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this is a gaming pc and this is a geforce rtx 3080 gpu this gaming pc pc on the lower terminate makes aboutfour dollars and fifty pennies a period bide tuned nerdy dude stuff for those of you keepingtrack at home today’s beer of the day is brought to you by birthday brewing fellowship outof bertha colorado this is called devil’s dunkle this is a nice dark lager at 4.6 alcohol by volumeand you could probably assume by the last bit dunkle that this probably might have some kind ofdunkin donut mode flavor to it where i would say you’re correct this is a nice heavy lager witha very strong coffee presence kind of reminds me of a watered down not so replenishing not so thickstout really quick drink ability with that good acrimoniou coffee flavoring probably give this oneabout uh on a magnitude we’re gonna swap our magnitudes from one to five because we are now officiallyuntapped this is probably about a three and a half out of five applauses to you guys pink what’s goingon everyone welcome back to another video about algorand delight take a moment to subscribeturn on the bell notification and like this video emphatically like the video get it on rightnow right now i’ll give you a second do it all right we had a comment the other day wemade a comment on video that we were able to mine algorand and then in the description of ourvideos we have mine algorand here and then someone left a comment saying all i had to do is see yourdescription and say that you think you could mine algorithm i knew you were a dumbass so i didn’tlisten anything you had to say well plainly such person or persons watched my canal for the very first timeon that video and i do be understood that and “were having” plastered this topic before about a year ago so whythe heck not do a refresher we have our brand new gaming pc with an rtx geforce or geforce rtx 3080 in it you can see the box down here i’m not gonna grab the box so why not keep that bad son to workand then show you brand-new guys how to do this because when we back when we did this a while ago we had 5000 subscribers now we’re just about to touched 20 000 customers so there’s 15 000 of you that probablyhaven’t seen this most of you might be into helium and planet watch and scp and nonsense like that butif you have a gaming pc that’s just sitting around you’re not gaming or you have a pc setup or aminor setup and you want to look for something else brand-new to mine and you can’t mine any moreethereum because you exclusively have four gigabyte uh memory and you you have four gigabyte gpusand it is necessary to like six or eight now to go into ethereum and you wanna applied them to work then thisis the place to be so without without further ado let’s prance over and take a look at uh kudo minerand this isn’t the only scaffold you can use by the way it’s just the one that i’ve been using andi have on screen now so i’m terribly terribly highly very enthusiastic about this and i do actually haveit set up on my gaming pc i just have some issues get the gpu to mine which is why you’re notseeing it on the screen also i keep meaning to do my setup and redo my entire office i’ve got mypc over here and my gaming pc over here and i want to switch it there and get a shelf and stuff butonce i got the omicron it actually zapped my vigour so it was like i could scarcely sit here and playplaystation without falling asleep so now that we’re kind of back on the state drill we’re gonnaget our gaming pc applied where it needs to be and we’re gonna bring all of our content to you fromour gaming pc moving forward but let’s talk about kudo miner and mining mining al goran this trip-up isso important to me because i now understand why my mother was perhaps pre-occupied al goran’s rate iscurrently 1.59 cool moving on we just wanted to touch base there and showcase that we are going tojump over to kudo miner now you can download this and install this from the link in the descriptioni know some of the anti-virus stuff out there does a herp derp on uh thinking that it’s like you knowtrojan blah blah blah it’s not but you’re gonna download kudo miner and then for some reason mineright now is being herpe-derpy on my old-fashioned pc so you will get this dashboard now and it had asked for yourusername which once you make your account on kudominer um it’s going to be the username up hereso mine’s a mother click i threw that in there and it’s like yeah nah yeah nah yeah nah so when weactually go back to our computer over here we’ll be able to probably pull out the dashboard but justbecause i can’t get into the dashboard right now doesn’t mean that my computer isn’t currentlymining and we’re going to take a look at that here that it is currently quarrying now before youall get your panties in a hunk and you get all you can’t actually mine algorithm you won’t getit through participation in the governance curriculum like some people do because they don’t actuallylisten or watch this far or maybe i speak too fast i don’t freaking know you are not actually miningalgorand we are mining algorand what’s happening here is every computer has a cpu and a gpu forargument’s purpose we’re not talking about integrated graphics or anything like that if you like you sawmy computer we have a really good cpu and we have a really good gpu what we do with those devicesand you can do this with asic miners and stuff like that and gpu mining riggings and cpu mining rigsas well but “what were doing” is we are sending those two designs to quarry a different currencythe cpu is mining monero and the gpu is mining ethereum classic um i think has the big-hearted guy ismining ethereum and then we since we’re exercising kudo miner are electing to get paid in algorand soin a nutshell we are selling our hashing and our mining ability for algorand now technically it isit is i mean not even technically it is actually more profitable to mine those clues instantly toset up mining directly and mine in kitties yourself instead of going through a third party like kudominer but if you are a beginner you are a gamer with a pc that you’re just sick of playing callof duty or halo infinite on because you know the the war zone and the hackers and no matter whatthen you exactly want to take a break and put yours to sentiment it’s a lot easier simply to download kudominer turn it on and move versus actually setting up you know downloading the miners downloadingthe dialogues getting the bat data just correctly signing up with a pond so on and so forth plussome full buffoons some ponds have ponderous staking rewards so i just want to be very very clear about thatusing things like kudo miner or neat hash or unmindable which we’re gonna realise neat hash herein merely a few seconds i’m not actually pulling up i’m only apply its calculator to talk about myrtx 3080 various kinds of a creepy flex but whatever um they are just really easy plug and play andyou could just go so we’re gonna take a look at now right now um again i don’t have thedashboard able to run for some ground however do have one device extending you could see that this isthe breakdown that we are mining on our gtx 1080 and our ryzen 25 what is it is it a ryzen 1600 xyeah it’s a ryzen 1600 x cpu in my crappy computer versus this beast over here this is a threethousand dollar gaming pc um that we put together so we are looking at a total of we are mining incombination of actually mining and with some of the commission concerning the referral platform so yesif you use the link below there is a very small shave off that i do get and the patronize and lovefor the path but we are looking at about an average of about point one five to level one seventwo object one four algo a daytime now we currently have a balance of 15.02 algo with the commissionand all the bonuses and all that stuff we are looking at about a quarter of an algo a era nowwhat happens now and that is just on this one pc okay exactly on this one pc a fourth of an algo aday is a little over like you know what it would be probably 40 cents or so 40 50 pennies and that’sjust with the cpu whenever we’re doing videos and material like this we’re um i represent actually i don’tthink i even have the gp the gpu running in this and mining i think this is all merely strictlythe cpu but you know i think when it goes up we get like 31 algo in a in a month or somethinglike that but regardless we currently have 15.02 algo when we want to withdraw our algo we’ve donethis before in video we are electing it paid algo beings were like aren’t the costs too high we’regoing to go ahead and set up our phone at out out our phone now but to ease your imagination on the feeswe’re not going to do withdraw right now because there is a minimum of 20 algo that we need for thewithdraw but the only fee that we’re going to have is that algorand fee of. 001 that’s the algo feeacross the board you might be asking yourself well why is the fee so low-toned how are they able to beprofitable if they’re not blame you a cost it’s because of those monero and those ethereum classictokens that we are quarrying and we are electing to get paid out in algorand there is a gap in betweenwhat we actually mine and what we actually get paid for and paid out and that’s where they’remaking the profit they’re shaving that off and that’s how they can also offer referrals andbonuses and stuff like that now what’s really really attractive about this is right now youknow with us exclusively making about. 26 algo a era when we get our gpu over here our rtx 3080 extending we don’t actually have a calculator on kudo miner but we went over into delightful hashwhich has a profitability calculator and it’s very exceedingly very similar to the payout organize of kudominer i originally put-upon nicehash course back in 2017 when i built my very first mining hobby miningcomputer and actually one of the first crypto youtube videos i ever did was this really reallycrappy uh mining rigging that was using a sam adams box for my three gpus but it was making aboutfour dollars a day or two two to four dollars a day at today’s crypto price if i stopped that twoto four dollars a day that was when bitcoin is at about three thousand dollars we would have beenloaded however introduced that abroad and we moved on so we went to the profitability calculatorgod i dislike it when they don’t have a dark mode all right so we let’s just get rid of this wewent to the profitability calculator over here on nice hash and we lay in our nvidia rtx 3080. Weonly have one device right now and we’re going to reached calculate and that is going to bringus at about four dollars and 40 pennies a day in this will be bitcoin overhere if i did it on nice hash but we would obviously be doing that on algorithm sothat would be two and a half almost that would be almost three that probably is about threealgo a epoch and then we’d be able to withdraw our 20 algo if we’re getting three algo a dayevery seven days would be 21 algo but then we can withdraw that and apply that towards thegovernance program or you know convert it to planets when they do their stake or convertthat to yieldly and stake it over on harvest or so on and so forth so with four dollars we’re justgonna say four dollars and forty cents a day times thirty days we’re looking at about 132 dollars amonth now we spent three thousand dollars on this gaming pc if we fraction that by that we’re gonnabe looking at just shy of two years for it to pay off uh but then again we’re not race this 247. We went this as an investment to the channel for mining when we’re not exploiting it and exploiting itfor better quality rivers better quality gaming better quality videos and so on and so forth sowe’re just this is a way for us to introduce our wolf of a machine to work when we’re not playing aroundwith it and if you guys have material sitting around maybe that would be nice and seduce you as wellto jump-start aboard anywho merely to recap we are not actually quarrying algorand we are mining algorandwe are selling our hash influence and we are getting paid out in algorand get off my laughingstock aboutit all right there’s your refinement if you have any questions remarks or concernsor if you guys have quarrying riggings or anything like that and material that you are utilizing or plugginginto kudo miner join up on the disagreement and go to our mining and staking path and share yourrig with us it’d be really really cool to see or precisely share your hashes as a comment below idon’t care whatever you guys want to do i’m not your boss but any comments questions concernsdiscord and call connects for that is in the description if you want to jump on board a kudominer relation for that in the description as well if you admire the content you’ll learnsomething today there is an algo address in the description of this video send a tip my wayleave a note we’ll give you a shout out on the next video that we do about algorand as a thankyou i super appreciate it otherwise like comment subscribe turn on the bell notification all thatgood stuff i’m oprius we’ll see you guys next time

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