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for every healing in my thinker today i willdo 10 push-ups so let’s see what we get nerdy dude stuff for thoseof you keeping track at home we had this beer on stream the other day thisis called the space grass ipa brought to you by exasperated chair brewing out of tampa florida thisis a nice hazy doubled ipa a little more on the hopsy surface but it’s got the standard galaxy strataand citra hop flavoring that we are presented in the juicy ipas on stream a couple of observers suggested thatangry chair is better known for their porters on a flake of one to ten i set this at abouta seven seven and a half but i do always like myself a hazy ipa applauds to you guys what’s goingon everyone welcome back to another video about quarrying not just helium mining because for the past2 4 hours or 48 hours we’ve done nidalee squat zero nada nilch kaput otherwise if this is your firstchannel first time on the channel delight take a moment to consider hitting the subscribe buttonand turning on the buzzer notification as we announce videos weekly and we do a torrent every mondayat 2 p.m eastern about helium and mining and all that substance otherwise attaches in the description fortwitter telegram discord please consider following me over there and also consider acquiring at-shirt from our nerdy shop at the link in the description as well so with everything that said we did astream on monday and we had a couple of questions about if we were mining some other currencies orwhat other currencies we were involved in and i realise we’ve always precisely been talking abouthelium and planet watch for the past few days we haven’t really talked about deeper only becausethere’s really not a great deal to go on there it’s been very plug and play we’ve had a little bit ofissues which we will cover in another video dedicated to deeper at some quality in time as thattoken cost has gone up but one of our biggest jump-starts back into being able to do more cryptovideos was algorand and we are going to talk about mining algorand i’m going to show you guys realquick the setup i’m going to show you an actual withdrawal because we have enough to withdrawand how much we mine every day with just the same computer that we record these videos on thisisn’t a fancy gaming computer it was back in 2016. it’s due for an update we’re going to get a newgaming computer probably in the next month or so and then we’re going to be able to see how muchalgorithm we get there so with that said we’re going to jump over to the monitor we’re going totake a look i’m going to show you guys exactly how to set up and what you could do with agpu or asic miner in your computer to mine algorand shut up copper and other cryptocurrenciesas well so let’s pop over to the computer screen and take a look at this cool little setup as youcan see here in the past 24 hours we have not quarried any helium if we jump into the seven daytime youcould see for the past two days we are completely flatlined there is a halt on the blockchainbut i believe it started moving forward earlier so we hopefully will be starting tosee some of those returns in the next day or so and i really appreciate the adore andsupport you guys have pictured on the ranting video from yesterday when we talked about this sowith that said let’s move on from helium okay now i want to bring up the toll degree ofalgorithm right now for two reasons two reasons a i think this is a great price point to keep addingan amassing algo to your crates which i’m going to probably be doing a little bit of that later ontoday and b we’re going to reference this numeral a few cases seasons so right now algo is at 1.66 thisisn’t any tokenomics or breakdown or anything on algo other than precisely the expenditure right nowbecause we’re going to reference that last-minute so remember it’s a dollar 66. Now the program thatwe’re employ and there’s a couple of options out there i have not gotten into the other one becausethis is short simple and easy is we are using kudo miner we’ve done a video about this before i thinkthere’s another one called unmindable out there which has more options in kudominer but this hasbeen super easy plug and play video games and a really really smooth function kudo miner doesn’t technicallymine i’m not going to mention that one does not mine algorand i say we mine algorand because whatwe’re really doing is we’re working our gpu and our cpu to actually mine ethereum classic and monaroand then we are opting to sell that memory monero and ethereum classic to be paid out in algorand asof right now you can see i have a balance of 20.41 algorand so over the past chunk of epoch you knowthe past couple of weeks we’ve quarried this algorand and it’s currently sitting at a dollar 66 sothat’s 33.88 usefulnes of algorithm which is any isn’t really anything to shake a stick at nowwhen algorithm knock that like 2.21 two dollar 26 cent commemorate we were sitting at two dollars and we’lljust say 20 cents that would have been 45 dollars merit of algorithm so this is very extremely verysolid i’m highly very i’m okay with these multitudes now when i tell you you don’t need anythingfancy or a crazy gaming pc or anything like that even though we are going to be getting one sowe could employed diablo 2 resurrected on the gaming pc and supremacy russia our persona second account blahblah blah we’re going to be looking at probably um a 30 80 ti or a 30 90 if we can get our hands onone when we actually build a brand-new gaming pc but in my current pc is a geforce 1050 ti 4 gigabyte windforce volume well have two of these but this isn’t in the gaming pc time because it can’tactually fit on the motherboard without me get because it’s a nice it’s still like it’s not thebest graphics card but it is still a hefty size i need to get one of those little like um extendersto go ahead and threw this up in my pc now so i can have two of these bad boys guiding i just can’tfind where my extenders are i had the psu in there but that’s also the psu is powering anotherminer which we can talk about at a different era because i have to do that but like i said here isits case this these are super duper duper cheap so geforce gtx 1050 ti these are super duper cheapand actually i got these back in 2017 before the crypto mining boom delirium happened it generated gpuprices to go up i got two of these from my step friend for 150 horses not each 150 horses for twogeforce gti gtx or gtx geforce 1050 ti you know what it is so with this singular graphics cardmining algo we can go into our statistic show right here which it’ll pull out a 30 -day spread andon the numbers you could see here yeah there’s a little of fee there but you can seethat this is currently mining 0.21 the little green quantity right above my top if i move you’llsee the mouse but “youre seeing” the light-green blip right here ish and you can see it looks likeit’s been consistently mining about. 19 to site so probably on average at about. 23 algo a daywith the ups and downs with a high point of 0.26 with 0.25 what’s back here 0.26 so that’s pointwe’re going to just output an average of 0.22 algo a epoch so if we do that here at 1.66 times0. 22 this is mining 36.5 cents a day again we bought this graphics card in 2017 for two of themfor a hundred and fifty dollars so if we situated both of them to work that’d be 73 pennies a era at algo’scurrent price so if algo was sitting at 2.21 pennies seasons 0.22 that would bump us up to time shyof 50 pennies a epoch if “weve had” two of those bad boys running we would be mining a dollar aday and i’ve had this running for fairly some time it ought to have been readily already transgressed evenand done a return on investment of my initial 150 which is awesome so it’s actually super dupersimple the link in the description will direct you to download the kudo miner and then when you goto install all miners pretty much say they have like a um well miners pretty much say they’re likea trojan uh you know blah blah blah so you’ll want to go ahead and get that approved you’ll get thislittle dashboard here and it was running a little slow earlier in this report me but even if they are my dashboardisn’t pulled up and i often have this dashboard like minimized simply because this computer isbeat and is older and i but it i’d minimize and i don’t even log into the dashboard but itstill continues to mine as long as you have the kudo miner which is down under now pulled upyou get that dashboard leading and it just goes easy you could set what you required mine on i haveother videos that step you through it as well and you could take a look at those now to withdrawpeople ever say oh well the rewards are high and this is another reason why i do algo because withethereum the fees are high to do the event with bitcoin you know it’s a little bit higherit’s like three dollars or 45 cents for the event with algo the reason why the feesaren’t high at all is because we know that algo has a all deal fee of. 001 you might sayto yourself well how does kudo miner make any benefits if they’re selling algo well thetruth of the matter is all of the monero and all of the ethereum classic that you aremining that you’re selling your hash superpower for you’re not paid out all of it kudo miner doestake a profit of that so this is why when you do the event for algorand and withdrawalthey just leave it at that cornerstone place zero zero one across the board only reason why ethereum feesare highest because gas costs are astronomical same with bitcoin same with the other clues that youcan have on there so i recommend algorand just because of how low-spirited that fee is but it’s reallysimple you have to have a minimum of 20 algorand before you can do a withdrawal which is why we’redoing a withdrawal of that today and which is why it’s inspired this video you go to the withdrawaltab you select your money which plainly we have algo then we sounds uh withdraw your firsttime doing this you’re going to need to set the billfold that you want to withdraw to or you justadd brand-new wallet each time i automatically have it occupied to be nds phone which is my mainalgorithm wallet so we’ll strike nds phone we are going to be transferring a total of 20. 393.039 algo the event cost you can see right here is gonna be zero zero one algo we affected that thereis no other additional withdrawal fee max there and then we hit withdraw stores and then withdrawand we are gonna wait a couple of seconds we’re gonna flip our phone over to see if we getthe notification we’re gonna cause that refresh show up and then we are going to have our 20 algohere on our wallet in simply a moment let me see you got look here at my connected manoeuvres you see ihave the one device guiding we can go into the configuration and as of right now and this alsoshows on that little desktop uh dashboard that i have but truly that is taking up a little bitmore memory so i don’t actually have that operating why i am currently quarrying and i can turnit on and off and everything from here but you can see as of right now we are mining 11.2 megahashes worth of um i believe this is using our gpu and that’s ethereum classic up we just gotour transaction in right there and we now have added 20 aldo to our wallet you can probablyhopefully see that on screen here is that 2039 right there boom and we got those algos up in awallet so if you have a computer sitting around if you have a bunch of pcs or computers sittingaround and they’re not doing anything and you have a couple of power outlets and they all have decentgraphics cards that are even better than this uh a i’d recommend perhaps pulling them alltogether and building up a small hobby mining rig and using kudo miner or do yourself acheap little kudo miner mining raise and exactly made those bad sons to work uh i always running my lapmy pc 24 7 as it is anyway because i do have kudo miner rolling on it i’m pretty muchalways here i have my little asic miner extending on it so this thing is always churningand burning uh mining and get everything then why not that’s exactly why i have it so yesto answer your questions i still am quarrying algorand as you discovered there i have you could ohright here you can see i have an average 30 -day revenue of 11.6 aldo which is pretty solid and i’mvery very happy with that so anywho that’s gonna do it for me today guys if you have any questionscomments or concerns satisfy feel free are to achieve me on telegram quaver or schism in thelinks in the description of this video we do have a mining and venturing specific uh sub discord thatyou can join and share our riggings we have a lot of people talking about their mining rigs and theirasic miners there so it’s a good community to join uh just in case you want to start gettinginto mining whether it be hobby or for profit definitely taken to ensure that out otherwise pleasebe sure to like mention subscribe turn on the buzzer notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time come on copper hi buddy no one bought a t-shirttoday oh no kiss ah shut up copper

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