is clarity through the haze clear but juicy ipa this is broughtto you by timber boss brewing fellowship this is 6.7 booze by publication as you can see it declarations it’s ahazy but it’s a clear ipa and it’s an actual hazy ipa not brewed with citra hop-skips so it relies onother hop-skips such as root chute malt summer horizon and cashmere moves to give it that delightful fruity romawith unusually hop-skips forward taste encourages to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to anothervideo about cryptocurrency if this is your first time finding this direct please take a moment toconsider hitting that subscribe button and turning on the buzzer notification as we affix videos weeklyand we do a stream every monday about helium placement where i rate your setup it’s a good timeyou guys should stop by likewise consider liking the video because apparently that does trash so quickannouncement at the end of yesterday’s video we axed around if you guys wanted to see some nerdydude t-shirts come out we showcased one of our old-fashioned antique vogue shirts which we might release basedon if the new one is favourite and uh with that said we are currently redesigning our logo togo on a shirt well we’re gonna use the same you know cool font logo that we’ve got but we’reredesigning it so it goes on a shirt so remain chanted because we will have shirts available for purchasevery very soon if you’re like me last-place month you got to jump on an opportunity where you couldpurchase these bad sons for 150 you see i’ve got three right here and then i’ve got the poor littlesucker back there only hanging out and waiting if you go and try to buy them right now they’re about3 99 or 299 i don’t remember because i bought them for 150 then why would i really care and they’restill going to be promised out 23 clues a daytime the reason why i address it that way is becausea couple of beings have watched some of my older videos and they said that i was just tryingto shill it when when genuinely they’re double in price and at the time of bringing this projectto your attention i got them for 150 and they’re available for purposes of 150 and they’re available on amazonwith same day shipping and you should have pranced on board yes of course we’re talking about theaware elements and today there was an ama where we got an update on when we can start seeingthe opportunity to start mining planet tote i’m going to say mining planet tokens with thesebad boys actually we’re not mining they’re sensors that rally air caliber data and send and sendand sell that to universities and colleges and labs and blah blah to help better our environmentand we in return get reinforced the planet token now i do have a clip from that ama and we’re goingto go ahead and share that here in exactly a moment but originally i came out on my dissension you canjoin in the links below and i said that i wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see the availabilityto get these compensations until about october 15 th or so you know they did say originally atthe end of september beginning of october but now with it being october 6th we are outside thatearly stage so let’s hop over and take a look at a brief snippet of the ama with the informationthat we’re going to go over and that you want to hear so let’s jump-start over personal computers so at thetime of recording this video this ama was announced two hours ago and it looks like they do an amaevery wednesday around one o’clock eastern time and so right at the beginning of the ama weget the one question that we have been waiting for when can we start mining with our aware elementsmining right now what they came out and said was that we don’t need to worry about linking theaware elements to a one of the current apps the aware ingredient current app which we have or theplanet watch app they will be releasing a new app that we will be able to link the elementsto and then link our algorithm purses to for our payoff payouts so we’re going to go ahead andplay this couple of seconds of this time now and discuss the issue hopefully you guys can hear it allright let’s go ahead and play this three things right onboarding of two types of sensor release ofthe app and i will say here by the end of october you guys will have the brand-new app and this sensoris up and running in terms of uh onboarding in our structure so let me just go ahead and replaythat real quick if you want you can go to the ama and start yourself in various regions of the six time andtwo second line in case you didn’t hear it he says um they’re gonna be focusing on two thingsthey’re gonna be on boarding brand-new sensors and re uh launching the app and that is all gonna comeout in late october so these are obviously the new sensors and that’s gonna be the brand-new applet’s play it one more epoch three things right on board you know two types of sensor release ofthe app and i will say here by the end of october you guys will have the brand-new app and this sensor’sup and running so by the end of october we’ll have the brand-new app and the brand-new sensors runningso that’s not too bad at all to worry about so the big question on everyone’s mind is goingto be is it too late to get into a wear aspect when am i going to get my aware factor is itgoing to be worth it to get into the element planet payout and right now the pit the modelsare the aware elements are going for 299 if we go to their frequently asked page on whereyou can purchase it apparently you want to purchase from a trusted accumulation like get or youknow getaware.com or i don’t think they’re on amazon anymore so i would just go instantly tothe so the source excuse me what countries are patronage united states canada uk the uk southkorea germany romania netherlands austria belgium bulgaria croatia cyprus uh czechia denmark estoniafinland france greece hungary ireland italy latvia lithuania luxembourg malta norway poland portugalslovakia slovenia spain sweden and switzerland so if you’re going to be asking questions if it’savailable in australia or if it’s available in india they’re not on the schedule right now they’renot supported at the moment uh another thing you want to pay attention to is that if you place yourorder on or after september 17 th it’s currently october 6th your prescribes will ship no earlier thanmid november that’s for the united states and canada dia and then over in the uk if your orderis replaced between september 25 th to september or september 27 the 17 th to the 25 th sameno earlier than mid-november and then any says after the 26 th of september says willship no earlier than this the beginning of december 2021 so on and so forth so those are gonna beyour shipping occasions right there i think they’re a little bit behind now because wewant to know if any tells were situated around october or around now when you’ll be getting yoursand so i guess you could probably look at starting by the united kingdom and say that you’re if youorder today you’re going to be looking at no earlier than the beginning of december which we’re goingto talk about if that would still be profitable now remember the to the unit itself is gonnabe 299 and the permission the type four license “re gonna be all” 42 so it’s 299 shut up copperthat’s 341 dollars for one measurement to go over there you do need a license for every single unit youhave so i have four sections there is a requirement to four licenses and you of course the prices fluctuate and if youcan’t buy a license in your region that means you won’t be able to mine with them right now so thenright now if we currently prance over here and look at the planet watch token countries around the world token it’scurrently sitting at 32 pennies 32 and a half cents i do foresee this going up uncommonly as we starthaving the opportunity to link the elements to the type 4 permission because all these other countriesthat are eligible for the pulpit and potentially the u.s will be able to purchase the licensewith planet signs apparently as demand for those tokens increases the price is going to go up sohow exactly are what are we looking at for the profits if this is your first time finding thisout or you’re wondering or you precisely succession one you pranced and you know you wanted to make surebut you’re still not 100 sure we could pull up the white paper for planet watch and we can go to thesensor type it’s back here on sheet 54 on the clue pose it’s gonna be a little harder to see onscreen maybe if i zoom in exactly a little there we go cool so right here we have the differenttype of sensors that we have max daily reinforces and max adolescent 80 based on your locality if you’re likeowner surplus they’ve come out and said that the type 4s are going to be coming out with 23 planettokens a date so 23 planet tokens a daytime let’s go ahead and take a look at what that’s going to beso we’re going to pluck this up 23.040 we’ll simply do that extra 4 in there simply to be chipped merely to besuper super accurate there’s a current price of 32 and a half sensor a little bit more these bad boysare gonna be making seven dollars and fifty one cents a day we’re not gonna round that up or downso we’re gonna leave it at seven dollars and fifty one cents so if i’ve got four of these bad boysi’m looking at thirty dollars a day mining which is awesome now if you make the cost to get thesensor and the license at 341 uh divided by 741 we look back at a 46 daytime roi that is stillinsane right is my mouse still correct 23.04 times 751 751 that’s what i meant was 751. So 300 divided among 7 51 4. we’re looking at a 45 daylight break even phase return on investment to paythis off and then we have the rest of the year 365 daylights to mine so if we’re let’s just say itstays at that 751 so 365 minus 45 equals goes 7.51 we are looking at 2 403 and 20 pennies that isat this current price which i foretell these token expenditures prancing up uh but that is per unit so ifwe have four legions running then we will be making nine thousand six hundred and twelve dollars andeighty pennies in planet clues at current price now you have to remember i have four mod ihave four parts i have four spots four separate locatings that there is a requirement to made them atyou have to set them at four separate spots so i’ll be putting one at my house one of myin-laws house one at my best friend’s house and one at my father’s residence that course they’reall in different environments one’s gonna be in the garage one’s gonna be in a florida roomone’s gonna be where the feline garbage chest is one’s gonna be in a laundry room that direction there’s fourdifferent levels of air quality that these sensors are accumulating so i feel that i’m not cheatingthe system and i’m being gala by providing also in different locations we’ve got with the exceptionof my in-laws which are you know two miles up the road because that’s where our helium networkand our helium hotspot is uh our other one is and it’s touching our one here but the other twolocations are in the middle of orlando and then down in sanford so it’s a good geographical samplethat my four models are going to be attaining now if you guys wait i’m sorry if you purchasedthem at the 299 plus the 42 that’s not my roi this is your roi 341 divided by 751 a dayso it’s going to give you 40. If you bought one today it’s going to take you 45 daytimes tobreak even my roi i should have done that and anyone that got theirs at the 150 priceis 192 divided among 7.51 we have a 25 a 25 or we have a 25 and a half period break even roi onthese bad sons so let’s reevaluate that shall we 365 minus 25.56 equals eras 7.51 equals sookay so these are still going to be constituting over 2500 a year at this current price so i’vegot four of them i’m gonna be making over 10 000 a year at this current price imagine if we got like2 0 of them we could just retire on planet tokens not really because i don’t think we’regonna knowledge them until you know we’re 80 but that’s about it so really really truly solidsorry merely remember that information i got mine at 150. The 45 -day break-even point is if you gotit at 300 so anywho that’s gonna do it for me today people if you have any questions mentions orconcerns please feel free are to achieve me on telegram call or disagreement i prefer discord thelink for that is in the description of this video or titter i do get email notifications whenyou guys refer me a word there i used do respond telegram a lot of nonsense gets “ve lost” the mumbojumbo so twitter or discord “wouldve been” my elevated but you can still reach out to me in telegramjust don’t be disturbed if i don’t respond to you within got a couple of epoches um be on the lookout fort-shirts they might be announced in the next video if i can get that scheme completed by tonight ortomorrow otherwise like criticism agree turn on the buzzer notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time um

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