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for each healing in my mind today i will.
do 10 push-ups so allow'' s see what we get nerdy dude things for those.
of you maintaining track at house we had this beer on stream recently this.
is called the area yard ipa gave you by angry chair developing out of tampa fl florida this.
is a great hazy double ipa a little much more on the hopsy side however it'' s obtained the typical galaxy strata.
and citra hop flavoring that we see in the juicy ipas on stream a number of viewers suggested that.
upset chair is better recognized for their porters on a range of one to ten i place this at about.
a 7 seven as well as a fifty percent yet i do constantly like myself a hazy ipa joys to you guys what'' s going. on every person welcome back to one more video about mining not just helium mining since for the past.
1 day or 48 hrs we'' ve done nidalee squat absolutely no nada nilch kaput or else if this is your very first.
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at 2 p.m eastern about helium and mining and also all that stuff otherwise links in the summary for.
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tee shirt from our nerdy patronize the web link in the description as well so with all that claimed we did a.
stream on monday and also we had a couple of questions about if we were extracting some various other currencies or.
what various other currencies we were included in and also i recognize we'' ve always just been discussing.
helium and planet expect the previous few days we haven'' t really spoke about much deeper even if. there ' s really not a great deal to go on there it'' s been really plug and play'we ' ve had a little little bit of. issues which we will cover in another video dedicated to much deeper at some time in time as that.
token rate has gone up yet among our greatest jumps back into having the ability to do more crypto.
videos was algorand and also we are going to discuss mining algorand i'' m mosting likely to reveal you guys real.
fast the setup i'' m mosting likely to show you a real withdrawal since we have enough to withdraw.
as well as just how much we extract each day with simply the very same computer that we videotape these videos on this.
isn'' t a fancy video gaming computer system it was back in 2016. it'' s due for an update we'' re going to obtain a new. pc gaming computer probably in the next month or two and after that we'' re mosting likely to have the ability to see exactly how much. formula we obtain there so keeping that said we'' re mosting likely to leap over to the monitor we ' re going to.
have a look i'' m mosting likely to show you guys exactly just how to set up and also what you want a.
gpu or asic miner in your computer system to mine algorand stopped talking copper as well as various other cryptocurrencies.
as well so allow'' s pop over to the computer system screen as well as take a look at this amazing little setup as you.
can see here in the previous 1 day we have not mined any helium if we jump into the 7 day you.
could see for the past 2 days we are completely flatlined there is a stop on the blockchain.
yet i believe it began moving onward previously so we hopefully will be beginning to.
see a few of those returns in the next day or so as well as i really appreciate the love as well as.
support you men have revealed on the tirade video from the other day when we discussed this so.
with that said stated let'' s go on from helium fine currently i wish to raise the price factor of.
algorithm today for 2 reasons 2 factors a i think this is an excellent price point to maintain adding.
an accumulating algo to your bags which i'' m mosting likely to most likely be doing a little of that later on.
today as well as b we'' re going to reference this number a few times so now algo is at 1.66 this.
isn'' t any tokenomics or malfunction or anything on algo other than particularly the cost right currently.
due to the fact that we'' re going to reference that later so remember it'' s a dollar 66.

Now the program that.
we'' re'using and there ' s a pair of alternatives available i have not entered into the various other one due to the fact that. this is short straightforward and also very easy is we are using kudo miner we'' ve done a video clip regarding this prior to i believe.
there'' s one more one called unmindable around which has even more choices in kudominer but this has.
been very very easy plug as well as play and also an actually really smooth feature kudo miner doesn'' t practically.
my own i'' m not going to estimate that one does not mine algorand i state we mine algorand due to the fact that what.
we'' re truly doing is'we ' re using our gpu and our cpu to in fact mine ethereum classic as well as monaro. and also then we are choosing to offer that mind monero and also ethereum traditional to be paid out in algorand as.
of right currently you can see i have an equilibrium of 20.41 algorand so over the past piece of time you understand.
the past couple of weeks we'' ve mined this algorand as well as it'' s currently resting at'a buck 66 so. that ' s 33.88 worth of formula which is any kind of isn ' t really anything to shake a stick at now. when formula struck that like 2.21 two buck 26 cent mark we'were sitting at 2 dollars and we ' ll. simply state 20 cents that would have been 45 bucks worth of formula so this is very extremely extremely. solid i ' m very very i ' m all right with these numbers now when i tell you you put on ' t demand anything. fancy or an insane pc gaming computer or anything like that although we are mosting likely to be obtaining one so. we could place diablo 2 reanimated on the video gaming computer and power russia our personality second account blah.
blah blah we'' re going to be checking out possibly um a 30 80 ti or a 30 90 if we can obtain our hands on.
one when we in fact develop a brand-new pc gaming pc yet in my current computer is a geforce 1050 ti 4 gigabyte wind.
pressure edition i really have 2 of these yet this isn'' t in the video gaming computer just due to the fact that it can'' t. really fit on the motherboard without me getting because it'' s a good it'' s still like it ' s not the. best graphics card yet it is still a significant dimension i need to obtain among those little like extenders. to proceed as well as put this up in my pc below so i can'have
two of these negative kids running i just can ' t. locate where my extenders are i had the psu in there but that
' s likewise the psu is powering one more. miner which we can speak about at a different time due to the fact that i need to do that however like i said below is.
its instance this these are incredibly duper duper cheap so geforce gtx 1050 ti these are incredibly duper cheap.
and actually i got these back in 2017 prior to the crypto mining boom fad occurred it caused gpu.
rates to increase i obtained 2 of these from my step bro for 150 dollars not each 150 dollars for two.
geforce gti gtx or gtx geforce 1050 ti you understand what it is so with this single graphics card.
mining algo we can enter into our fact chart right here which it'' ll pull up a 30-day spread as well as.
on the numbers you could see here yep there'' s a little of commission there yet you can see.
that this is currently mining 0.21 the little environment-friendly number right above my head if i relocate you''
ll. see the mouse yet you can see the green spot right here ish and also you can see it looks like.
it'' s been consistently extracting about.19 to direct so probably typically at about.23 algo a day.
with the ups as well as downs with a high factor of 0.26 with 0.25 what'' s back right here 0.26 so'that ' s point. we ' re mosting likely to simply outcome approximately 0.22 algo a day so if we do that here at 1.66 times. 0.22 this is extracting 36.5 cents a day again we purchased this graphics card in 2017 for 2 of them.
for a hundred as well as fifty dollars so if we placed both of them to work that'' d be 73 cents a day at algo ' s. present rate so if algo was resting at 2.21 cents times 0.22 that would bump us up to simply shy.
of 50 cents a day if we had two of those bad young boys running we would be extracting a dollar a.
day and also i'' ve had this running for rather some time it would certainly have easily currently broken even.
as well as done a return on investment of my first 150 which is remarkable so it'' s really incredibly duper.
easy the link in the summary will certainly direct you to download and install the kudo miner and afterwards when you go.
to install all miners virtually say they have like a um well miners basically say they'' re like. a trojan uh you recognize blah blah blah so you'' ll want to go in advance as well as get that accepted you'' ll obtain this
. little dashboard below and it was running a little sluggish earlier on me however even though my control panel.
isn'' t drew up as well as i typically have this control panel like minimized just since this computer system is.
beat and also is older and also i but it i'' d lessen as well as i don ' t even log into the dashboard but it. still remains to extract as long as you have the kudo miner which is down under here brought up.
you get that dashboard going and it just goes easy you could establish what you wanted mine on i have.
other videos that stroll you through it also and you could have a look at those now to take out.
people always claim oh well the fees are high and this is one more reason that i do algo since with.
ethereum the fees are high to do the purchase with bitcoin you know it'' s a little bit greater.
it'' s like three bucks or 45 cents for the transaction with algo the factor why the costs.
aren'' t high in any way is due to the fact that we recognize that algo has a all deal charge of.001 you may claim.
to yourself well how does kudo miner make any type of earnings if they'' re marketing algo well the.
what’s what is all of the monero as well as all of the ethereum classic that you are.
mining that you'' re marketing your hash power for you'' re not paid out all of it kudo miner does.
take a revenue of that so this is why when you do the deal for algorand as well as withdrawal.
they just leave it at that base factor absolutely no no one across the board only reason ethereum fees.
are highest since gas charges are huge same with bitcoin exact same with the other symbols that you.
can have on there so i advise algorand just as a result of how low that fee is but it'' s actually. basic you have to have a minimum of 20 algorand before you can do a withdrawal which is why we''
re. doing a withdrawal of that today and also which is why it'' s motivated this video you most likely to the withdrawal.
tab you select your money which obviously we have algo after that we click uh withdraw your first.
time doing this you'' re going to require to set the purse that you intend to withdraw to or you just.
include new pocketbook whenever i instantly have it populated to be nds phone which is my major.
algorithm pocketbook so we'' ll hit nds phone we are going to be moving a total amount of 20.393.039.
algo the deal fee you can see right below is gon na be absolutely no absolutely no one algo we struck that there.
is nothing else extra withdrawal fee max there and after that we strike withdraw funds and afterwards take out.
as well as we are gon na wait a number of seconds we'' re gon na flip our phone over to see if we get.
the notice we'' re gon na allow that refresh program up as well as then we are mosting likely to have our 20 algo.
here on our wallet in just a moment allow me see you obtained appearance right here at my connected gadgets you see i.
have the one tool running we can enter into the setup and also as of right now and this likewise.
programs on that particular little desktop computer uh control panel that i have however actually that simply uses up a little bit.
even more memory so i put on'' t actually have that running due to the fact that i am presently mining and i can transform.
it on and also off as well as everything from here however you can see as of right currently we are extracting 11.2 huge.
hashes worth of i believe this is utilizing our gpu and also that'' s ethereum classic up we just got.
our transaction in right there as well as we now have actually added 20 aldo to our pocketbook you can most likely.
hopefully see that on screen below is that 2039 right there boom and also we obtained those algos up in a.
wallet so if you have a computer system relaxing if you have a number of computers or computer systems resting.
about and they'' re not doing anything and you have a pair of power electrical outlets and also they all have respectable.
graphics cards that are even far better than this uh a i'' d recommend perhaps pulling them all.
with each other and building up a tiny hobby mining gear and making use of kudo miner or do yourself a.
cheap little kudo miner mining farm and just put those poor kids to work uh i always run my lap.
my computer 24 7 as it is anyway because i do have kudo miner operating on it i'' m pretty
a lot. constantly right here i have my little asic miner working on it so this thing is constantly spinning.
as well as melting uh mining and also obtaining whatever so why not that'' s specifically why i have it so of course.
to address your inquiries i still am mining algorand as you saw there i have you might oh.
right below you can see i have an average 30-day earnings of 11.6 aldo which is pretty strong as well as i'' m. extremely extremely pleased with that said so anywho that'' s gon na do it for me today men if you have any kind of questions.
remarks or problems please really feel complimentary to reach out to me on telegram twitter or discord in the.
web links in the summary of this video we do have a mining and betting details uh below disharmony that.
you can sign up with and also share our rigs we have a great deal of individuals speaking concerning their mining rigs and also their.
asic miners there so it'' s a great area to join uh simply in case you want to begin obtaining.
right into mining whether it be hobby or commercial absolutely check that out or else please.
make sure to such as remark subscribe turn on the bell alert all that excellent stuff.
i'' m oprius and we ' ll see you men next time come on copper hi friend nobody got a t-shirt.
today oh no kisses ah stopped talking copper.

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